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Check Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus video review.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus

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I don’t think some would prefer this cellphone Samsung Galaxy S4 MINI as nowadays people are more concern about the size of the cellphone. The more the size the better they think it is.
By: Moiz, Karachi on Aug, 09 2018
The good smart phone of Samsung galaxy s4 mini plus which has the huge Belton memory and the best battery standby that is able to works for a long time
By: roshni, islamabad on Dec, 12 2017
Samsung galaxy s4 mini plus is the best quality mobile phone who has the best processor which afford the every heavy things like any type of heavy software
By: abeeha, islamabad on Jul, 29 2017
Samsung galaxy s4 mini plus is the best quality mobile phone who has the best processor which afford the every heavy things like any type of heavy software
By: abeeha, islamabad on Jul, 29 2017
This Samsung galaxy s4 mini plus is the nice device who has the best processor that helps to works good of this device continuously
By: smra, faislabad on Jul, 20 2017
You will like to use this smartphone after seen the functions available in it and also the style of this phone is pretty amazing
By: Ammar, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
Just check out the brilliant features of the smartphone in this website this website can show you the official information about the smartphones
By: Rizwan, Multan on Jun, 09 2017
Both watches are common now but I still want to go with it because it has the other type of functions and good result when you wear it
By: Akram, Lahore on Apr, 19 2017
It’s looking so pretty mobile of Samsung galaxy s4 mine plus that is just looking wise mini but it works faster and affords any heavy software
By: `sobia, panjab on Mar, 22 2017
Samsun s4mini ki price kia ha
By: taimoor, islamabad on Jan, 15 2017
I want to know the latest model of Samsung galaxy brand because I only use its brand’s mobile so show me the new mobiles of it
By: azeema, qetta on Jan, 05 2017
I am thinking to change my S4 mini with simple Samsung Galaxy S4 and I am sure that it is my good decision so if someone wants so contact me
By: Zeeshan, kara on Oct, 05 2016
16 gb rom mean 8 gb intrenal memory yes no plz tell me
By: IMTIAZ HUSSAIN, Khairpur on Sep, 16 2016
I want s4 mini but I need dual sim 16 to 32gb internal storage and 2 to 3 GB ram and gd camera
By: Maqsood Ahmed, Dadu on Aug, 19 2016
i want samsung s4 mini plus dull sim brand new coten pack
By: rasheed qazi, quetta on Jun, 28 2016
I bought this phone around December 2013 but the specs are little bit different. The phone has dual sim option (micro sim). I am still using this phone till today because it is very handy, camera is good, dual sim and built in storage.
By: Ash, karachi on May, 14 2016
bought my S4 mini last dec., 2015. been facing some hang up problems...maybe on the touch wiz app. now my phone shut down and won't turn back on. it's just vibrating when i plug in with the charger. and noticed the battery's getting really hot. help please.
By: Sajid, Karachi on Apr, 26 2016
Quite good. It lasted me 3 years. I've had battery problems and even problems in my motherboard. It is still in good condition, although it sometimes heats up whenever I play a game or even use the Internet. But overall, it is a very good model Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini plus.
By: Khan, karachi on Apr, 16 2016
I BOUGHT THIS Samsung Galaxy S4 mini today and is when I try to enter my mail it says 'authentication failed' . Does anyone know what to do?
By: Simra, karachi on Apr, 12 2016
In Samsung galaxy S4 mini plus smart phone the internal memory is more enough to save videos and the photos which you capture from the amazing camera of this lovely phone.
By: talat, khi on Apr, 02 2016
In my opinion Samsung galaxy is a reliable brand but I specially decide to choose the J series smart phone by samsung because many peoples like the camera result and the HD videos result in the smart phone.
By: wahaj, khi on Mar, 16 2016
I want to sell my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Plus in Lahore at half of original price. This S4 Mini plus is in good condition and is not available in any warranty. Those who are interested can contact me here.
By: Nadeem, Lahore on Feb, 23 2016
Now you can easily buy the Samsung Galaxy s4 normal in this price so why your rates is too much high
By: Huzaifah, Karachi on Feb, 19 2016
i want to buy this Samsung galaxy S4 mini it's so pretty cool and the applications was fabulous like games,and smart front camera for easily and reliable video chat , radio and so many features
By: Riyaz, Karachi on Feb, 15 2016
Can you tell me how can I upgrade the version of Samsung galaxy S4 mini smart phone, actually I have this phone which is good to use but I want to upgrade the android version.
By: babar, khi on Feb, 08 2016
I want to know why Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus if they already have Galaxy S4! Mini version is mini in what way? Can anyone enlighten me about it
By: Waleed, Karachi on Feb, 01 2016
such boring and dis like handset samsung Galaxy s4 mini its really shaming on s4 s4 is very great smart cellphone but s4 mini i don't know why the made s4 mini its a black mark of samsung s series keep ban this type of handsets and stop made don't waste your time with that
By: bashir, karachi on Jan, 31 2016
S4 mini camera is just the same which is available in Samsung galaxy S4 smart phone, I have both models in the same color, one is for my wife phone.
By: abid, khi on Jan, 25 2016
I want to buy a decent smart phone within limited budget. I heard a lot about this Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus from my friends. It works faster and does not get heat up if you play several apps at a time. Thank you for this recommendation.
By: Tashif, khi on Jan, 07 2016
Samsung Mobile presents Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus with some of the best features and specs that one can opt for! I am dazzled by the amazing display of this phone Totally worth a purchase!
By: hunain, khi on Dec, 31 2015
S4 mini is also an expoensive phone because the difference in the camera result as compare to the S4 large display phone, I like this lovely smart phone.
By: yasin, khi on Dec, 28 2015
I want to buy a second hand device in reasonable price tag for secondary purposes. I am all happy and glad to locate Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus here that matches my requirement.
By: Sadqain, multan on Dec, 23 2015
The price of the samsung galaxy S4 mini smart phone is reasonable, I am looking to purchase this such a lovely phone because I only trust on the reliability of this brand.
By: Kulsom, khi on Dec, 22 2015
I want to upgrade the android version of my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini plus which I am using for a long time, the touch of this phone is superb in working, I love it samsung.
By: ashraf, khi on Dec, 09 2015
S4 mini is more expensive phone as compare to the price of S4, you know it design and the features are also change but may be the front and back cameras are more powerful.
By: Sajjad, khi on Dec, 08 2015
Any one tell me what is the price of this new samsung galaxy S4 mini smart phone? I make my mind to buy this lovely smart phone.
By: mustaqeem, khi on Nov, 27 2015
Sir 4 mini plus kb tk lainch ho ga
By: usman, multan on Oct, 21 2015
Samsung galaxy S4 mini is much expensive in S4 smart phone, I don’t know what is the reason that in a small size it is more expensive. I think some thing is new in this phone to make it better.
By: arham, khi on Oct, 07 2015
Is ki kya price ho gi
By: haider ali, islamabad on Oct, 07 2015
Sir Samsung s4 mini plus kb tk Pakistan me Lanche Ho ga
By: Muhammad Usman, multan on Oct, 02 2015

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