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My cousin acquired this astounding Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom from Abu Dhabi for herself. When I used her portable to check its features and believe me they were to a great degree hypnotizing.
By: daood, kch on Dec, 16 2017
Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom the best smartphone with the amazing specs what we absolutely need so this is the perfect smartphone for as we really want
By: Asad, Karachi on Nov, 03 2017
Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom the Zoom series in the S is one of the best ever I am using this smartphone still don’t have any issue in it
By: Aqdas, Karachi on Oct, 26 2017
Samsung s6 k zoom price in pakistan
By: a jabbar mighal, kinri distt umar koy on Aug, 19 2017
The corning glass 3 make this Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom display awesome. I like the design of this phone as well it is very light in the weight, I will buy it when I success to sale my phone.
By: Nauman, khi on Feb, 09 2016
Samsung‘s Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom seems like a promising phone with all the decent specs and features I am highly impressed and thinking to purchase it Let me know if this phone is available in Quetta or not?
By: Ikram Ul Haq, khi on Dec, 30 2015
The Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom is widely popular among the masses due to its impressive user interface. I am thinking to buy this phone for my friend to gift her on birthday. Let me know if I am doing the right thing.
By: Badeen, khi on Dec, 17 2015
S5 zoom camera resolution is very much high as I see in the specifications but I want to know that this one is water proof or not?
By: Lulie, karachi on Apr, 23 2015
Just 500 Rs more than Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual SIM and do not have any unique feature in the phone, I must say Samsung High-end phone price are extra high.
By: Ishaan Khan, Karachi on Apr, 22 2015
Wow! Its a superb smart phone with the high quality of zoom which is very attractful to the viewers but the price is not in my range.
By: ali, khi on Dec, 25 2014
samsung galaxy s5 zoom based on kitkat android version with superb auto focus camera. Due to its camera result i purchase this phone and sale me new oppo smart phone.
By: zaid, khi on Dec, 15 2014
i prefer to buy dslr than this mobile, as this is very expensive if you are crazy for pictures than its better to buy dslr not this mobile as you cant compare result of this mobile.
By: farheen, lahore on Dec, 10 2014
Oh my God 50,500 its a half lac Rupees this is soo expensive i did not that Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom would be soo expensive while there is nothing such special thing in this mobile phone
By: Rohan , Karachi on Nov, 26 2014
Fifty thousand is too much... Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom camera is good but still can not beat Nokia lumia 41 megapixels camera... i did not used lumia but i am sure that lumia would be better
By: Akram, Karachi on Nov, 20 2014
For the mobile like this a battery have to be very strong but there is no information of battery in Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom.
By: Samma, Karachi on Nov, 14 2014
Still can not reach to the level of camera that Nokai has set in introducing 41 megapixels mobile phone camera
By: Mujtaba, Karachi on Nov, 11 2014
They put the whole focus on back camera and neglect the quality for front camera look there in specs the front cam is only 2 megapixels what a fish ... now a days people need front camera to be better than back
By: Umer, Karachi on Nov, 07 2014
I forget every thing and its specification when i watch the result of its camera, this is such a marvelous that is why i request to my brother please bring samsung zoom S5 for me.
By: misbah, khi on Oct, 29 2014
20 megapixels is enough but still not upto Nokia who has made 41 megapixels camera in mobile phone i think it will suck all the battery in making pics and videos
By: Anus, Karachi on Oct, 27 2014
samsung galaxy s5 zoom is totally made for the camera lovers because i only like the camera in this phone which creates the difference but all the other features are just same to the samsung galaxy duos.
By: atif, khi on Oct, 15 2014
I am interested in Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom so please let me know the price of this cell phone in Lahore Pakistan
By: Pappu, Karachi on Oct, 03 2014
is Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom has zooming camera or its just name is zoom.. please answer me and tell me the price of this model
By: Haroon, Karachi on Sep, 29 2014
The software of this phone is very tough, some times i cannot open its flash light and some times i cannot pickup my call.
By: Mohammad Sohail , lahore on Aug, 23 2014
Very 9ic3 mobile I like.
By: murtaZa Bahrani, Quetta on Jul, 15 2014
I think it is also a high price smart phone because look at the camera of this smart phone, it is also 20 mega pixel.
By: shabana, karachi on Jul, 12 2014
Why the samsung galaxy S5 is called zoom? I don’t think so any zoom quality in the camera of this smart phone but I like the result of this camera.
By: azaan, lahore on Jun, 23 2014
samsung galaxy s5 zoom samsung galaxsamsung galaxyys4 zoom samsung galaxy k zSamsung Galaxy S5 zoom is very nice mobile, and i think its camera result must me almost like dsr camera result. dose any one know about the expected price.
ahemd, karachioom samsung galaxy s samsung galaxy s2 this is the all best mobiles samsung by
By: abdurahman, peshawar on May, 25 2014
Is this it's official Images? i mean by it's name it should have big camera but it just look like nornal
By: Rizwan, Karachi on May, 23 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom is look like a very good, i have s5 normal one and the camera result is simply awesome. know they are launching Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom the result will be outstanding..
By: tariq, karachi on May, 21 2014
its hard to carry with so much broad back, even simple mobile camera is very good of samsung so, this
Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom will be out of this world i guess
By: salim, karachi on May, 14 2014
S5 Zoom would have something surprising in the camera i am sure about that. lets see when it will be up in the market
By: Irfan , Karachi on May, 12 2014
Where is the real image of mobile phone. Samsung is very smart it gives surprises. lets see when the image will be up
By: Gufran, Karachi on May, 07 2014
Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom is very nice mobile, and i think its camera result must me almost like dsr camera result. dose any one know about the expected price.
By: ahemd, karachi on Apr, 25 2014
Where is the image yar ... No image no Price No video what are you doing yar atleast add the expected price
By: Imi, Karachi on Apr, 17 2014
Lets cross the fingers and wait for month because all mobile prices are updated very late here on hamariweb
By: Adi, Karachi on Apr, 16 2014
All mobiles are same no big difference not variation no change from inside and outside .... It makes users confused to choose any one out of them when many devices are same
By: Azib, Karachi on Apr, 15 2014

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