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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 User Reviews & Feedback

This Samsung galaxy tab s2 is the expected mobile of mine that I easily get use that
every time due to the long life battery timing
By: Jameel, Wazirabad on Dec, 07 2018
Its nice speakers is very nice that give the good sound for listening the music very clearly without blasting the volume
By: tooba, islamabad on Dec, 05 2018
I am very impressive with the internal storage of this Tablet. 3 GB RAM is very sufficient for even heavy users.
By: Noor, karachi on Oct, 12 2018
Samsung galaxy tablets are favorable for poor people who need to shift from Non android cell phones to Android cell phones. Its features are favorable to new comers in android world.
By: Ghafoor, lahore on Oct, 05 2018
I would have preferred Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 more if it has extended RAM. But overall, its pocket friendly and very much useful to say the least.
By: Mustufa, karachi on Sep, 24 2018
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has very amazing display screen which allows a person to enjoy movies and games on it. Internal storage of this tablet is also very sufficient and enough for my need.
By: Hatim, karachi on Aug, 30 2018
Samsung Tabs is the most economical Tablets with very reasonable feature. I must appreciate Samsung efforts but they need to work on their battery average timing in their new set of series.
By: wasim, bhawalpur on Aug, 02 2018
I used Samsung Galaxy TAB S2 but was very disappointed after purchasing it. First its processor was very weak and its use to stick a lot when I use to play games on it. Secondly it was very hard to carry this big elephant.
By: Furqan, Karachi on Jul, 20 2018
Samsung galaxy tab s2 is the nice looking device and also has the good features and smart apps who the everyone likes to use that
By: lareeb, multan on Feb, 27 2018
The Samsung galaxy tab s2 is the good smart device that who has the huge space Belton memory that helps to save many heavy data in it easily
By: ashna, lahore on Feb, 21 2018
I was perceiving to give an astonishment to my sister by gifting her another tablet and I
came to infer that Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is best for her. Presently I will purchase this
tablet for my sweet sister.
By: Rida, faislabad on Feb, 13 2018
The Samsung galaxy tab s2 is the nice smart tab who is reliable and unbeatable for using it every time with the faster who everyone need to use that
By: harib, lahore on Feb, 10 2018
This Samsung galaxy tab s2 9.7 is the beautiful smart ab who has the good space that helps to save many data in it without get face any trouble
By: neha, lahore on Dec, 12 2017
One of my cousin is using this Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 for the previous two months. She was so happy to tell me that this is the best ever mobile phone she has ever used in her life.
By: kinza, kch on Nov, 20 2017
Samsung galaxy is the only mobile that who has the best camera results in just affordable price and has the every function and features which don’t let you to face any problem
By: sumera, lahore on Nov, 16 2017
You could easily use it with the easy featured smart tab that never having any problem by any way and it can available in your expectable price
By: yumna, panjab on Nov, 15 2017
OMG……. These are the features of my own tablet…. Hahahaha……. Really I am so glad
to see these features of Samsung Galaxy tab S2 features on your page. Hhehehe…..
By: Qaisara, Urwa on Nov, 12 2017
If you want to get the any mobile information so you juts come at this online site who will give you the authentic information what you want
By: zehra, faislabad on Jun, 30 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is certainly the best tablet that can suffice the purpose of professionals and students. I wish to put my hands on this amazing device before its too late. Price is bit high though
By: Uzma, Lahore on Jun, 20 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is the best Tablet pc by my opinion because I have the great experience with it that’s why I can surely say that
By: Jawwad, Lahore on Jun, 09 2017
Enjoy an ultra-lightweight design, perform office tasks with ease, take high-quality images and run apps in split screen mode of this high quality Tablet Pc by Samsung
By: Shahid, Karachi on Jun, 06 2017
Enjoy an ultra-lightweight design, perform office tasks with ease, take high-quality images and run apps in split screen mode of this high quality Tablet Pc by Samsung
By: Shahid, Karachi on Jun, 06 2017
The beautiful tab of Samsung galaxy tab s2 available in just affordable price that provide you the everything what you want in this price
By: aaneela, lahore on Jun, 06 2017
You never used this type of best tab like this Samsung galaxy tab s2 who has the big slim screen that has the beautiful resolution

By: sufyaan, lahore on Apr, 04 2017
Mujy chaya agar kisi k pass ho to pls rabita kary.....
[email protected]
By: shahzad, karachi on Mar, 30 2017
Memory is not so enough you should have to add more memory in this Tablet PC by the Samsung for saving the more games in it
By: Shahid, Karachi on Mar, 29 2017
Mujy chaya agar kisi k pass ho to pls rabita kary pls
By: Riaz, karachi on Feb, 14 2017
Pls quote price for new - zero meter Tab S2
By: Faiz, Karachi on Dec, 26 2016
This is the best way to learn anything online because this tab allow you the easy browsing and have a good long battery timing
By: Bsit, kara on Oct, 05 2016
By: HUSSAIN, KARACHI on Sep, 28 2016
I want to buy s2 9.7 4g wid sim plz tell me from where I can buy cuz in my city sahiwal it 's not available n also it's exact price n how I can buy it online
By: Fozia sindhu, Sahiwal
I bought my S2 a couple of weeks ago and I think its a top quality tablet , runs fast and smooth as any flagship phone, costs a bit more than similar tablets but the quality is worth it .purple/monkey/dishwasher
By: ahmed, lahore on May, 24 2016
Dear sir,madam
We need Samsung Galaxy tab s2 9.7" kindly send us prices and delivery time
By: Salamat khan, Kabul,Afghanistan on May, 07 2016
l'm looking forward to buying samsung galaxy tab S2. l love the tab so much Great tablet the size & weight is perfect to handle the software and battery are excellent!! Best samsung tablet i have!!

By: Nauman, karachi on May, 06 2016
This tablet is an excellent update to the previous version and look wise it is such an premium tablet.

Just noticed Tab S2 camera aperture is f/1.9 on par with S6 Camera module .
Now completely satisfied
Why dont gsmarena put the aperture rate in the spec sheet and none of the reviewer mentioning about it.
By: Faiz, Karachi on Apr, 26 2016
The primary camera of this Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is 8 MP, I think it is better in any tab because usually we find just simple camera in any tablet. Its specs and configuration are also good.
By: khalid, khi on Apr, 16 2016
Due to the 9.7 inches display I feel comfort to use this Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 for the purpose of browsing in any site. Really this such a helpful invention for those who want to use Tab.
By: rahat, khi on Apr, 12 2016
Samsung galaxy bring such an amazing tab in which you can browse very quickly. I have this samsung galaxy tab S 2 9.7 which give me hundred percent performance due to its fast processor.
By: Yousuf, khi on Apr, 02 2016
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 comes in whopping 9.7 inches screen is simply out standing. I can watch videos, play games, and get entertained with some amazing stuff online without any trouble. I simply love it totally!
By: Rida, Karachi on Mar, 24 2016
The display of this samsung galaxy Tab S2 9.7 is good to open the full page of any web, I am the student of architecture for that this tab is very helpful for me that is why I am willing to buy it.
By: Ghafoor, lhr on Mar, 16 2016

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Reviews

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