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Samsung galaxy tablets are very pathetic and complete waste of money. I won’t recommend any person to buy these types of tablets.
By: Usman, karachi on Nov, 02 2018
Plz Share the Samsung galaxy tab active2 Price?
By: faizan wahid, karachi on Jun, 06 2018
Samsung galaxy tab active is the nice smart phone who has the good features and the smart apps that make this device more interesting
By: azmat, islamabad on Feb, 27 2018
ahm… this is the phone show which my sibling gifted to his better half on their second
wedding commemoration only a months prior… . Well I am so shocked to peruse its
highlights here.
By: Yameen, Sahiwal on Feb, 13 2018
The Samsung galaxy tab active is the nice tab that is reliable and also helpful for using it every time with the long life battery standby
By: layba, islamabad on Feb, 10 2018
Its fast running apps helps me to use it this mobile easily of Samsung galaxy tab active that has the excellent features with the best processor
By: namra, islamabad on Dec, 21 2017
I really like this tab of Samsung galaxy tab active that has many new features which I really like and the best processor that never get heat up the body temperature
By: naseem, Karachi on Dec, 21 2017
There is no dough that this is the brilliant device of Samsung galaxy tab active that has the good battery life which everyone wants to use that in their smart tab
By: sameena, Karachi on Dec, 21 2017
There has the every smart tab information available what you want to know about the any device with their full of information
By: waris, islamabad on Dec, 21 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active the good features of this smartphone makes me able to perform the work with great speed of operating system
By: kAREEM, Karachi on Dec, 18 2017
I was planning to change my tablet and I think it’s a good idea to switch to Samsung Company as it is becoming popular day by day. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is best to have then I guess.
By: kinza, kch on Nov, 20 2017
Samsung galaxy tab active is the best tab of Samsung galaxy brand which I never used before this type of best device which has the good battery timing that don’t create any problem
By: havia, Karachi on Nov, 16 2017
Now I want to buy this best smart and beautiful tab that has the amazing features with the beautiful camera result as like DSLR photos as I need to use that
By: yumna, panjab on Nov, 15 2017
What is better than having a Samsung Galaxy Tab Activa mobile phone in your hand
while you are wandering all around the world and you are enjoying your outclass phone
by taking selfies? Exactly! I am doing all this right now :D :D :D
By: Urwa, Isb on Nov, 12 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active faster and better Tablet PC for the working purpose and also it has the amazing performance for gaming online what we really like
By: Saad, lahore on Nov, 03 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active the perfect Tablet PC for the working purpose because of its good speed you can easily make your browsing faster in it
By: Zameer, Karachi on Oct, 26 2017
There was a time when I was against Samsung Company but now I am a very big fan of Samsung as it has launched many fantastic mobile phone and tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 p5200 mobile phone.
By: Rafy, Abbotabad on Sep, 13 2017
The Samsung galaxy is the best brand that give us the beautiful tabs with the reliable abilities in the affordable price what everyone can easily buy that
By: nalia, karachi on Aug, 21 2017
If you want the perfect performance for the Tablet PC with the unlimited battery timing experience so this is the best Tablet PC for you
By: seema, karachi on Aug, 18 2017
This is the only tab that gives the beautiful display and the good camera result that never blasting the pixels that’s why i have been just using it
By: zarnish, karachi on Aug, 18 2017
I have this better device of Samsung galaxy tab active who giving me the good performance so far and every time I can play the games in it without facing any problem
By: soliha, multan on Aug, 09 2017
Samsung galaxy is the big brand who has the big name in the whole world because their models are really good and also has the many facilities which you could use that with enjoyment
By: bisma, Karachi on Aug, 01 2017
The every tab of Samsung galaxy brand is really good because the every tab has the many unique things who doesn’t has the another
By: neelam, Karachi on Jul, 31 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is the faster and the Marvelous shape which is the best of this Tablet I really like to use it and love the shape of it
By: abeer, Karachi on Jul, 29 2017
I found this type of same tab from some days who give me the good performance and never get hanging in any way
By: hamia, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is another brilliant tablet that comes in some amazing specs and features to ask for. I love everything about this device. I hope that this Tab Active is available in Karachi.
By: Zaheer, Karachi on Jun, 20 2017
The functions are really good in this smartphone you can easily download the heavy games on it with this faster RAM experience and can play with the best resolution of this Tab Active
By: Safdar, Lahore on Jun, 09 2017
The durable Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is ready for an active professional life, with water and dust resistance and an anti-shock protective cover
By: Shakeel, Karachi on Jun, 06 2017
Samsung galaxy tab Active comes in good specs, good features and the large display which peoples want that is the reason to purchase this lovely smart phone, I like the HD display of this phone.
By: Junaid, Mulltan on Aug, 15 2016
This tablet is excellent, for 200 euros is the best thablet that you can buy.
Great screen,touch screen Samsung Galaxy Tab Active (this is a deal breaker for me generally), sound, fealing, games and everything is almost the quality of an S3 Samsung phone.I have it for 3 days now, great battery life and it never hungs. Great job Samsung
By: Amir ali, lahore on May, 09 2016
Listen guys, you should thank Samsung for bringing devices for all types of users... All people don't have the ability or wish to buy a device like Tab S or Note 4... So they will be interested in this cheaper and affordable product... If you want all the features then go for Tab S...
By: Dany, Uk on May, 05 2016
I am a loyal Samsung mobile user since past two years The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active of Samsung is equipped with all the key features and specs one can opt for Is the price posted on the page authentic in Pakistan?
By: waqar, khi on Dec, 30 2015
I have bought this new Samsung Galaxy Tab Active few months back and it turned out to be extremely good. Love the specs and features and I recommend it to all those who are searching for a decent phone to buy it!
By: Farhat, khi on Dec, 17 2015
When this phone will launch in the mobile market of PAkistan whenever I visited here coming soon always written here.
By: Wafa, Karachi on Jul, 13 2015
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is really worth buying? I want to replace a phone and thinking to buy this one. But I am kind of confused whether to get it or not
By: Farah, Lahore on Jun, 24 2015
I don’t have any interest to use tab that is why I want to buy smart phone in the ecxchange of my tab which some one gifted me.
By: Faiza Azhar, karachi on May, 06 2015
Has it also GSM in this tab of galaxy tab? I have an old tab of samsung which version is ice cream sandwich that is why I want to buy new.
By: Jadyn, karachi on Apr, 23 2015
Samsung surprised its user through Multi Touch screen Tab Galaxy Active. The Tab has stereo pin for stereo speakers, but the design of this Galaxy Active Tab is not cool look like old Tab of 2008's.
By: Sahar Shams, Karachi on Apr, 03 2015
Bad Samsung Galaxy Tab Active you can not use sim card and now a days tablets are available with sim card so i will prefer them more.
By: Nisab, khi on Apr, 01 2015
My brother using this tab by samsung galaxy, he specially admire about the processor because mostly he use skype in it.
By: tahir, khi on Mar, 01 2015

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