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Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 User Reviews & Feedback

It’s battery timing is amazing I use it whole day long in my university and it doesn’t even hang
By: Shehnaz , Karachi on Jul, 25 2019
The battery standby is excellent and the large display is awesome yahooo I love it
By: Zainab, Karachi on Jul, 02 2019
This is the only smart phone of Samsung galaxy tab e 8.0 that stand on mine expectation that has the great battery standby with the amazing abilities
By: ZULRIKAAR, karachi on May, 12 2019
The beautiful smart phone of the fabulous brand of Samsung galaxy tab e that having the great camera quality for capturing the photos beautifully
By: asfiya, multan on Apr, 09 2019
Samsung galaxy tab e the smart tab with the really good functions and has the really good speed of the RAM we just have in the list
By: sobia, karachi on Mar, 26 2019
The great battery standby provide in this device of Samsung galaxy tab e 8.0 that works really nice without get heat up the body temperature
By: reena, faislabad on Mar, 07 2019
The great battery standby provide in this device of Samsung galaxy tab e 8.0 that works really nice without get heat up the body temperature
By: meesha, karachi on Mar, 06 2019
This Samsung Galaxy tab e definitely give you the performance what you need because it is the best experienced smartphone of the 2017
By: tooba, panjab on Feb, 23 2019
Samsung galaxy tab e this smart tab that has the great application performance with the best battery life which is we definitely want to have in the list
By: rimsha, panjab on Feb, 09 2019
Samsung Galaxy tab e 8 has an amazing fast charge technology which can charge the
cellphone within an hour and its amazing screen enables one to enjoy playing games
and watch movies online.
By: Ali, l on Dec, 19 2018
The malty touch display having in this device of Samsung galaxy tab e 8.0 that has the updated android software who give the good facility of their user
By: sonia, karachi on Dec, 19 2018
I am looking for a decent phone to purchase! And here I have found this Samsung
Galaxy Tab e 8 version. I have checked the specs and is totally willing to get this
phone asap!
By: Daud, Attock on Dec, 04 2018
It has the new android software and the much more things having in it new of
Samsung galaxy tab e with the amazing performance processor
By: Fazal, Sialkot on Nov, 29 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab has very limited features and I also hope that its price must be in reasonable rates otherwise I won’t suggest it if its prices are high.
By: Huzaifa, karachi on Oct, 14 2018
If i have to choose between Tab E8.0 and Tab A10.1 by Samsung, i would love to go for the latter one as the former is a bunch of problems for the users!
By: Numair, karachi on Sep, 26 2018
Samsung Galaxy TAB E was the biggest mistake of my life. It didn’t even have resale value so that I could sell it into the market again. Very poor quality and complete waste of my money.
By: Tahira, Karachi on Aug, 05 2018
whatsapp support kerta hy k nhi
By: humi, Karachi on Jul, 10 2018
This is the great tab of Samsung galaxy tab e 8.0 that giving us the good smart screen with the malty touch display as we expect that for using with lots of enjoyment
By: hasham, multan on May, 15 2018
With the help of this tab of Samsung galaxy tab e we easily get watch the movies in the beautiful resolution because it has the amazing display with the many bright colors
By: hafsa, multan on May, 11 2018
This amazing device of Samsung galaxy tab e that give us the beautiful display with the malty touch screen and smart resolution who gentle to use this device every time
By: sofia, Panjab on May, 11 2018
This is looking so nice tab that available now in the reasonable price of the best Samsung galaxy brand and has the best battery standby
By: abeeha, Karachi on Feb, 09 2018
This is the best smart tab available in the affordable price which I easily afford that which has the good battery standby that everyone need to use that
By: ilyana, Karachi on Dec, 21 2017
The many things available in this mobile phone which I was never using before in the any other smart tab and its jelly beans software make me crazy to use it every time
By: namra, islamabad on Dec, 21 2017
Samsun Galaxy Tab E 8.0 the good smartphone which has the good speed of the RAM with all the method we need in the android
By: Ahad, Karachi on Dec, 18 2017
The beautiful smart tab of Samsung galaxy tab e 8.0 who has the good screen resolution that never get blasting the pixels and never get hanging any way
By: ramsha, multan on Dec, 12 2017
Samsung Galaxy A Tab E 8.0 the brilliant smartphone with all the good features we need and this si absolutely the great performance what I really want
By: Ammar, Karachi on Nov, 19 2017
It can beat mine previous smart tab who has the another brand because it can able to face everything like save mine many data in this big Belton memory and the big hd screen is amazing of this tab
By: seema, panjab on Nov, 15 2017
I really like the Samsung galaxy brand because its every models are very good for using and work very fast which everyone wants to use that every time
By: saman, islamabad on Nov, 12 2017
My khala uses this mobile phone I mean this Samsung Galaxy Tab e 8.0 mobile phone, but now it gets hangs which irritates her a lot. She was saying to me that she will change her mobile phone very soon.
By: aniqa, hanoi on Oct, 21 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 the Tablet PC which has thee amazing battery life with all the latest features you want for playing online games
By: Asad, Karachi on Oct, 20 2017
Samsung galaxy Tab E 8.0 the Tablet PC which has the amazing faster speed of the RAM and the good functions you ever want in it
By: aneeqa, islamabad on Oct, 15 2017
I got the experience from this device of Samsung galaxy tab e 8.0 with the many new apps and the useful features that I never used before
By: farheen, karachi on Aug, 21 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8 is the most reliable Tablet because it 1 year ago and I still don’t have any complaint related to the battery timing in my Tablet Pc
By: safeera, karachi on Aug, 18 2017
Their has the many exciting apps that I can see that very eagerly every time with the long life battery timing what I never had used in the another mobile phone
By: zeenat, Karachi on Aug, 16 2017
I am using it with full of satisfaction who give me the good performance then mine previous tab because ethos tab has the big brand and also has the many facilities who we never get that in the another brand easily
By: salma, islamabad on Aug, 09 2017
I just wanna say that this is the brilliant device in the range of everybody in the cheap rates so now you just go to market and buy that before to ending the stock
By: maria, lahore on Aug, 01 2017
This tab is really good to playing the games who has the good gaming processor that helps to save any heavy games to play that
By: asia, Karachi on Jul, 31 2017
Get the faster speed and the amazing speed on the Browsing data which is really good in this Tablet Pc by the Samsung which has also the good rates for you
By: saym, islamabad on Jul, 29 2017
Samsung galaxy tab 8 is good one, it has good specifications and all of the features of this of this tab are great . it has actually got the innovations in it.
By: Furqan, Larkana on Jul, 26 2017
It’s looking the perfect tab for me who has the huge memory space which I’ll use that to save mine heavy games it this device
By: urooba, panjab on Jul, 12 2017

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0 Reviews

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