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This Samsung w is so cool smart device of the bets Samsung galaxy brand that helps to everyone for using that easily with the many reliable abilities
By: neeha, Karachi on Feb, 09 2018
My daddy is having this remote as my senior family capable her this telephone on her
birthday. My father was so vivacious to have it. He said that this phone is uncommonly
By: Yameen, Torento on Dec, 24 2017
Samsung W simple and better smartphone which has the good ram speed and amazing type of functions which help you to use it easily
By: Khan, Ka on Dec, 18 2017
One of my sidekick is having Samsung W and trust me its camera result is magnificent. He for the most part keeps taking selfies from his phone in the school.
By: hira, isl on Dec, 15 2017
I love to use the Samsung W because it is simple and definitely working fine as usual I need from the smartphone and has the amazing battery life we surely want
By: AAjmal, Karachi on Nov, 03 2017
Samsung W the simple and better smartphone with all the latest features which has the amazing battery life with all the extra functions you need
By: Waseem, Karachi on Oct, 26 2017
Now I can easily play the any game who has the heavy data because this mobile has the good ability to save many things like any heavy software and the many data in it
By: seema, lahore on Jul, 29 2017
Ram worth really good I don’t have any lagging issue with this smartphone just because of its faster features and also the battery life is amazing
By: Arqam, Multan on Jun, 09 2017
I just bought Samsung W after my S3 was acting up &now I heard that Samsung Isn't making these anymore. Does anyone know if this is True? & if so, how are we to get replacement parts or whatever etc? What if the phone starts acting up or just fails? I hardly use it & the battery in it goes down Fast. I bought this phone not quite 2 months ago.
By: Hamid, lahore on May, 28 2016
I'd buy this to use it as a tablet, because compared with those low priced tablets, this phone is way superior.As for the specs it can be compared with high-end Samsung tablets, but way cheaper, because it's advertised as phone.Let's be serious, who finds a phone this huge comfortable and practical to use?It's great as a tablet, I'd buy it without hesitation, but to use as a daily phone?No way!I have a Note 4 and it's still huge with 5.7 inch,even the Nexus 6 is too big and starts to be impractical, but at 7 inch it goes to a whole new level.
By: Sue, Uae on May, 04 2016
Hey guys ..I have got it from abroad very excellent features with 8 mega pixel and front 2 ....4g lte ...and 16 GB ... I want to sell it ... u can buy the world biggest phone only from me on reasonable price please call only 03244567552
By: Kamran, karachi on Apr, 16 2016
Samsung Galaxy W really break broke Nokia Lumia series i use this handset and the performance were very awesome
By: Sami, karachi on Feb, 10 2016
Samsung Mobile presents Samsung W with some of the best features and specs that one can opt for! I am dazzled by the amazing display of this phone Totally worth a purchase!
By: Karem, khi on Dec, 30 2015
I want to buy a second hand device in reasonable price tag for secondary purposes. I am all happy and glad to locate Samsung W here that matches my requirement.
By: Faid, khi on Dec, 17 2015
Samsung Galaxy W is bit high I guess beacuse the specs are similar like Sony Xperia Z and its not that expensive like this one.
By: Rubina, Islamabad on Jul, 13 2015
the video quality of the mobile is good thanks for sharing such mobile video here, I have planned to buy this phone soon.
By: Najeeb, Lahore on Jun, 24 2015
In haier brand I just see the same copy of this Samsung W which body and the display size is just same like this phone.
By: arham, khi on May, 11 2015
Samsung w is not available in the various market, I like this phone that is why I purchase it online through website, it simple but good.
By: Marianne William, karachi on May, 06 2015
When these series of Samsung J and W and LTE launched in Pakistan, I never saw ad of these series on TV and newspaper but yes A series ads are showing on TV these days.
By: Faisal, Lahore on Apr, 22 2015
This phone is good with 7.0 inches screen, LTE option and 8 MP camera but the price is too much of this Samsung Galaxy W. Is it launched in Pakistan? and from where I can get this one?
By: Waji Khan, Peshawar on Apr, 03 2015
I am not happy with Samsung W camera i thought the camera would be 18 megapixels as i should be but its just 8 MP and front is only 2MP
By: Sameer, khi on Apr, 01 2015
Samsung W smart phone makes a beautiful capture ability with the photo editing option, the high quality of the effects make it expensive.
By: zayan, khi on Mar, 10 2015
My son wants samsung galaxy w smart phone, its internal memory is very much but the andriod version is just 4. something, can it run through wifi router.
By: khizar, khi on Dec, 23 2014
wow, samsung w is also a good invention of this brand which i just see first time in this site, i will definitely go in the market to check the dummy of this phone.
By: gohar, khi on Dec, 15 2014
Samsung W is good but the screen size is very big. its look like tablet but the camera result and all other feautes are much better than tablet.
By: umer, [email protected] on Nov, 24 2014
Samsung W is really awesome the screen size is amazing 7 inches the processor is fast in short the whole sell phone is brilliant
By: Sham, Karachi on Nov, 07 2014
The sensor of this phone is Accelerometer which is good for the touch and give it best that is it this samsung W is an expensive phone, also the auto focus camera is awesome.
By: raahib, khi on Oct, 28 2014
There is no use of buying those expensive mobile phones in Pakistan because you will get robbed any time anywhere so buy a bar phone you wont hurt if stolen
By: Farhaan Ali, Karachi on Oct, 27 2014
Jnb plz ye bata dain Samsung w kb tk market mai available he plz is ka reply lazmi kare qorect date plz
By: NAJAMUL Aarfeen, Lahore on Aug, 25 2014
samsung galaxy w was launched in june 2014 but it is still unavailable in the market. Please any one tell me can i purchase it online?
By: Adil Aziz , karachi on Aug, 23 2014
Price nearly 49000
By: Imran zafar, Lahore on Aug, 18 2014
اس فون کاقیمت کوئی بتائیگا
By: Aminullh kakar, Quetta on Jul, 24 2014
Very nice smart of samsung galaxy W. I want to buy this smart phone in red color. I hope its looking more beautiful in this color.
By: raniya, karachi on Jul, 12 2014
it should be cheap
By: fazal, karachi on Jul, 06 2014
It is a great start of modern generation
By: Haider Ali, Darya khan on Jun, 26 2014
Samsung W will be an expensive smart phone because it primary camera is 8MP and its secondary camera is 2MP, more special is the size of its LCD.
By: aqeel, lahore on Jun, 23 2014

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