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Rs. 65,999

Samsung Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 by Samsung has cutting-edge features that allow you to do things in easier, faster and better way. An eye-catching, 5.8-inch curved display goes all the way to the edges to allow you to see more. Its advance processor and 12 MP camera helps you take clear and sharp photos faster. Introducing Samsung’s new intelligent interface, Bixby is able to navigate easily through apps and services to allow users to experience much more with their smartphones.

Positive of Samsung Galaxy S8

• 64 GB on board storage expandable through Micro SD Slot
• Wireless charging
• Small body
• Brilliant screen
• Iris scanner
• IP68
• 24 hours battery life
• Notification LED
• Pressure sensitive Screen


Negative of Samsung Galaxy S8

• Only android 7.0 available.
• Fixed battery
• Placement of Fingerprint Scanner isn’t ideal


Infinity Screen Display - A Screen That Goes Beyond the Limits!

5.8-inch, curved screen stretches all the way to its edges, therefore, you can have a picture as big as possible, without adding any bulk. You get deep, rich contrast as well as vibrant colors with world’s first-ever HDR certified display that can even multi task as a pro in split-screen.

Infinitely Powerful Bixby Vision Makes It Not Only Better, But Smarter!

The Bixby vision makes its camera not only better but smarter. Point your camera and Bixby will recognize its landmarks as well as translate the text. 12-MP advanced sensor lets more light in, so your low-light images look brighter with lesser noise. Dual-pixel technology keeps your shots sharp and clear, with no to less blurring problem.

Infinitely Helpful and Reliable

Bixby intelligent interface learns as you use. It connects to your compatible smart apps and devices such as calendar and messaging. Samsung Connect makes it easier to use all your devices together, and songs or beam movies right from phone to the connected devices. Its 3000 mAH battery is redesigned and built to pass 8-point safety check. Such an extreme testing process and careful inspection ensure that the battery will meet the highest quality standards.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is Infinitely Immersive to Take You into Virtual World

The Gear VR along with Controller takes you into an immersive virtual world that you can interact and navigate using hand controller included. Add Gear 360 camera to shoot high quality, 360 degree 4K Videos, edit and share them right from your phone.


Such an advanced phone needs a network which can keep up with load. Samsung Galaxy S8 features 64 GB. Available in eye-catching colors like Arctic Silver, Midnight Black and Arctic Silver, this smartphone is infinitely immersive to take you to virtual world.

