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Samsung Mobiles– South Korean technology giant Samsung has been making waves across the world market since it was established in 1938. Headquarter in Seoul; Samsung has three core business areas namely Consumer .. Read more

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Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

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Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro

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Samsung Mobile Prices

Samsung Mobiles – If self-belief, aplomb and grit were ever to be donned into a persona, they would have had to look no further than the Korean diaspora; and more particularly beyond its southern wing, which has been a tell-tale of masquerading cream out of skimmed milk. A couple of decades ago, when the world was being led into a digital revolution, nobody would have deemed that the imminent future was to be hold and driven by players and companies from the geographically Up-Above.

Introduction of Samsung in the technology world:

Among the various agents-of-change which have issued from the island country of South Korea, the name of Samsung rhymes and resonates with élan, innovation and panache. With surprising gusto, the company operating from Seoul has revved from an idyllic, hardly ambulatory vehicle to an absolute buzzing juggernaut of a bandwagon. Starting with a humble yet confident beginning, the brand was synonymous with reliability, quality and delivery, and its products – which were largely electronic appliances – were always held in high esteem.

The two sources of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it, Samsung chose to embark upon the former. It not only proved to be the torchbearer of the Great-Migration from low IQ to high IQ phones (read smartphones), but usurped competition from vendors who were not just veterans in the industry, but were also backed-up on financial, political, bureaucratical and social fronts.

Samsung’s High Tech Androids:

Overthrowing the Symbian make, the South Korean flagship introduced a platform which would later alter the very course of modern-day telephone, yes, The Android. The novel architecture became the order and commander of the day, with over 90% of contemporary devices making full use of it.

However, after ushering the world into this new passage of enlightenment, Samsung never looked back. Patenting trademarks after trademarks, the Seoul-based conglomerate kept bombarding the world with its flashes of brilliance. The folding-phone, the smart-watch and un-boxing the phone are a few ready examples, and this is just skimming the surface of a pit-less ocean.

Samsung target audience and objective:

The brand’s familiarity and usability know no age-limits. Both the youth and the old have patronized its mobile inventions, endorsing its bright and picturesque paparazzi, its apt processor and its durable power supplies.

Specifically if we talk about its phones, we get to witness quality based handsets in every possible range. According to the makers behind the brand, you do not need to break the bank if you wish to get your hands on a good phone and Samsung’s wide range of phones falling under every price category is the clear testimony of it.

No wonder, where there are quality midrange sets like Galaxy A9 Star Pro, Galaxy P30 Plus and Galaxy C9 for average earning consumers, there are high end sets like Galaxy S10 plus, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Fold for high tech-freaks and savvies.

Samsung’s Android features and its advancement in technology:

While ensuring that their devices, especially their phones, qualify as state-of-the-art, the company spares no expense in embellishing its product with the best blandishments.

The aesthetic taste could be sensed in their sleek bodies, elegant designs and vivid colors, the phones are poetry in motion and a Mozart in mural.

Only recently adding the armor of AI into its heavy-set cavalry, the Asian Giant is well in line to launch one of its most-awaited and yet unheard feature, which goes by the moniker of Smart Bixby. Understanding and operating quite effectively on vocal cords, the feature is a Samaritan for any situation.

Samsung’s advanced camera for professional shots and music quality:

Its vintage camera work has neither parallel nor second. With its large apertures, and copious add-on features, every shot is a cover-shot with Samsung phones. A couple of Samsung models boasting a highly advanced camera are Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy J7 Max.

But that’s not the only place where Samsung stands high as the music quality emanating from the phones’ speaker is meticulously orchestrated, which takes the users on a therapeutic, nostalgic and emphatic audio journey.

Samsung’s top popular latest Phones:

There are a number of Phones that are highly sought by the regular users of the brand, but some latest among these handsets are Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S10 plus.

Some most awaited sets of Samsung are Galaxy M40, Galaxy Note 10 Pro and Galaxy A10e.

Wrapping Up:

First deserve and then demand, if ever these words did justice to any one, it ought to be Samsung. The claims and critique were all answered, when Samsung bagged the 6th Highest Global Brand Value in 2017.

Last Updated: 16 Jul, 2019

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