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Smile SMS Web2SMS Templates

Smile SMS

Life is short enough to waste it with people, who are not able to make you happy.

Sender:Saima SMS to Friend Date:24-01-2019
Smile SMS

I would wait for you for if you asked me to, no matter how many decades. That’s how much I love you.

Sender:Sapna SMS to Friend Date:24-01-2019
Smile SMS

You learn to love someone when you find out what makes them smile, but you can never truly love someone...

Sender:Ashir SMS to Friend Date:19-01-2019
Smile SMS

I will climb a mountain, just to meet you, I will drive more than 1000 kilometers just to be by your side, and you are a joy to my soul. I love you.

Sender:Taha SMS to Friend Date:13-01-2019
Smile SMS

The Most Beautiful Thing In This World
Is To See Your Parents Smiling & The Next Best Thing
Is To Know That You Are The Reason Behind That Smile-:-)

Sender:Wali SMS to Friend Date:16-01-2017
Smile SMS

I Love Your Beautiful Smile
Which Always Made Me Feel So Nice
But I’ll Never Let You Know
I Love Your Soothing Voice
Which Always Comforted Me
But I’ll Never Let You Know

Sender:qaiser SMS to Friend Date:16-01-2017
Smile SMS

In our life
happiness is more important than smile
cause smile comes from lips
but happiness comes from the heart

Sender:wadiya SMS to Friend Date:16-01-2017
Smile SMS

Always be Happy, always wear a smile;
Not because life is full of reasons to smile
but because your smile itself is a reason
for many others to smile. . .

Sender:qirat SMS to Friend Date:16-01-2017
Smile SMS

May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love

Sender:Sahir SMS to Friend Date:07-10-2015
Smile SMS

Smile is a:
Cooling system of heart;
Sparkling system of eyes;
Lighting system of face;
And Relaxing system of mind.
So activate all your systems and keep Smiling!

Sender:Asad SMS to Friend Date:06-07-2015
Smile SMS

The 'Sexiest' curve on your body is your 'Smile'!

Sender:Umar SMS to Friend Date:02-07-2015
Smile SMS

The smile on my face doesn't mean my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with.

Sender:Rehan SMS to Friend Date:12-06-2015
Smile SMS

There are hundreds of languages around the world,
But a smile speaks them all.

Sender:Raza SMS to Friend Date:08-06-2015
Smile SMS

Smile is a language of Love.

Smile is a way to get success,

Smile is to win the hearts.

Smile improves ur personality.

So Brush daily.

Sender:Taha SMS to Friend Date:11-05-2015
Smile SMS

SMILE is a:
Cooling system of heart;
Sparking system of eyes;
Lighting system of face;
And relaxing system of mind.
To active all the systems - Keep Smiling!

Sender:Aslam SMS to Friend Date:27-04-2015
Smile SMS

When You Smile,
I Visualize The Rainbow Formed

When It Rains In A Sunny Day;
The Smile Makes My Heart Melt With Joy And I Feel Contented.

I Love It Very Much
When You Smile

But I Even Feel Good
When I Am The Major Reason Why You Are Smiling.

Sender:Ali SMS to Friend Date:14-04-2015
Smile SMS

7 billion smiles and yours is my favourite!

Sender:Ali SMS to Friend Date:07-04-2015
Smile SMS

Having lips and not using them to smile... is like having a million dollars in the bank and forgetting the account number!

Sender:Irfan SMS to Friend Date:06-04-2015
Smile SMS

Girls misuse it!
models sell it!
photographers cage it!
doctors advice it!
death freezes it!
artists create it!
Guess, what’s that?

Sender:Saim SMS to Friend Date:30-03-2015
Smile SMS

Smile like you’ve never cried.
Fight like you’ve never lost.
Love like you’ve never been hurt
Live like there’s no tomorrow.

Sender:ali SMS to Friend Date:20-03-2015