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Check Samsung W2017 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung W2017 features and specifications. The Samsung W2017 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung W2017 video review.

Samsung W2017

Price: Rs. 2

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Samsung W2017 User Reviews & Feedback

Get the best smartphone which has the really specs and make me feel great to do my work with the best specs as I want and this is really awesome
By: saleem, lahore on Sep, 17 2019
Now we easily get use this device of Samsung w2017 with the great performance that having the faster speed without get any hanging
By: uzma, islamabad on Sep, 28 2018
I used to be very obsessed with this cellphone Samsung W2017 but when I came to know about the issues relating with its flaps then I decided not to purchase it.
By: Erum, faisalabad on Aug, 08 2018
Samsung W2017 this smartphone is really simple but the operating speed is really good and the reliability is awesome which can spend long years with you
By: Shaheer, karachi on May, 05 2018
How Much

By: adnan raza, karachi on Mar, 31 2018
Samsung W2017 the fastest smartphone of the 2017 I am using it and it is really good for me to have this smartphone which looks amazing
By: Samad, Ka on Dec, 14 2017
The nice device and the abilities available in it of Samsung w2017 who is the new model of this Samsung galaxy brand and available now in the rang able price
By: alishba, multan on Dec, 12 2017
This sis the useful smart phone of Samsung w2017 which has the good signal protection which helps to use the data connection easily
By: husna, Karachi on Dec, 11 2017
Samsung Galaxy W2017 is the great smartphone with all the best features what we want and this is the awesome thing ever for us
By: Nawaz, Ka on Dec, 05 2017
I just drop my smartphone recently and I don’t have any little complaint with it everything works fine as I need and this is so good to see
By: Jameed, Karachi on Oct, 20 2017
Samsung W2017 the smartphone with some extra features and have the brilliant log time battery life for the long time calling and messaging
By: Ajmal, Karachi on Oct, 18 2017
Everyone wants to buy this device of Samsung w2017 that has the best software who and the good battery standby who everyone wants to use
By: hayma, lahore on Oct, 17 2017
Just get this smartphone for the better performance and the amazing features you ever want in this smartphone so this will be the perfect for it
By: Asad, Karachi on Oct, 16 2017
Samsung W2017 the smartphone which has no another option because of its good application you can easily use it what you want to use in this smartphone
By: nayla, Karachi on Oct, 15 2017
Samsung W2017 is the good mobile phone with the ultimate battery timing and the amazing reliability by the Samsung you absolutely need
By: Waleed, Karachi on Aug, 09 2017
I would definitely buy this if it would come under my budget.
By: Muhammad Mubashirullah Durrani Students, Islamabad on Aug, 09 2017
Instead to waste mine time to check out the any information information form another site I just get that form this online site who gives me the updated information what I want
By: taneesha, Karachi on Aug, 06 2017
I really like this site that give me the every information about every mobile phone what I want and also show the attest price of them
By: seema, islamabad on Aug, 04 2017
I want to buy this phone in very urgency
03455154050 is my number please contact if you want to sell
By: ANEEL, Rawalpindi on Aug, 02 2017
The Samsung w2017 has the beautiful camera results which everyone can expected as mine like and now I am going to buy this best device in the good price
By: salma, panjab on Jul, 29 2017
I bought it for my kid so that he can play every sort of game on it. He is so happy to have a new phone. And the best thing about it is that it is having a reasonable price.
By: Fahida, Faisalabad on Jul, 25 2017
It’s looking very nice mobile phone of Samsung galaxy w2017 that has the folding metal body who make this mobile so stylish
By: soofia, panjab58 on Jul, 24 2017
This is not the common device of Samsung w2017 it has the many good and smart features who doesn’t has the another device of this brand
By: nayla, islamabad on Jul, 20 2017
This is the simple smartphone by the Samsung is pretty cool if you want it for the long lasting battery timing on calling with chatting
By: Adeel, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
Ratings of this Samsung Galaxy W is amazing so many people love to use this smartphone and gave their focus to this smartphone with good price too
By: Saleem, Multan on Jun, 09 2017
Appreciate fast stacking applications and high multi tasking execution. Find improved informal communication and incredible substance. 
By: rabia, rangpur on Apr, 16 2017
You must use this mobile who has the many new features and the best specs which you never used I the any other mobile phone
By: sakeena, lahore on Apr, 07 2017
I want to buy this one.. if u sale
By: Naveedkhan, peshawar on Apr, 07 2017
It was an great experience when I was using this mobile phone of Samsung galaxy w2017 but I am extremely frustrated to lost it
By: sonia, pindi on Apr, 04 2017
This is the good smartphone and I am saying it good just because of its good rates which can be affordable very easily
By: Shahzad, Karachi on Mar, 29 2017
I am still can’t understand that why Samsung made this type of body shaped when they know that we are not living in the 90’s
By: Akhter, Karachi on Mar, 24 2017
I never seen this type of best mobile in this cheap price which everyone can buy it easily and it works for a long time without provide the problems
By: urwa, lahore on Mar, 21 2017
Samsung has been working on a upcoming smartphone that looks quite different from everything in the market right now. Almost every phone in the market has a bar shape 
By: reema, multan on Feb, 08 2017
Samsung galaxy w 2017smart phone is just simple in looking wise but my experience of using 3g in this mobile is lovely.
By: rahat, toronto on Feb, 06 2017
Samsung W2017 is looking good mobile phone but I didn’t seen this mobile phone in market maybe it takes a time to come in local market
By: Uzair, Karachi on Jan, 24 2017
This is the new model of Samsung galaxy brand but it didn’t joined us now and I am wetting to come in the market of this mobile of Samsung galaxy w2017
By: aroosh, pindi on Jan, 22 2017
I need this phone where can buy it
By: Numan , Islamabad. on Jan, 12 2017
can you tell me the price
By: umer, karachi on Dec, 30 2016
The phone was warmly received by Pakistanis, especially among the business class.i am all happy and satisfied with the performance of the phone and want to keep it safe with me for long.
By: aqsa, rahim yar khan on Dec, 21 2016
Samsung provides rough and tough galaxy w2017 smartphone version for all the active users in the has mind blowing features.
By: nagmana, salalah on Dec, 19 2016

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