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Samsung Z1

Price: Rs. 2

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1500 mAh
3.15 MP
4 GB 768 MB RAM

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Samsung Z1 is one of the most outdated cellphones from Samsung which is not even available in the market anymore.
By: ALi, karachi on Nov, 02 2018
Samsung Z1 simple and affordable smartphone with all kind of functions which is mandatory to have in every smartphone for using the apps
By: fari, lahore on Apr, 24 2018
The Samsung galaxy z1 is the reliable and good smart device that has the beautiful screen with the malty touch display
By: kashaf, Panjab on Apr, 10 2018
It totally standing on mine expectations which I expected in mine best mobile phones and it never disappointed me any way Samsung z1
By: azra, multan on Feb, 27 2018
Samsung Z1 the best smartphone which has the really good seed of the RAM and the good operating speed for the good performance in it
By: Ajmal, karachi on Feb, 13 2018
With the help of this device of Samsung z1 we easily use this smart phone with the many best abilities with the good signal protection
By: nayla, karachi on Feb, 10 2018
I have reliably been a certifiable admirer of Samsung in light of the way that it gives me
the best ever phone structure that no other versatile is giving beginning late like this
whipping Z1.
By: Saima, Wazirabad on Dec, 24 2017
One of my social gathering mate is a kick the bowl heart admirer of Samsung and he has utilized all around that really matters each difference in Samsung Z1. Unavoidably a days he is utilizing Z1.
By: falak, isl on Dec, 15 2017
The good smart phone of Samsung galaxy z1 that has the good quality hd screen who has the beautiful resolution also support to watch the movies in the good quality picture
By: fabeeha, quetta on Dec, 12 2017
This mobile not purchase those person who like Android or Nokia simple phone because this is difficult in used.
By: Shine, Sialkot on Sep, 27 2017
The Samsung z1 is the good quality mobile phone that has the best processor which afford the anything and the many data what you want to save in it
By: sayra, Karachi on Jul, 29 2017
this mobile is good i am see this mobile and second day i will sell my iphone and bought this mobile its working fast
By: hammad, karachi on Jul, 27 2017
You have the best applications by the Samsung in this smartphone so I don’t think that you really need another smartphone now after this
By: Zaheem, Multan on Jun, 09 2017
The processor of samsung galxy Z1 smart phone shows that the browsing speed of this phone is much faster than my smart phone that is the reason that I decide to sell my phone and willing to buy it.
By: mustafa, khi on Mar, 30 2016
Samsung Z1 has such high price but still the camera specs are average? Why is that so? I mean what are the users actually paying for? Even battery life is average nothing like something you will spend 41 K
By: Ali, Lahore on Mar, 15 2016
Presenting Samsung Z1! A decent smart phone but only 4 inches of screen display! I am really not happy with this features. I think it should be at least 5 inches. Anyways! Rest of the specs are truly amazing.
By: Kausar, Karachi on Feb, 16 2016
Samsung Z1 is available online for sale? If this phone is available anywhere in warranty online in Lahore then please let me know about it. I want to buy it. Thank you for information
By: Qamar, Karachi on Jan, 09 2016
I was browsing when I came across to this amazing device Samsung Z1 from Samsung. After seeing the specs and features listed on the page this phone is truly remarkable and value for money.
By: Zayan, khi on Jan, 07 2016
Samsung Samsung Z1 is my favorite phone so far I love and admire my decision to purchase it I would never want to sell it The specs, price everything is great Thank you
By: Farhaan, khi on Dec, 31 2015
Samsung Z1 is the phone which I purchase and use just three days but unfortunately it snatched that is why I want to know that there is any theft insurance policy in the samsung galaxy smart phone available?
By: hammad, khi on Sep, 05 2015
I recently purchase Samsung Z1 but I am quiet upset because I bought this phone for using 3G but I am worried about why this phone is not a good supportive of 3G, for browsing it also take much time.
By: waqas, khi on Sep, 03 2015
Samsung core 2 spects and samsung z1 spects are totally core 2 price is 14000 in karachi then y z1 price is 41,600 ? Lmao
By: atif, karahi on Jul, 03 2015
When this mobile of Samsung Z1 launched in the market I mean I saw not a single ad on TV and newspaper?
By: Raheem, Karachi on Jun, 22 2015
Sir samsung z1 mobail kaha sa mila ga
By: raheel ali, lahore on May, 18 2015
The operating system is not upgraded, it is just 2.3 android. I love this phone but look at this configuration.
By: asad, khi on May, 17 2015
Samsung z1 kaha sa milta ha plz bata da
By: raheel ali, lahore on May, 15 2015
Yesterday I bought samsung galaxy z smart phone which is very lovely but it is not support my 16GB SD card.
By: Anila Farhan, karachi on May, 06 2015
please upload the price of phone and I so want to know the price of this.
By: Leena, Lahore on May, 05 2015
I have Samsung Z1 smart phone in black color, it is the slimest set which I use in any brand, its configuration is also good.
By: Junaid, Karachi on May, 03 2015
Samsung Z1 is launched or not? Checking the spec, it has good battery life that gives approx Up to 8 hours Talk time in 3G. Dual SIM is not relevant to me so i wont be spending money on this phone
By: Richard, Gujranwala on Apr, 29 2015
Z1 is launched in Pakistan or not? Is this available in black color? Please update about the queries that has been asked.
By: Fariha , Karachi on Apr, 22 2015
Samsung Z1 has good battery give approx Up to 8 hours Talk time in 3G. I am going to buy this tomorrow and will comment here about this after experience it.
By: Khuram, Khi on Apr, 12 2015
the Samsung Z1 features dual SIM integration and delivers a flawless smart phone experience But Samsung Z1 battery capacity is not a long-lasting one just 1500mAh is not too much.
By: Sohail Waris, Islamabad on Apr, 01 2015
I think the screen size of Samsung Z1 is not as good as it should be by my point of view the screen should be 5 inches at least.
By: Nimra, khi on Mar, 31 2015
Is main skype h?
By: nasir, multan on Mar, 29 2015
Is ke price kia h kia koe bta skta h.?
By: asad, gujrat on Mar, 28 2015
yes camera is not good of this mobile over all look wise, its very decent mobile as well as speed is very good.
By: najeeb, karachi on Mar, 25 2015
affan yh new sftwear hy 2.3 tizen.
By: ali, jmp on Mar, 17 2015
Samsung Z1 smart phone camera enhance the lovers of this model because many peopes
By: affan, khi on Mar, 15 2015
Any one tell me samsung Z1 smart phone is upgradable or not ? I have a smart phone which version is 2.3 but i am not satisfy it.
By: wahaj, khi on Feb, 28 2015

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