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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 User Reviews & Feedback

Performance of Samsung Galaxy tablets are very poor. I would not recommend anyone to purchase Samsung’s tablets.
By: Hassan, karachi on Nov, 02 2018
This is the beautiful and useful device that has the everything perfect and the good smart metal body who make more good of their Samsung galaxy tab 4
By: fariha, multan on Feb, 27 2018
Mother was asking me that she needs to change her tablet then which brand will be
better for her to purchase? I recommended her to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.7.0
for herself.
By: Hamna, Karachi on Feb, 13 2018
Everyone can easily use this smart tab of Samsung galaxy tab 4 that is looking classy and the also available with the good screen resolution
By: fabeeha, islamabad on Feb, 10 2018
For the working purpose this Tablet PC by the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.7.0 is awesome because it has the good speed of the RAM which is we really need
By: Ammar, Karachi on Dec, 14 2017
One of my maternal cousin has gifted this Samsung Galaxy 4.7.0 mobile phone to his father I mean to my maternal uncle. My uncle was very much blissful to have this priceless gift.
By: hina, isl on Nov, 20 2017
From this tab of Samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 don’t face any problem yet even that it doesn’t hanging any way that’s why it’s really good to use in every time
By: rabeel, multan on Nov, 16 2017
You never use this type of best tabs who has the slim and big display screen with the best resolution who never burning the pixels
By: soofia, islamabad on Nov, 15 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very good tablet as one of my friend is using this mobile tablet
for many time and it is still in its best position that he can sell it at a very good price.
By: Huma, Peshawar on Nov, 12 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 also my favorite Tablet Pc because I am using it and it has the faster speed of the RAM and the good Data Usage life
By: Jawwad, Karachi on Nov, 03 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 is really good I am using it and I am working in this Tablet pc with all the best features and the speed for supporting heavy apps
By: Danish, Karachi on Oct, 26 2017
I have this this type of tabs who give me the best battery backup because I use mine mobile in whole days for some calls, internet, watching movies and many more things
By: umbreen, panjab on Sep, 13 2017
I have this bets site to get the any device information with their full details that I will get that easily form here with their updated price
By: sheena, karachi on Aug, 21 2017
All the Tablet PC is now available in this website you can now check the best available Tablet PC in this website which can show you the amazing configuration
By: sayma, islamabad on Aug, 18 2017
Their beautiful display I really like that helps me to watch the movies in the beautiful result in which I can’t watch that in the another smart phone
By: abeeha, islamabad on Aug, 16 2017
The better device in the reasonable price available now who could give you the bets specs and the beautiful features what you expected before
By: aneeqa, Karachi on Aug, 09 2017
Without finding the another tab I juts bought it before a month who has the big hd screen with the beautiful resolution
By: areesha, multan on Aug, 01 2017
I bought same this type of device who has the big ram that could help me to save mine any data easily without getting problem
By: samreen, islamabad on Jul, 31 2017
In this Tablet PC you can easily install the best applications and the heavy games what you cannot install on the smartphones you have
By: ayan, Karachi on Jul, 29 2017
I want to know that how could I give the order at this site of this Samsung galaxy who is looking perfect for using for a long time
By: zoya, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
Samsung blasts this time with the launch of Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 that became popular due to its eye catching features and specs. The price is pretty reasonable as well that means we can definitely purchase it.
By: Javed, Karachi on Jun, 20 2017
Support every application what I like to use in this smartphone with the better and faster experience of RAM and the good resolution of the L.C.D that I like to watch movies on it without irritated
By: Kamran, Lahore on Jun, 09 2017
Great screen resolution with compatible sound which is helping you to watch movies online on the great resolution with the best sound of this Tablet
By: Safdar, Karachi on Jun, 06 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is perfect smartphone now a days you can easily use 3G network in this smartphone everywhere it gives you the best signal range with the faster speed
By: Wassam, Karachi on Jun, 03 2017
It was very well for me when I bought this smartphone by the suggestion of my friend now I am just enjoying the android version of it without any worry
By: Hameed, Karachi on May, 26 2017
This is the nice tab of Samsung galaxy which I would like to use it because its batter then mine tab who didn’t responding sometimes
By: nazia, panjab on May, 08 2017
The tablet PC’s by the Samsung are really amazing and I got this Tablet which has the best configuration with the unlimited speed of gaming
By: Naveed, Karachi on May, 07 2017
I bought it for my kids so that they can play every sort of game on it. They are so happy to have a new tablet. And the best thing about it is that it is having a reasonable price.
By: Maida, Madrid on May, 04 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has the large screen display and the good resolution of the HD where iu can easily get the best experience of watching movies in it
By: Akmal, Karachi on May, 03 2017
I have this Tablet PC and i think that it able to makes your work in it with the new MS Office which is really better for me
By: Adeel, Karachi on Apr, 19 2017
Samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 is the best and good tablet. I bought this tablet for my daughter for her playing games.
By: sarfraz, england on Apr, 14 2017
The specs looks amazing in this Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 and it is attracts me more to seen the largest display of this smartphone
By: Taha, Karachi on Apr, 11 2017
With the beautiful resolution and the slim smart body has available in just affordable prices now you don’t have to search that anywhere
By: anoosha, pindi on Apr, 04 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab 47.0 is awesome from my opinion because of the life time great performance by the Samsung Galaxy and good battery life what you deserve
By: Ahmer, Karachi on Mar, 29 2017
This is a really nice tablet I like this one It never hangs or freezes it hang or freezes when you install an app for only 5 to 10 seconds. My one is rooted also
By: Iqbal, Karachi on Mar, 24 2017
You can easily use this tab of Samsung galaxy 4 7.0 that has the good software who protect to hanging its inner system and provide the good backup form every way
By: noori, lahore on Mar, 21 2017
Mine son is really like to use tabs and s=he has the many tabs also but now I am thinking that to gifted him this tab on his birthday
By: sameera, pindi on Feb, 20 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the amazing Tablet OC the largest display of this Tablet PC attract me very much where I just cannot ignore to buy it
By: Iqbal, Karachi on Feb, 10 2017
The Samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 has powerful battery which gives it more power towards its is the best tab of Samsung galaxy.
By: saeed, kolkata on Feb, 02 2017
The Samsung galaxy tab 4 7.0 has powerful battery which gives it more power towards its is the best tab of Samsung galaxy.
By: bashir, islambad on Jan, 31 2017

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Reviews

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