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Samsung Galaxy O7 has very splendid looks with amazing battery timing. I must appreciate its camera quality and its internal storage is also very sufficient. It is preferable for those who love to take photos.
By: Jamshed, Islamabad on Aug, 11 2018
I have downloaded the torrent in this device of Samsung galaxy o7 who helps me to install the movies and games in it easily due to the huge Belton memory
By: yasmeen, Karachi on Dec, 12 2017
Good smartphone good battery life also the pictures capturing performance is un believe able what you deserve with the Samsung mobiles
By: Ebad, Karachi on Oct, 02 2016
Samsung galaxy 07 comes in good specs, good features and the large display which peoples want that is the reason to purchase this lovely smart phone, I like the HD display of this phone.
By: noman, rahwali on Sep, 22 2016
Samsung’s Galaxy O7 seems like an eye catching phone equipped with all the essential features and specs you crave for! I want to see official image this phone, therefore please display it on your page and also tell me when this phone is going to be launched?
By: Yasmeen, Karachi on Aug, 30 2016
I want to buy this mobile (on7) Is it has any hanging problem. What is the camera quality.what is your experience with this mobile.plz give a rply.iam in confusion..the specification an configuration is available??
By: Raees, Islamabad on Apr, 22 2016
From where I can buy Samsung Galaxy O7 in Karachi, actually this phone is not available in the market as well the specs and configuration is not available in any site.
By: imran, khi on Apr, 15 2016
Samsung Galaxy ON 7 I Purchase is 21 Jan 2016 After 2 Months Mother Board problem. I go to Service center They People is Asking for Mother board Change. I am not Happy With This Phone and Samsung Service Center.
By: Ayyan, Lahore on Apr, 13 2016
In the expert opinion of some users, I decide to purchase Samsung galaxy O7 smart phone because I eager to watch movies and HD videos for that this samsung phone is a right choice.
By: muzammil, khi on Apr, 04 2016
Please mention some specs and features on this page. I mean this page is all empty and contain nothing to comment about. Samsung Galaxy 07 is launched but then why you guys dint bothered to mention the specs and features here?
By: Waleed, Karachi on Apr, 01 2016
I am looking for a phone with quality camera, display and battery specs in reasonable price for that I prefer samsung brand, samsung galaxy o7 can fulfill my all the dreams due to its features.
By: ahmad, khi on Mar, 28 2016
I am trying to find the specs of this Samsung Galaxy O7 phone but it is not available in any page. The price of this phone is very expensive which tell is that it is an expensive phone.
By: hussain, lhr on Mar, 18 2016
I am all waiting anxiously for the launch of specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy 07? I have been waiting for this Samsung Galaxy 07 to be launched in my town! Can anyone please tell me the dates
By: Javed, Quetta on Mar, 14 2016
When on earth will you guys be updating the Samsung Galaxy O7 specs and features. I am tired waiting for it since a long time!
By: Israh, Karachi on Mar, 12 2016
Samsung Galaxy O7 is not launched yet? There is no specs or features information mentioned on this page! I want to know all about this phone in detail along with an expert advice for making a buying decision about Galaxy O7
By: Javeria, Karachi on Mar, 10 2016
At least mention the speculated or rumored specs or features of Samsung Galaxy O7!! There must be at least some main specs that are known by now, so please mention them. Thank you!
By: Pervez, Lahore on Mar, 04 2016
Would you like to tell me from where I can buy this lovely Samsung Galaxy O7 smart phone? I am living in Sakkar where I am not success to find this smart phone, I like the processor of it.
By: wahab, khi on Feb, 10 2016
I wanted to buy this phone Samsung Galaxy O7, but I am unable to see its specs and features! I would request you guys to please mention them so I can decide whether to buy it or not!
By: Salim Khan, Hyderabad on Feb, 08 2016
show us it’s specs buddy we don’t know about this cellphone it’s smart that one thing only we sure but its camera M.P processor and many things we want to know
By: zaki , karachi on Feb, 04 2016
Why are there no specs mentioned on this page of Samsung Galaxy O7? Please update the specs asap I want to know about it. It is a nice and authentic online mobile information site in my opinion
By: Jamshed, Karachi on Jan, 30 2016
This samsung galaxy o7 is very stylish smart phone but I am not satisfy about the movie camera of this phone, the result of the front and back camera is awesome.
By: Tahir, khi on Jan, 25 2016
O7 is the phone which my brother gifted me in my birthday, I like the configuration of this smart phone as well the camera is also lovely.
By: murtaza, khi on Jan, 13 2016
I was browsing when I came across to this amazing device Samsung Galaxy O7 from Samsung. After seeing the specs and features listed on the page this phone is truly remarkable and value for money.
By: Safwan, multan on Jan, 07 2016
O7 is very similar to the S series smart phone, I don’t know what changes samsung made in this phone. It is also an expensive phone which price is not reasonable.
By: Wakeel, khi on Jan, 06 2016
I am a loyal Samsung mobile user since past two years The Samsung Galaxy O7 of Samsung is equipped with all the key features and specs one can opt for Is the price posted on the page authentic in Pakistan?
By: Junaid, khi on Dec, 31 2015
I just want to know about the configuration regarding the processor of Samsung Galaxy O7 because I am searching the phone which have octa core processor.
By: Zahoor, khi on Dec, 28 2015
I have bought this new Samsung Galaxy O7 few months back and it turned out to be extremely good. Love the specs and features and I recommend it to all those who are searching for a decent phone to buy it!
By: Sarfaraz, khi on Dec, 23 2015
Such a beautiful crystal display which I never seen in any phone which I used, this time I decide to choose this such an amazing phone just due to its display.
By: Mehran, khi on Dec, 21 2015
I want to buy Samsung Galaxy O7 in one year official warranty by samsung but in the market this phone is available without warranty, from where I can buy this phone?
By: Naeem, khi on Dec, 09 2015
I hope o7 brings some changes in the smart phone, this model may be available in the next month in pakistan, the processor of this phone is very fast which I really need.
By: Shahzad, khi on Dec, 08 2015
Samsung galaxy o7 is not available in the market, I just visit only to purchase this smart phone. I will definitely visit again, I hope this o series is also good.
By: burhan, khi on Dec, 01 2015
What about the battery of this samsung galaxy O7 smart phone, is it fixel non removable battery or we can remove it from the phone?
By: ghalib, khi on Nov, 27 2015
I want to know whats new that samsung introduce in this samsung galaxy O series smart phones, I hope that I will buy Samsung galaxy o7 smart phone for that I need the complete specifictions.
By: sohail, khi on Nov, 18 2015
o series smart phones available in the market in an expensive price which is more than the S series smart phone but no one tell the full specifications which tell that why this phone is expensive.
By: jamal, khi on Oct, 27 2015
What about the camera of o7 mobile phone, it is VGA for simple using or some special? It price is very different in the market that is why it is quiet difficult to buy because the price is not confirm.
By: amir, khi on Oct, 24 2015
Every set of samsung galaxy is full of features either is a bar phone or smart phone as well I noted that the tab of this brand is also famous, I really like to use this brand smart phones, I also used a o7 mobile.
By: talat, khi on Oct, 14 2015
When this phone is going to launch in the market and how much its different than Samsung's other mobile phone in the market.
By: Wara Saeed, Karachi on Oct, 05 2015

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