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Check Samsung Galaxy O5 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy O5 features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy O5 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy O5 video review.

Samsung Galaxy O5

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Samsung Galaxy O5 is the most stylish and most comfortable cellphone as per my knowledge. Very light phone with extremely impressive looks and ultimate features available.
By: Rehan, Hyderabad on Aug, 09 2018
Samsung Galaxy ON 5 was the dullest cellphone made by Samsung with neither having better camera quality or sufficient internal storage capacity. Battery timing was also not very much appreciable.
By: Jibran, Hyderabad on Aug, 08 2018
The huge space Belton memory of this device of Samsung galaxy on5 that helps to save many data in it and we easily save eth heavy games easily for playing that
By: warda, Karachi on Dec, 12 2017
Can you please updated the good price of this smartphone from Samsung I also want to buy the new smartphone by Samsung which have a good configuration
By: Tahir, Karachi on Nov, 15 2016
Not available in markets and how can believe that this is the good smartphone because it didn’t come in markets and public
By: Saleem, Karachi on Oct, 02 2016
I am looking for a phone with quality camera, display and battery specs in reasonable price for that I prefer samsung brand, samsung galaxy 05 can fulfill my all the dreams due to its features.
By: atif, narowaaal on Sep, 22 2016
I want to buy a decent smart phone with amazing camera and easy user interface. I heard a lot about this upcoming Galaxy O5 but still confused. Can anyone please review it and tell me about its performance?
By: Umar, Khi on Aug, 30 2016
I just bought a galaxy on5. I have camera nd video quality prob in this phone. High resolution supported but minor low resolution pic or video not clear view.can software prob ya phone
By: Alishba, Lahore on Apr, 22 2016
I think 1.3 GHZ processor can browse any site with amazing fast speed. I specially like this Samsung galaxy O5 smart phone because Samsung is the most recommended phone to use web.
By: nadir, khi on Apr, 15 2016
samsung galaxy on5 very stylist phone i am used phone in 1 month i am fully satisfied phone in 4g lower price under 10k is support in otg cable & pen drive and support high graphic game & app
By: Rayyan, Karachi on Apr, 13 2016
For a long time I was looking for a decent smart phone, finally and after checking out the specs of samsung galaxy O5 phone I am successfully purchase this phone, its such a right choice.
By: ebtisam, khi on Apr, 04 2016
Hello, I want to ask if this phone Samsung Galaxy O5 is launched yet or not? I mean I keep on checking the specs and features of this device but is never able to locate it on HamariWeb. Why?
By: Waqar, Karachi on Apr, 01 2016
I was searching for some mid range device in affordable rates, and finally I have landed on this page where I succeed to found Samsung galaxy o5 phone which I purchased , I love to use this lovely phone.
By: huma, khi on Mar, 28 2016
Please some one tell me about the processor of this Samsung galaxy O5 phone, 1.3 Ghz processor is enough to use the browsing in fast speed or not? I want to buy a phone in which I browse.
By: jaleel, khi on Mar, 18 2016
I am all happy and glad to access the specs information about the Samsung Galaxy O5!! My phone is out to order and I m thinking to switch to this phone. This device is totally amazing and would love to hold it in my hands
By: Qasim, Rawalpindi on Mar, 14 2016
I am tired of checking this page for specs and features of Samsung Galaxy O5! Please update it I am waiting for it since so long
By: Nimra, Hyderabad on Mar, 12 2016
When will you guys update the features and specs of Samsung Galaxy O5 on this page? I want to know about this phone. Please do something about it!! I am waiting from quiet sometime
By: Faraz Anwer, Karachi on Mar, 11 2016
Can anyone please tell me when is this phone Samsung Galaxy O5 will make it to the Pakistani market? You guys update the price but not the specs? Why is that so?
By: Waqas, Karachi on Mar, 03 2016
The display of this Samsung Galaxy O5 smart phone is amazing that is why I decide to buy this phone. In 1.3 GHZ processor this phone is such a right choice for the android lovers.
