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Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition User Reviews & Feedback

I have used this cellphone for many years and was one of the most outstanding cellphone I ever had. Unfortunately it was snatched on gun point.
By: Mohammad, karachi on Nov, 02 2018
Now I am satisfied with mine this device of Samsung galaxy s4 google play edition that has the everything is perfect which I expected before in mine best mobile phone
By: bisma, lahore on Dec, 21 2017
Its mine good device of Samsung galaxy s4 google play edition that I use that usually for playing games because is gaming performance is the best
By: aneesa, Karachi on Dec, 21 2017
I newly bought this mobile of Samsung galaxy s4 google play edition in just affordable price that has the I use that usually to shot the photos at any occasion because its camera results is outstanding
By: havia, islamabad on Dec, 21 2017
I have this tab of Samsung galaxy brand since two years which I use that to watch movies in this best resolution that never blasting the pixels
By: sobia, islamabad on Dec, 21 2017
One of my friend is having Samsung Galaxy S4 google play edition and trust me its camera result is great. He for the most part keeps taking selfies from his mobile phone in the school.
By: danish, guj on Dec, 15 2017
Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition is a very well-known mobile phone. Most of the people are using this mobile phone till now. But I have not used it yet as this is my sister’s phone and she doesn’t allows me to touch it :P
By: noshina, rwp on Nov, 20 2017
While I am using this mobile phone of Samsung galaxy s4 google play edition so far I never face any problem yet like the hanging or burning the display pixels
By: farhat, islamabad on Nov, 15 2017
I have this mobile of Samsung galaxy s4 google play edition and it is the best mobile ever I that in whole day and it works very good without any hanging
By: waresha, karachi on Nov, 12 2017
This is amazing mobile phone of Samsung galaxy s4 Google play edition that has the beautiful amazing features that we didn’t use anywhere
By: zubair, lahore on Sep, 13 2017
I wants to buy same this type of device that is able to save many data without get any problem and now I saw this device that I must buy that soon
By: harib, multan on Aug, 21 2017
In the smartphones this is the main issue of the battery timing and I got enough battery life with my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone which is really awesome
By: areesha, karachi on Aug, 18 2017
After a long time I bought this device what fully stand at mine expectations because there is trolley different then another smart phone Samsung galaxy s4 Google play edition
By: farah, Karachi on Aug, 16 2017
The superb device with the huge memory space what you could use that to save many thing like the heavy software’s who you can’t save in the another device easily
By: zeenea, Karachi on Aug, 09 2017
The long life battery standby is really useful for me who the another mobile didn’t give that so that’s why I bought it yesterday Samsung galaxy s4 Google play edition
By: areesha, islamabad on Aug, 02 2017
I never had use this type of device who has the man abilities and the bets battery standby who give me the performance whole day long
By: hayma, islamabad on Jul, 31 2017
Samsung Galaxy S4 with the Google play Edition is the faster range and has the good speed of the internet browsing which has the good cachea handler
By: nayl, islamabad on Jul, 29 2017
There is no dough that this is the best device of Samsung galaxy brand who give the many facilities to use it easily every time
By: ramsha, islamabad on Jun, 30 2017
The best smartphone I have ever used in my life now i can easily do my work with the online source of data usage very easily with this smartphone
By: Ather, Karachi on Jun, 14 2017
The new Google Play Edition of Samsung is not available in market yet so you can buy these smartphone on the online shopping website easily
By: Ahad, Karachi on Jun, 07 2017
Samsung Galaxy S4 google play ediotion captures all the action wherever you are, Don't just look at your photos, hear what they have to say & relive those exciting memories using 13MP camera, The Samsung Galaxy S IV is designed with the well-connected, multi-tasker in mind. Call a friend, answer the phone, preview and scroll through emails & control videos without even touching the phone.
By: Tahir, karachi on May, 16 2016
i have Samsung S4 Google play edition in very new condition and i want to sell its in very cheep price ...just in 25,500 i have used it just 4 to 5 months anybody want to buy this so call me on my cell number ..03077299050//03464151098
By: tufail, Karachi on May, 09 2016
Greetings guys, please I'm using a Samsung galaxy s4 i9500 and I must confess ever since I updated the firmware to 5.0.1 my battery doesn't last, I've done several flashing so as to fix it but none worked. Please guys help me on this cos I'm tired of charging my phone every 30mins
By: Syed, Pakistan on May, 05 2016
Price sent karo
By: Muzmal Arif , Pattoki on Mar, 17 2016
The themes and the HD display make this Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition smart phone such a right choice which I really like, I am looking it in the market.
By: ali, khi on Feb, 16 2016
I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition. Loving every bit of this phone. Saw information on this page and it matches my requirements perfectly well.
By: Raheela, Karachi on Jan, 09 2016
Samsung’s most amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition has totally captured my attention through its amazing specs and features that are incredible enough to recommend it to others. I will buy this phone next month.
By: Zakaria, khi on Jan, 07 2016
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition from Samsung Mobiles is extremely amazing and classy thing to own! I love it totally! Let me know if there is any discount deal offered on this device or not?
By: Falak, khi on Dec, 31 2015
I have all Samsung smartphones but NOTE 5 is excellent
By: Audi, Sydney on Dec, 23 2015
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition is listed on this page with all the relevant specs and details that you love to have in your phone. Please don’t hesitate and get all the information as soon as possible.
By: Ibadullah, khi on Dec, 19 2015
I recently purchase a use google play smart phone to use 3G, any one tell me that which network sim is suitable to use 3G service in this phone which is also economical and good in the performance.
By: faheem, khi on Sep, 05 2015
I used more than six months this google play edition smart phone by samsung but now I feel to change my phone because I want more large display smart phone, which one is better for me in a reasonable price?
By: wasti, khi on Sep, 03 2015
thios mobiles is simply awsome..
By: shahid, karachi on Jun, 29 2015
It been a long thta coming soon is written on this mobile please tell if this phone launched or not?
By: Naila, Karachi on Jun, 22 2015
In the google play edition the speed of search engine is very fast, its browser is already in the main page of this phone which I like.
By: asim, khi on Jun, 14 2015
When this phone is going to launch I want to buy this phone.
By: Kanwal, Lahore on May, 19 2015
Samsung galaxy S4 google play edition is the phone which camera is lovely, its front camera result is also Awesome.
By: raees, khi on May, 15 2015
Only the main thing in this phone is the broswer but it is not much an advance phone, size is also normal.
By: Shifa Hussain, karachi on May, 06 2015
Samsung Galaxy Google play is not mention on the official site of Samsung than how come it is launched in the market?
By: Ghida, Lahore on May, 05 2015
In Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition you can also download the whole setup of the browsing of google chrome in the icons of the screen.
By: Noman, Karachi on May, 03 2015

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Reviews

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