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Check Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos video review.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos

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3000 mAh
16 MP
64 GB 4 GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos Video Review

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos User Reviews & Feedback

The good ram having in this device of Samsung galaxy note 5 duos and the speed is so amazing in this device that helps to get use it easily with the soft touch
By: tooba, islamabad on Dec, 05 2018
Samsung Galaxy NOTES DUOS was a very innovative cell phone, but it was very delicate. I must suggest this cell phone to those who uses it softly.
By: Khalid, karachi on Oct, 12 2018
I bought this cell phone couple of years ago. I do had some issues with this cell phone but overall performance was good.
By: Razzaq, Gujranwala on Oct, 10 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 DUOS is no more available in the market. It can be available in the used cell phone market but I would suggest it not to buy because its processor and updates both get weak overtime.
By: Asim, lahore on Oct, 05 2018
I have been using Samsung Galaxy Note 5 duos since it was launched. It does have some issues regarding its charging slot but was repaired by the company because of its warranty still remaining.
By: Zaki, karachi on Oct, 03 2018
It started created problems after 7.0 update. I have problems with its battery too, which gets flat very quickly, the phone is lagging too.
By: Humza, Karachi on Sep, 24 2018
What a phone! I recently purchased it and in love with its design. Even if i lose it, God forbid, i would like to purchase it again.
By: Naheed, karachi. on Sep, 20 2018
I have been using Samsung Galaxy note 5 Duos and I would rate it good as it has many impressive features within this range. Battery timing is commendable and an exceptional camera which helps me to take perfect shots.
By: Suhaima, Multan on Aug, 11 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos is the most stylish and most beautiful cellphone I have come across. I am just concern about its prices and will buy it if it comes under my budget.
By: Momin, Narowal on Aug, 09 2018
Can anyone tell me about any authentic Samsung Service centre in Lahore? The screen of my newly purchased Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos is damaged and therefore, I need a replacement of my phone screen Please help me.
By: ayesha, khi on Dec, 31 2017
Is this galaxy note 5 is better for playing game or this will buy tab
By: Mussadiq, Quetta on Dec, 29 2017
ahm… this is the cell phone indicate which my senior kinfolk fit to his loved one on their
second wedding recognition only a month’s sooner… . Well I am so faltered to examine
its highlights here.
By: Qasim, Attock on Dec, 14 2017
The beautiful smart phone of Samsung galaxy note 5 duos who has the beautiful metal body and the slim big hd screen that make this device so cool
By: uzma, islamabad on Dec, 12 2017
I just want to share my all good experience with the public because i have the really good memories with this brilliant smartphone ad I again want to buy it
By: Saadi, Karachi on Aug, 09 2017
If you want to buy the any mobile information so before you just come to check their correct information with the updated price who is the best thing for you before to buy the mobile phone
By: sabeen, islamabad on Aug, 05 2017
This is the best for the texting and calling who is mine favorite things but mine mobile doesn’t deliver the messages firstly and this Samsung galaxy note5 duos looking perfect
By: nazmeen, islamabad on Aug, 04 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos video recording problem is solve now after clam the warranty in the franchise and now it gives me unbelievable performance again
By: Waseem, Karachi on Jul, 30 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the smartphone which is really good and the faster what we want with any smartphone like it can be support every app
By: Akbar, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos is faster smartphone and the Duos option in the Note 5 was the great decision of Samsung because many buyers have the demand of Duos smartphone
By: Qadir, Lahore on Jun, 09 2017
It signals still gives me the good coverage that I use it continuously do the texting and calls with the good sound speakers
By: nabeela, pindi on Apr, 01 2017
Now days it has the many users of Samsung galaxy note 5 duos which has the best quality of the best brand of Samsung galaxy
By: tayyaba, pindi on Mar, 22 2017
It has completely good able software’s that protect to its inner system to lost its anything who has the good battery life
By: ureeda, fakhra on Mar, 20 2017
The best webpage which can show me the good configuration of any smartphone and the new smartphones authentic rates
By: Kareem, Karachi on Feb, 16 2017
I feel very happy to bought this mobile Samsung galaxy note 5 dous who has the more extra new apps and the best features who we really like to use
By: farheen, multan on Feb, 08 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos is not just a Smartphone it’s a Phablet. It is a classic smartness molded in compact tablet. 
By: neha, oslo on Feb, 06 2017
If you want to that type of mobile which you use for a long time so this is the best mobile for your expectation who has the best qualities
By: afeena, lahore on Feb, 03 2017
I bought this mobile from mine cousin who newly bought this mobile and then I really like this mobile who looking very nice and attract me to buy that
By: yumna, lahore on Jan, 30 2017
I have two mobile one has the other brand and the one has this brand of Samsung galaxy who is mine favorite because it works best then mine second mobile
By: haseeb, pindi on Jan, 27 2017
Smart camera result with the unlimited speed of the browsing even I can easily use it on myTelenor3G network and it is much better on it
By: Sahkeel, Kaarchi on Jan, 24 2017
the handset has a great design, outstanding performance , screen with stunning visuals and a capacious battery with more juice.
By: mansha, wazeerabad on Jan, 23 2017
Here is the smartphone what I think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 edge Dual sim and now I don’t want to go with J and any other one
By: Nazim, karachi on Oct, 05 2016
Note 5 is better than the Duos Note 5 from Samsung because i don’t think so that it has the same features as Samsung Galaxy note 5 how smart it has
By: Waleed, Karachi on Sep, 22 2016
Bahot bekaar
By: nomi, karachi on Sep, 21 2016
i want to buy this phone where it is available....
By: Muzzamil, mianwali on Sep, 21 2016
Bekaaar phone
By: idrees, san diago on Sep, 04 2016
I bought Note 5 duos before 2 monhts and me too faced same issue.But,its actually not Note 5's problem rather its an android issue.Google location tracker is activated by default in Note 5.It may be useful if you lost your device,but its an extreme condition and you can deactivate it and can save a lot of battery.
By: Shahab, islamabad on May, 25 2016
I have a GN4 but the GN5 is generally a better phone. The only reason you would get a GN4 would be 1) a really good GN4 price, 2) you need more space with an SD card 3) you need a removable battery 4) you are prone to dropping your phone (the GN5 is tougher with the plastic back). I couldn't make do with 32GB so stuck with the GN4.
By: kabeer, karachi on May, 21 2016
Last night i updated my note5 n9208 to marshmallow i am facing serious battery drain issue and my moblie is heating up unnecessarily whether i am using it or idle !! Looking forward for a solution..
By: Khurram, hydrbd
Last night i updated my note5 n9208 to marshmallow i am facing serious battery drain issue and my moblie is heating up unnecessarily whether i am using it or idle !!
Looking forward for a solution..
By: Wasif, Islamabad on May, 09 2016
I think samsung is spoiling Galaxy note5 duos with android MM update. Everyone is complaining about network connection problem after MM update... May be samsung wants us to throw note5 duos away to buy s7....and if that is the case the will do the same thi...
By: Kashif, karachi on May, 05 2016

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