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This Samsung galaxy gear s2 classic is so gorgeous watch that I would like to wear that so now I am thinking about to buy it soon
By: eesha, islamabad on Dec, 19 2018
Samsung gear s2 has the brilliant software that works best and never get hanging or
any other problem yet which we are facing in our mobile phones
By: Ibrahim, Hydrabad on Dec, 04 2018
It is a very stylish watch. One feel very sophisticated after wearing it. I have been using this since long and satisfied with its performance.
By: Saad, karachi on Oct, 11 2018
I must suggest people to go for Apple’s new series watches which are also low in price but rich with features. Secondly Samsung doesn’t specialize in making top quality gears as well.
By: Abdal, lahore on Oct, 01 2018
Iv recently got it as a gift from someone very special. Though, i dont wear watches that often, but this is something i want to wear! Thank God it needs no wire for charging or this would have been the most discouraging factor for me in the first place!
By: Dawood, Karachi on Sep, 18 2018
The classy look smart watch of the Samsung gear s2 classic that having the attractive design and the good performance system
By: nosheen, panjab on Sep, 08 2018
Samsung gear are a very decent watch in very economical prices. Its graphics are very appreciated, and you can’t even find its graphics in any of other brands watches.
By: Jabbar, lahore on Aug, 30 2018
It is better to purchase Samsung galaxy gears other than normal watches as it’s not just provide me us time it would also provide me with other features as well. I also look cool after wearing it.
By: Mohammad, lahore on Aug, 02 2018
I would prefer Samsung galaxy gears from other normal watches as it’s not just provide me with time it would also provide me with other features as well. I also look cool after wearing it.
By: Asif, Karachi on Aug, 02 2018
I bought Samsung galaxy GEAR 2 classic when it came into the market. But I was very dissatisfied with its battery timing. I just bought this to show off in my friends but in return I was mocked by my friends.
By: Hussain, Rawalpindi on Jul, 20 2018
The Samsung gear s2 classic is the nice smart watch that helps to everyone for using that for a long time easily with the good performance
By: arshia, islamabad on Feb, 21 2018
Samsung Gear S2 classic…….. The great cell phone which has the great application
and the stunning value I might want to utilize which is better than average for me to
utilize it
By: Shahid, Lahore on Feb, 20 2018
Samsung Gear S2 classic is the valuable gadget that everybody get a kick out of the
chance to utilize that in the best advanced mobile phone and the camera comes
about is so pleasant.
By: Badar, Lahore on Feb, 12 2018
Samsung offering the best Samsung Watch in decent price tag is available all over Pakistan. This device have decent technical features and specs that make it a desirable smart watch . I am book marking this specs page for future. Thank You for sharing.
By: ahsan, khi on Dec, 31 2017
The battery life of this samsung galaxy gear S2 is to good, can anyone tell me from where I can buy this, is it any special cell or not?
By: Osama, Multan on Dec, 29 2017
The beautiful watch of Samsung galaxy gear s2 classic who looking so classy in this photo that has the reasonable price of their which I easily afford that
By: aneeqa, multan on Dec, 12 2017
It’s classy of watch of Samsung gear s2 who is looking perfect for mine hand so please tell me anyone that can I give the order at this online site to buy it
By: wareesha, islamabad on Jun, 30 2017
Samsung Gear S2 Classic looks like a traditional watch! It is not an Android smart watch and I am not sure about the Tizen OS! I am so confused, so can anybody please review this Gear S2 Classic phone for me?
By: Raheel, Karachi on Jun, 20 2017
Find out the best gears in this website by the best brand of in entire country Samsung which is really good available there now in this page
By: Amjad, LAHORE on Jun, 09 2017
A revolutionary design keeps everything at your fingertips with this Gear S2 classic with black leather strap. Just pair it with your phone and you are ready to go
By: Noman, Karachi on Jun, 06 2017
It has the everything is perfect that wants you form your best mobile before which i got the good experience from it
By: roshni, panjab on Jun, 06 2017
It has the beautiful look specially form the front side who looking stylish and very unique like and we should must like to wear it
By: samra, sargoda on Apr, 04 2017
It looks cool it works cool and it feels cool when I use it because it can allow me many things what I didn’t expect with this watch by the Gear S2
By: Arshad, Karachi on Mar, 29 2017
i need s2 classic 03217200106 user contac me
By: usman hafeez, chichawatni on Jan, 27 2017
Im selling my gear s2 classic... contact me for details 03422267407
By: Saad Farrukh, Karachi on Jan, 08 2017
I Need This i Like This so much
By: Talha Usman, Gujraniwala on Nov, 22 2016
I have Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and I am not thinking that there is much difference between the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Samsung Galaxy gear s2 classic
By: Azhar, karachi on Oct, 05 2016
No this is not expected prices this is the official price of this watch by Samsung Gear S2 and it really beautiful in reality
By: Abbas, Karachi on Oct, 02 2016
Yes this is the classical watch from Samsung and I prefer this to any other brand watches because Samsung give you the official repairing opportunity
By: Ashfaaq, Karachi on Sep, 22 2016
I recently bought this watch by Samsung. Samsung gear S2 and I'm really upset with Samsung because they launch the latest model of their but didn't add latest things in their product
By: Ghazanfar, karachi on Aug, 15 2016
I have this watch Samsung Gear S2 Classic . I can confirm that it have GPS. Range is 2G/3G coverage :) Phone is needed only for activation (Sony Xperia Z1 works fine).
By: Madiha, karachi on May, 12 2016
this is very bad. gear 1 and 2 and gear s better than this. no camera no network this is not a new technology only name gear s2 but its same as old model. i using gear s that is great i never buy gear s2
By: Darel, Uk on May, 07 2016
How do you get a resolution of 360 x 360 on a circular display? That doesn't even make sense. Even if you measured max vertical by max horizontal pixels, that still wouldn't be accurate because it's not a rectangular display. It should be measured in TOTAL PIXELS, not vertical by horizontal.
By: Hanif, Karachi on Apr, 13 2016
The design of this samsung galaxy gear S2 classic watch is looking like an old watch, can you tell me about the availability of any other design of the same model, I like stainless steel body.
By: qaiser, khi on Apr, 12 2016
The smart watches in samsung brand is also looking decent in which my first priority to buy Samsung galaxy gear S2 classic watch due to the decent look and features.
By: murtaza, khi on Apr, 06 2016
What is the difference between Samsung galaxy gear S2 classic smart watch as compare to samsung galaxy gear S2? Both watches looking decent and stylish.
By: aslam, multan on Apr, 04 2016
What about the battery life of this samsung galaxy gear S2 classic watch which I see in this page, can you tell me from where I can buy the cell, is it any special cell or not?
By: wahab, khi on Apr, 02 2016
The price of samsung galaxy gear S2 classic in Karachi is very expensive, I have a watch of huawei but I want to buy this beautiful watch due to the lovely design, I hope the price may be decline after a few days.
By: Nadeem, khi on Mar, 28 2016
Can someone please enlighten me about the Tizen OS that is installed in this Samsung Gear S2 classic!! How this OS different from Android? I want to know if this smart watch is equally good or not!
By: Nadeem, Karachi on Mar, 14 2016
Samsung Gear S2 classic is a smart watch equipped with all the features and specs but I am still confused whether it will serve the purpose? I mean can it be useful while travelling?
By: Jamal, Karachi on Mar, 04 2016

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