Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) REVIEWS

Check Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) video review.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016)

Price: Rs. 2

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7300 mAh
8 MP
32 GB 3 GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) Video Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) User Reviews & Feedback

It’s large display is amazing I love to watch my favourite show in it
By: Sidra, Karachi on Jul, 25 2019
Samsung galaxy tabA10.1 is great because it has a 10 inch display which makes my video watching more effective and clear
By: Saira, Karachi on Jul, 02 2019
The camera result of the Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 is so good with front and back both result with bright flash led light for capture the every photo clearly
By: IMRZAN, multan on May, 12 2019
Now we easily get use this device of Samsung galaxy tab a with the great performance that having the faster speed without get any hanging
By: fayqa, islamabad on Apr, 09 2019
Samsung galaxy tab a the best smart tab which has the best functions and the amazing reliability which is we definitely love to have hereq
By: habiba, multan on Mar, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy tab a I am using this smart tab and still its working really great and has the best performance what we exactly need
By: sobia, multan on Mar, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy tab a the best smart tab ever just like you have the A series of the Samsung they are amazing in the performance what I observed
By: neelam, lahore on Feb, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy tab a the best smartphone which has the amazing functions with all the great speed of the RAM I really want
By: haris, panjab on Feb, 08 2019
A low budget phone, good enough for people who like to use phone to connect to the
world- that's it. But if you expect some high features and high-tech things, go for
something else.
By: Jameel, Ahmedabad on Dec, 07 2018
Samsung Tablet is a very stylish Tablet. I am very obsessed with its looks as well as its attributes.
By: Shaban, karachi on Oct, 14 2018
Nothing about Galaxy Tab A10.1 is worth complaining. Everything from its processor, memory to battery are good enough to make it the best option for those in need of a good tablet.
By: shareef, Lahore on Sep, 26 2018
The best part about Samsung Galaxy Tab A is its price and its camera. Apart from these two things I must not consider this Tablets for daily uses. People who just need to watch movies and skype can buy this tablet.
By: Tariq, kashmir on Aug, 30 2018
Samsung galaxy tab A 10.1 was the biggest mistake I made in my life by purchasing it. I wasted my money as this tab was not as to my expectation. Very poor processor with very poor other features.
By: Hifza, Karachi on Aug, 01 2018
This Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 is so cool smart tab that giving us the great performance with the long life battery standby as everyone can easily use that whole day long
By: sufyan, Karachi on May, 15 2018
The good operating system and the good performance having this device that give us the long time battery performance without get any heat up the body
By: eeman, islamabad on May, 11 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 the good reliable Tablet PC which has the amazing performance with the good quality of the LCD we would love to see
By: zubair, Karachi on Apr, 24 2018
The good smart iPad of Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 who has the amazing abilities in the reasonable price and the battery standby is so good of their
By: sonia, Karachi on Apr, 10 2018
I want to sell my samsung galaxy tab A 10.1 sim 4g and wifi sm t585....28000 contact 03075012264
By: Junaid, Lahore on Mar, 09 2018
This tab of Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 has the good and easiest functions that helps you to know this tab quickly and it never show the bad performance anyway
By: azam, islamabad on Feb, 27 2018
I have the device of Samsung galaxy tab a which still gives me the good performance without face any problem yet as I really like to use that whole long
By: afshan, lahore on Feb, 13 2018
The Samsung galaxy tab a is able to give the feaster performance that everyone need to use that and the pixels are so good of their
By: fabeeha, lahore on Feb, 10 2018
Selling this tablet at best price with added screen glass protector and genuine book cover. Price 29500 in multan. Contact 03317047004
By: Khawaja, Multan on Jan, 26 2018
This Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) is the device which I have purchased for my sister, really this device by samsung is too old but never goes hanged although there is too much date on its internal memory.
By: rameez, khi on Dec, 29 2017
It’s all has the best facilities which I have expected in mine best mobile phone like camera real result, best signal protection etc.
By: sarfaraz, islamabad on Dec, 21 2017
The Samsung galaxy is the big brand that provide the best models to everyone in the good price and their quality is very good which works best for a long time
By: neehal, Karachi on Dec, 21 2017
The best bit of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is its camera incorporate. I was confused to the point that best in class this much that a period has arrived when handheld devices like phones can discover each n everything about pictures.
By: danish, lhr on Dec, 15 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2015 is the best ever tablet of 2015 launched by Samsung in 2016. Really impressive price and a mobile phone with a very nice quality.
By: kinza, ladha sadha on Nov, 20 2017
Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 is the best device that is completely outstanding which has the best camera results that touch to DSR which I really like
By: meerab, Karachi on Nov, 16 2017
Now I can save mine many data in a device of Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 that has the huge space Belton memory with the powerful battery
By: nayla, Karachi on Nov, 15 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very famous tablet for delivering lecture. Most of the people
are using this tablet till now. But I have not used it yet as this is my sister’s taband she
doesn’t allows me to touch it :P
By: Resham, Quetta on Nov, 12 2017
One of my teacher who teaches me networking is using Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016. He always keeps on telling us about the feature and specs of his tablet. I hate this habit :3
By: hania, al ain on Oct, 21 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab A10.1 the Tablet which has the dreamy features you will love to us because of its cool performance
By: Kashif, Karachi on Oct, 20 2017
Samsung galaxy Tab A 10.1 the Tablet pc which can gives the amazing speed of the RAM and the good heavy battery life for the whole day internet
By: reshma, islamabad on Oct, 15 2017
I want to buy this type of smart tab who has the best touch with the jelly beans software and this is mine same expectable mobile so I want to know its latest price
By: azam, islamabad on Sep, 13 2017
Good tab in the cheap rates available now and the every information about this tab available at this online site who could help you get the authentic information about it
By: wareesha, multan on Aug, 21 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the is the best and the reliable Tablet PC in my opinion because it has the huge Battery timing and the amazing speed of the applications
By: rumesa, islamabad on Aug, 18 2017
The many tab has this Samsung galaxy brand but this tab of their has many abilities what make it so exciting like the new apps and the smart touch of the beautiful display
By: aneela, Karachi on Aug, 16 2017
This tab has the big slim hd screen who attract to everyone to use it eagerly and the useful features and the best specs also good in it
By: sonia, lahore on Aug, 09 2017
The malty touch display in the faster device which everyone can expected to use in the bets mobile phone so now we don’t have to finding more
By: seema, Karachi on Aug, 01 2017
This is the good version of the last year which has the most common features and the goo battery standby who gives the good performance
By: anooshy, lahore on Jul, 31 2017

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) Reviews

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