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This smartphone is the brilliant for me because of the battery performance which is
so amazing like the solid Nokia old smartphone
By: Kainat, Sialkot on Dec, 04 2018
The nice feature watch of Samsung galaxy gear s with the good performance and it also has the attractive look that many peoples need that
By: Kaamran, lahore on Nov, 29 2018
Samsung Gear S is the cell phone which has the quicker fast RAM and has the great
camera pixels which is you require or catching the life minutes. I like this phone a
By: Akram, Bahawalpur on Feb, 12 2018
If anyone know where to buy gear s bands than kindlt lat me know thanx 03004311110
By: Faran, Lahore on Feb, 04 2018
I think this Samsung Gear S is the right choice to gift it to my friend's birthday because he love watches and how lovely to gift a smart watch for him.
By: rashid, khi on Dec, 30 2017
The good smart watch of Samsung galaxy gear s wo has the new model of this brand and this watch Is looking very different of another simple watch
By: sameena, islamabad on Dec, 12 2017
Looks good have a great life and the good reliable warranty what we absolutely need with any brand we are using the gears from them
By: Azam, Karachi on Nov, 03 2017
Check out the latest Samsung Gear S in this website which can also gives you the good category related to more gears by the Samsung
By: Saad, Karachi on Oct, 26 2017
The beautiful gear with the cool style available in the affordable price so juts go to the market to buy that before to ending the stock
By: bisma, Karachi on Aug, 29 2017
It’s looking perfect for me to wear at anywhere because their decent designs is so cool specially the black color make it more attractive
By: sania, karachi on Aug, 22 2017
Samsung is the best mobile phone company in this world as it is providing its customer the best quality mobile technology all around the world. One must buy Samsung gear in order to have the idea about Samsung.
By: Raheem, Kaduana on Aug, 20 2017
No matter how many brands you have used I still want to force you to use this Gear by the Samsung because it has the other type of feelings
By: Rahat, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
After bought this watch of Samsung galaxy gear s I didn’t like the another watch of any brand because this is so classy hand watch who suit at mine hand
By: afeefa, islamabad on Jun, 30 2017
Samsung Gear S is certainly one of the best smart watches one can ask for. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to check out this amazing device. I think this smartwatch is certainly a good choice. Please update the price as well.
By: Naseem, Karachi on Jun, 20 2017
The gears by the Samsung are the most stylish then we expect and the price is affordable so I don’t think that we really need to think about it
By: Rehman, Lahore on Jun, 09 2017
The wildly ambitious Samsung Gear S smart watch is available in this Samsung Galaxy webpage get the full specification of this highly quality watch there
By: Akhtar, Karachi on Jun, 06 2017
This really nice watch of Samsung galaxy gear s that is completely looking amazing and cool that but it’s out of mine range now
By: arshia, panjab on Jun, 01 2017
The best brand watch of Samsung galaxy gear s that is looking so cool and the black color make this watch more attractive
By: salma, faislabad on May, 31 2017
Samsung Gears are the most famous gears by the quality you have the best resale of those gears you purchased by the Samsung because they have the huge demand
By: Ajmal, Karachi on May, 26 2017
Gears by the Samsung is now available in this website and you can easily find out the more design by the Samsung gear in this webpage
By: Taha, Karachi on May, 16 2017
I have the good device of Samsung galaxy gear s that has the fast speed processor which help us to use this mobile easily without facing any problem
By: fayqa, karachi on May, 14 2017
Design is awesome and it is better than the local watches because the shine and the glow of tis watch will be with you for many years
By: Abid, Karachi on May, 03 2017
The Samsung galaxy gear s is the very nice watch of this brand and now I want to use it because it’s looking wise very classy
By: azeeza, islamabad on Apr, 04 2017
The new Samsung gears are the best better than the local watches we wore from the local market because it looks cool and work longs you want
By: Ali, Karachi on Mar, 29 2017
Samsung gear s it was the latest smartphone nowadays and I'm glad cause I have these type of smartphone.
By: najma, los angeles on Mar, 17 2017
I have a galaxy gear I bought it at rate of 20000
By: Mirza ARSHMAN , Sialkot on Nov, 30 2016
Samsung Galaxy gear S is the average watch not so cool but I salute the reliability of this watch and also the design of it. it is totally different fro other watches
By: Anas, Lahore on Aug, 23 2016
The smart watches in samsung brand is also looking decent in which my first priority to buy Samsung galaxy gear S classic watch due to the decent look and features.
By: Wajid, karachi on Aug, 15 2016
Samsung's ultimate smart watch is here to make you go crazy. Get access to this gorgeous Samsung Gear S phone that is surely going to make an impact! You can wear it to different places.
By: Nabeel, Lahore on Aug, 02 2016
This the great thing that Samsung start launching sportive things in his brand.I'm very impressive to see this watch in Samsung page but i believe it's not too costly in this price if you look at the top on it's specs
By: Ubaid, karachi on Jul, 28 2016
I also want to buy this smart watch for my cousin's upcoming birthday but your prices looks higher than their specs please confirm the market demand then posted again your adequate price there
By: Abeera, Karachi
I recently bought this watch by Samsung. Samsung gear S and I'm really upset with Samsung because they launch the latest model of their but didn't add latest things in their product
By: Rahil, Karachi on Jul, 13 2016
Has anyone recently purchased Samsung Gear S? I want to know about some authentic review of this smart watch? Is there any bad thing or aspect associated with this smart watch or is it just a rumor that I heard?
By: Gul Khan, Peshawar on Jul, 11 2016
Is this Samsung Gear S device available for sale in Kohat district? I am willing to purchase this device and hope that the price of Gear S matches with my allotted budget perfectly. Thanks for offering this information here.
By: Yasir, Lahore on Jun, 23 2016
i want to buy this i can up 50000 if any one wanted to plz contact me

[email protected]
By: ibrahim, piplan
No camera is a downside also lack of nfc and lack of everyday apps is a bit gimiky considering the price is about the same as a full cheap android phone. Over all great screen smooth performance and outstanding call quality. Also need to mention texting is a bit annoying...
By: Razi, karachi on May, 24 2016
I updated my Samsung Gear S 2 days ago and since then my gear S and Tab S do not want to connect. Anyone knows how to solve this please tell me ??
By: Afzal, Karachi on May, 23 2016
its a nice watch
By: Ali Abbas, Mirpur Ajk on May, 14 2016
I updated my Samsung gear S manager 2 days ago and since then my gear S and Tab S do not want to connect. Anyone knows how to solve this?
By: Jamshed, karachi on May, 06 2016
Current price?
By: Saadia, Islamabad on Apr, 18 2016

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