Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 REVIEWS

Check Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 video review.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017

Price: Rs. 2

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 Video Review

Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 User Reviews & Feedback

Samsung Galaxy on7 pro the really brilliant smartphone which looks really smart by the shape and has their really good performance as I need
By: rumesa, Karachi on Sep, 17 2019
I thought that all Samsung phones have an AMOLED display, then why does the Samsung Galaxy ON7 Pro 2017 have an LCD?
By: Ramisha, Islamabad on Sep, 26 2018
One can have better option instead of going for Galaxy ON7 Pro. I find OPPO cellphone more attractive than Samsung within this range. I must no suggest this cellphone to my circle.
By: Raza, lahore on Aug, 03 2018
Considering its picture quality or say, camera on a whole, Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro definitely gain marks. However, its battery is a bit disappointing for sure.
By: tehmoor, karachi on Jul, 24 2018
It came across as a very good set to me and everything including its design to its features impressed me, but with time, things changed and it started to trouble me!
By: tehmoor alam, Sanghar on Jul, 23 2018
Samsung Galaxy On 7 Pro the best smartphone with all the functions we veer want and this is really good to see from here
By: Khan, Karachi on Feb, 09 2018
I want this. If any body wanna sale tell me
By: Ebrish, Multan on Feb, 05 2018
Can you tell me about the complete features as well the camera result of Galaxy On7 Pro (2017), actually I saw this device in market and feeling interest to buy this lovely phone because it is available in reasonable price.
By: tahir, khi on Jan, 08 2018
For the better way of using this smartphone is amazing and has the great features we ever have in it and this is absolutely fine for me
By: Areeb, Karachi on Dec, 22 2017
My daddy is having this phone as my senior family skilled her this phone on her birthday. My father was so upbeat to have it. He said that this phone is extremely delightful.
By: bushra, guj on Dec, 16 2017
Get the best service of having the smartphone you want because this smartphone has everything you need for the better performance
By: saman, Panjab on Dec, 13 2017
Samsung galaxy on7 pro is the nice smart phone who has the good features and the smart apps that make this device more interesting
By: sobia, lahore on Dec, 11 2017
Samsung Galaxy On 7 pro the slim smartphone which has the good specs and the amazing price what you can easily afford for buying it
By: Qasim, Ka on Dec, 08 2017
No lagging issue and don’t have any other hardware issues what we want which is exactly the best thing in the Samsung Galaxy On 7 pro
By: Jameel, Karachi on Dec, 05 2017
It extremely like mine expected mobile phone of Samsung galaxy on7 pro that has the good battery life which gives just few minutes to charge that and takes backup in whole day long
By: bisma, islamabad on Dec, 02 2017
There is a charger of Samsung Company at my home but I have never used its mobile phone but this Samsung Galaxy On 7 features are looking very interesting that I am ought to buy this phone.
By: nadia, kch on Nov, 20 2017
Its beautiful slim screen gives you the best resulting display that you never have seen in your previous mobile phones without burning any pixels
By: abeeha, Karachi on Nov, 15 2017
Without facing any trouble I am using this device of Samsung galaxy on 7 pro from a long time which I can easily use that with the long life battery and the faster speed
By: umbreen, lahore on Nov, 06 2017
The Samsung galaxy on7 pro is the nice device that has the may specialties which we easily get use that whole day long with the long life warranty and the good performance
By: seema, Karachi on Nov, 03 2017
Samsung Galaxy On 7 Pro this is the much better smartphone with all the great applications what I need and have the good camera result we extremely want in it
By: Wassam, Karachi on Oct, 30 2017
Samsung Galaxy On 7 Pro the perfect smartphone with all the latest features what you ever need in it so this is absolutely the great smartphone ever
By: Sagheer, Karachi on Oct, 26 2017
Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro is the smartphone which is my first choice because of tis good performance and the amazing battery life
By: Saad, Karachi on Oct, 18 2017
It’s looking the good mobile of Samsung galaxy on 7 pro that has the slim metal body and the slim smart screen who looks perfect with the beautiful screen resolution
By: haya, lahore on Oct, 17 2017
Samsung Galaxy On 7pro is the best smartphone which can beat any android smartphone by its brilliant features which is really awesome in it
By: Azam, Karachi on Oct, 16 2017
Samsung Galaxy On 7 Pro with big 4Gb ram and 32 Gb storage is an amazing smartphone, it is awesome latest featured mobile phone, The one thing I like about the design which resembles like older Note series.
By: Arbab Ali, Karachi on Oct, 15 2017
I love to use the Samsung Galaxy On 7 Pro smartphone because it is the new smartphone first of all which has the new features you really like to use
By: Kashan, Karachi on Oct, 13 2017

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Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro 2017 Reviews

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