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Samsung Galaxy S IV I9500

Samsung Galaxy S IV I9500 User Reviews & Feedback

By: Rajju, Attock on May, 05 2018
By: maqsood , karachi on Mar, 25 2018
I want to bought Samsung be s4 phone
for sale contact with me
By: Asad Hayat, Lahore on Jan, 29 2018
I need galaxy s4 i9500
By: Sohail gujjar 03008106954, Gujjrat on Jan, 24 2018
Need dead s4 set for LCD panel.... contact. 03225024661
By: munawar, sargodha on Dec, 09 2017
Samsung has shown that you can without a lot of an extend get also stimulating features in sensible cost as well. Like the Samsung Galaxy S5 is accommodating its customers.
By: beenish, isl on Dec, 07 2017
Samsung Galaxy S IV this is the good smartphone because of reliability and the long time life of the battery and everything you need in it
By: Ahmed, Karachi on Nov, 29 2017
Looking the beautiful device of Samsung galaxy brand which has the beautiful camera results and the big hd screen who has the beautiful resolution
By: asma, islamabad on Nov, 28 2017
One of my companion who lives in china, has this Samsung Galaxy S4 from the most recent 5 months. When he disclosed to me about the structures and possibilities of this cell phone and it appeared to be so sensible to me.
By: noshina, guj on Nov, 26 2017
I am thinking about to buy this tab of Samsung galaxy brand because mine little daughter tells me to get it and this is the perfect for her
By: rooma, Karachi on Nov, 25 2017
My little brother is using Samsung Galaxy S IV mobile phone from the last one year yet it is in its best state, operational very well and never gets stuck. Lovely mobile phone indeed.
By: hania, pindi on Nov, 19 2017
Samsung Galaxy S Iv the perfect affordable smartphone for every user who wants to get the brilliant performance in the cheap price what they can afford
By: Kamal, Karachi on Nov, 16 2017
It has the same features what every smartphone should have to because I don’t think to buy any other smartphone after this Samsung Galaxy SIv
By: Kashan, Karachi on Nov, 15 2017
I sold this Samsung galaxy siv mobile and it worked the best but mine cousin was really like this hand set so she bought that in half price
By: subhan, quetta on Nov, 12 2017
Samsung galaxy S Iv the smartphone with all the better features you need and this is absolutely the great thing in it that it never lag
By: Amber, Karachi on Nov, 11 2017
Without facing any problem I keep using it from a long time which is looking perfect so far and the battery standby is truly amazing who works brilliantly so far
By: samia, islamabad on Oct, 09 2017
Samsung Galaxy S5 the smartphone which is still have the good demand in the market because of its amazing camera result every user still love it
By: Waleed, Karachi on Oct, 04 2017
For the long time Data performance this smartphone is literally awesome and I really want to share my best experience with it which is awesome
By: Ajmal, Karachi on Oct, 03 2017
Oh greattt…. I mean trust this is the thing for which I have been searching the internet for the last three hours… and finally I have found this in shape of this Samsung Galaxy Siv i9500 mobile phone.
By: ibrahim, khi on Sep, 27 2017
In this price I bet you will never get the better smartphone than the Samsung Galaxy S4 which has more features more faster OS than any other phone
By: Ammar, Karachi on Sep, 19 2017
Its price is very nice of Samsung galaxy siv and also everyone expected this type of smart phone who has the best quality and also expectable price
By: aneela, islamabad on Sep, 13 2017
Don’t you compromise with your mobile phones and just buy this mobile now that ash the everything is really good which you expected
By: zoobia, lahore on Aug, 29 2017
This device of Samsung galaxy siv have mine mother who she use that every time to playing games with the bets battery timing
By: tania, karachi on Aug, 22 2017
There has the every authentic information about the Samsung galaxy siv who you can’t get that in the another site or anywhere
By: soofia, multan on Aug, 21 2017
I am a university student and I am the student of Information Technology as well. Our teacher who teaches us modern programming languages uses Samsung Galaxy S IV I9500.
By: Bakhtawar, Jizan on Aug, 20 2017
Samsung Galaxy S4 is the good smartphone because of its great application collection of this smartphone and I have the better life which is really amazing
By: taneesha, karachi on Aug, 18 2017
The nice device who I have been using for a long time with the brilliant battery standby who I juts charge once in two or three days
By: salma, Karachi on Aug, 16 2017
The big brand smart phone who has the brilliant features with the many beautiful colors which you never used in the another smart phone
By: narmeen, islamabad on Aug, 09 2017
The big brand smart phone who has the brilliant features with the many beautiful colors which you never used in the another smart phone
By: narmeen, islamabad on Aug, 09 2017
The bets mobile phone in the reasonable price available now that could give you the everything what you want to use it the expected mobile phone
By: zubair, lahore on Aug, 02 2017
While I am using this mobile phone of Samsung galaxy siv so far I didn’t like the another mobile phone because it has the everything perfect which I can use with lots of enjoyment
By: roshni, lahore on Jul, 31 2017
Samsung Galaxy S4 has the faster and now the rates are came down because of the new smartphone is now available in the Market after the S
By: faysal, panjab on Jul, 29 2017
Now you can easily use this smartphone by the Samsung because it has the best features and the amazing functions we never seen before in the Samsung’s smartphone
By: Taha, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
Samsung Galaxy SIV is so much upgraded than the android versions in others smartphones the faster speed and the good camera result everything is perfect
By: Nadeem, Karachi on Jun, 03 2017
I never get face any problem form this device of Samsung galaxy siv and every time I use it to playing games which give m the good performance
By: hayma, Karachi on Jun, 01 2017
You never get any problem form this device of Samsung galaxy siv that is looking so col and the performance is perfect of it
By: youmna, jakarta on May, 31 2017
I think that it should be update because I am feeling little bore with this android version so please for Samsung update your android
By: Ammad, Karachi on May, 26 2017
Working really good as I expect with to and I hardly prefer this website to every friend of mine to get the best updates for the smartphone rates
By: Yawar, Karachi on May, 16 2017
You ever have disappointed for this device of Samsung galaxy siv that has the amazing speed with the excellent features that everyone want to use it
By: samreen, karachi on May, 14 2017
I got the everything in mine this mobile of Samsung galaxy siv which I expected in mine best mobile phone which has the good speakers too
By: narmeen, islamabad on May, 08 2017

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Samsung Galaxy S IV I9500 Reviews

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