By: Nabeel, khi on Feb, 10 2016
Is this phone Samsung Galaxy O5 similar to 07 in terms of specs and display features? Please let me know about it asap as I am willing to buy either of them
By: Faryal, Karachi on Feb, 08 2016
why you guys don’t show the features configuration and complete information of this handset please show us as soon as possible i want to a new samsung phone now
By: zubair ud din, karachi on Feb, 04 2016
Why have you not updated the specs and features information of Samsung Galaxy O5 on this page? Please let me know about it asap as I want to buy a new Samsung phone.
By: Taimoor, Lahore on Jan, 30 2016
Kindly upload the image of samsung galaxy o5 smart phone, there is no any site where I see the display of this smart phone but the configuration of it is superb.
By: imran, khi on Jan, 25 2016
The specifications of O5 smart phone tell me that this one is a right choice for those who want LTE smart phone, I also like and decide to buy this smart phone.
By: Lateef, khi on Jan, 13 2016
Samsung Mobiles has never disappointed me when it comes to launching amazing devices. This time they stole my heart through the launch of Samsung Galaxy O5. It is a complete phone from every angle.
By: Saim, khi on Jan, 07 2016
Which one is the better smart phone as compare to the O7 and O5? I like both smart phones but I don’t know which one is good for using internet?
By: zahoor, khi on Jan, 06 2016
I love to stick to my choice of brand ie Samsung Mobiles The Samsung Galaxy O5 page I just witnessed here is quiet impressive with respect to price and specs Thank you for sharing here
By: Jamsheed, khi on Dec, 31 2015
O series of samsung galaxy will be coming soon, I hope that samsung brings some new in this series. I specially want to see the changes in the display of this new series.
By: Zahi, khi on Dec, 28 2015
I want to sell my Samsung Galaxy O5 at a half price in Karachi. The phone is in good condition without warranty. I would request the prospective and serious buyers only to contact me. Thank You
By: Shabbeer, khi on Dec, 23 2015
o5 smart phone is very reasonable in the price, I can afford it easily that’s why I decide to sale my old phone and buy this new smart phone, it can also support 3G.
By: Mazhar, khi on Dec, 21 2015
What is new which bring samsung galaxy in Samsung Galaxy O5 smart phone? In the configuration the processor is just normal as well the cameras are also simple.
By: Nafees, khi on Dec, 09 2015
I think 4.5 MP front camera is good to capture lovely selfies but I am waiting to release the image of this phone which is not available in the official samsung site.
By: Shakeel, khi on Dec, 08 2015
Any one tell me can this new samsung galaxy O5 smart phone support the 4G LTE? I am looking LTE smart phone because it is necessary for my working.
By: zia, khi on Dec, 01 2015
This samsung galaxy o5 smart phone is also based on 4G LTE, I like the usage of data only in the samsung smart phone, it such a fast smart phone.
By: minhaj, khi on Nov, 27 2015
I eager to make selfies that is the reason that this time I am searching the smart phone which front camera is good to capture the selfies and the screen resolution is also important.
By: ahmad, khi on Nov, 18 2015
The front camera of Samsung Galaxy O5 is good to enjoy the selfies, I also eager to capture the pictures. The wide LCD display make it more stylish smart phone, if it is available in white color then I will buy it.
By: masoom, khi on Nov, 12 2015
when will be lounch
By: Ahmad Ali Mustafa, Karachi on Nov, 05 2015
Kindly any one who see the futures of this phone tell us the camera configuration, it may look good because its screen resolution is available in the specifications which may good in size.
By: jameel, khi on Oct, 27 2015
o5 is looking good as per the specifications which android version is also lollipop but you know the image of this phone is not available, please upload the image of this phone soon because I want to buy.
By: anwar, khi on Oct, 24 2015
o5 is also looking good but this set is not available in the market, I want to buy for using it in the home, I really need this sorts of phone because it gives a very long battery backup, I really like this phone.
By: taha, khi on Oct, 14 2015

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