Samsung Galaxy S8 User Reviews & Feedback

The good screen resolution having in this smart phone that provide us the good display for watching the blue ray movies easily without blasting the pixels
By magsi
By: attaullah magsi , kamber shahdadkot on Jul, 06 2019
Samsung Galaxy s8 the biggest smart phone in the name of features which can definitely show you the faster operating system and the best applications
By: sayma, peshawar on May, 19 2019
I want to buy S8 Samsung original cell with complete accessories in very good condition. I am living in Lahore. please contact me if some one want to sell your mobile. I will prefer if phone will have few months in warranty. my cell # 03004614022. SMS me your final offer . Thank you
By: Asif yousaf, Lahore on Apr, 22 2019
Samsung galaxy s8 this is the brilliant smartphone which has the very good functions with all kind of features what we really need for having the good applications in it
By: ASHIYA, panjab on Apr, 17 2019
The good screen resolution having in this smart phone that provide us the good display for watching the blue ray movies easily without blasting the pixels
By: azra, karachi on Mar, 27 2019
I can easily watch the any blue ray movies in this device of Samsung galaxy s8 that is able to gives the great performance with the lots of bright colors and the good pixels
By: tooba, panjab on Mar, 07 2019
I am recently purchasing second hand device most comfortable phones good working performance
By: Asif Khan, Lahore on Mar, 07 2019
I can easily watch the any blue ray movies in this device of Samsung galaxy s8 that is able to gives the great performance with the lots of bright colors and the good pixels
By: wareesha, karachi on Mar, 06 2019
I love to use the Samsung galaxy s8 because it is simple and definitely working fine as usual I need from the smartphone and has the amazing battery life we surely want
By: sayam, multan on Feb, 23 2019
Although Samsung galaxy s8 is over budget for some people, the specs
such as camera quality, memory, and others are spectacular! I love the
quality of my selfies and I love how I can install many apps.
By: omar, Sialkot on Feb, 07 2019
It has a lot of screen issues. Bcoz of edges when u put screen protector, mobile is gonna be slow down like a 🐢 and when u continue using it without screen protector u will face broken screen very soon.... Soo I wud suggest everybody not to buy this fragile mobile with heavy amount of money.
By: Dr faizan, Peshawar on Jan, 26 2019
This is a very cheap phone with a great camera and a premium feeling built quality,
you won't find better options in this price segment.
By: Saqib, Lahore on Jan, 15 2019
This is so cool device of Samsung galaxy s8 with the amazing battery timing that everyone need to use that in the expected smart phone
By: Sadiq, Lahore on Jan, 10 2019
I have been using Samsung Galaxy s8 and I don’t think it cost this much in the
market as I have bought this in less amount. I would prefer to buy this cellphone as
it is cheap and good for day to day work. Battery time is good.
By: Ali, Lahore on Dec, 19 2018
This is so cool device of Samsung galaxy s8 with the amazing battery timing that everyone need to use that in the expected smart phone
By: arzoo, LAHORE on Dec, 19 2018
The Samsung galaxy s8 is the great smart phone that having the everything perfect like battery timing and the many other things as we need that
By: ammara, Karachi on Dec, 05 2018
\Samsung galaxy S8 has an amazing battery timing as well as very splendid camera
quality. Internal memory of this cellphone is also appreciable. Apart from that its
price is very high for middle class people to afford.
By: Sikandar, Wazirabad on Nov, 29 2018
This is much better than other smartphone we ever used before because the Android version of the Samsung galaxy smartphone is really amazing and have the good performance
By: azra, Karachi on Nov, 25 2018
A high end Samsung phone with a power packed gut plus a 12 MP camera, it provides great value of money.
By: Ehtisham, karachi on Nov, 18 2018
This Samsung galaxy s8 is so good smart phone of the bug brand of Samsung galaxy that provide us the amazing smart abilities and the beautiful screen resolution
By: eeman, Karachi on Oct, 31 2018
I am hoping that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will drop soon as the Galaxy S9 is already out. Maybe then i could afford it
By: Fatima, Karachi on Oct, 25 2018
One of the best cell phone within this range. Although internal storage capacity of this cell phone is less but sufficient for normal consumption.
By: Rashid, karachi on Oct, 08 2018
I can’t find any rational behind these brand introducing same cell phones with different names every year and charging their customer higher for their new so-called models. Samsung and HUAWEI must stop these practices if they want to keep their brands in future.
By: Adil, karachi on Oct, 01 2018
Thats a very good mobile.I really like it.
By: Shoaib Awan, Attock City on Sep, 30 2018
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best looking phones ever, even better than an Apple iPhone. The infinity display is amazing
By: Rehman, Lahore on Sep, 28 2018
Samsung literally charges alot merely because of being a popular brand. Its not like that i dont like its sets, but the prices need to suit an average earning consumer and not just the high rangers.
By: Isshi, Karachi on Sep, 27 2018
So, Which do you guys think is better? the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Nokia 8. I used to be a Nokia fan boy before.
By: Kashif, Karachi on Sep, 19 2018
Simply and precisely, i am in awe with this phone. Though i don't have it but iv heard its performance is too phenomenal.
By: Hamza, Quetta on Sep, 18 2018
It is not a durable phone at all- the screen is full of scratches after mere 1.5 years of 'light' use. The battery ends with the blink of an eye. Not going for Samsung anymore.
By: Sehrish , Faisalabad on Sep, 16 2018
The long time battery standby available now in this smart phone of Samsung galaxy s8 that also looking so classy of their
By: haris, islamabad on Sep, 08 2018
samsung galaxy s8 mobile phone's working is better now with this smart phone
PC what I have and can easily give me the best support of using applications
By: Khurram, Lahore on Sep, 01 2018
Apart from its looks, Samsung Galaxy S8 is an amazing cellphone with amazing features within this range. Battery timing of this cellphone is very commendable and internal storage is enough for my need.
By: Qasim, karachi on Aug, 30 2018
Samsung Galaxy S8 has amazing looks and its available in many other colors. Display of this cellphone is also very remarkable and battery timing is also very impressive. Internal storage is also very admirable.
By: Hunaid, karachi on Aug, 19 2018
Samsung galaxy s8 the best smartphone which has the good configuration and amazing ram speed for the supporting of every application
By: anila, lahore on Aug, 17 2018
Without facing nay type of having of heat up the body temperature now we easily get use this device of Samsung galaxy s8 with the cool smart performance
By: ammara, lahore on Aug, 11 2018
This is looking so cool smart phone of Samsung galaxy s8 that give us the great performance with the amazing operating system
By: Jawwad, Karachi on Aug, 07 2018
The amazing speed smart phone of Samsung galaxy s8 with the great performance and the beautiful camera results with many type of nice filters
By: barira, bangkok on Aug, 04 2018
The battery timing if this smart phone of Samsung galaxy s8 is amazing that get the little time to get charge it and give the performance whole day long
By: hasham, jakarta on Aug, 04 2018
I have been using this cellphone since it was launched. Apart from its battery timing this cellphone fulfil my every requirement and keeping this cellphone also make me feel very cool.
By: Hussain, Karachi on Aug, 01 2018
This is so good smart phone of Samsung galaxy s8 that has the updated software with the many good facilities and the nice battery timing
By: arham, Karachi on Aug, 01 2018

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