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SMS Messages

Latest SMS Messages

Broken Heart SMS

Milega Waqt To Bulaunga Usay..

Us K Diye Zakhm Dikhaunga Usay..

Uski Ye Tamanna Bhi Puri Karunga Ik Roz,,

Jab Nikly Gi Akhri Saans To Bhool Jaunga Usay..!

Sender:ghazal Date:20-07-2017
Miss You SMS

Yehi tu haseen yaadon ka khubsorat nata hai,

jo bin kisi shart k nibhaya jata hai,

Rahein dooryan darmyan tu kia huwa,

yaad zuban se nahi Dil se kia jata ha

Sender:uzair Date:20-07-2017
Romantic SMS

This is a moon which learns from you,
That is a sun which respects you,
There are stars which shine for you,
And here, Its me who live for you.

Sender:huma Date:20-07-2017
Ghazal SMS

"Kahun K Kia Ho Tum....?"

Mere liye meri Duniya ho Tum,
Cho k jo Guzre wo Hawa ho Tum,

Maine jo Mangi wo Dua ho Tum,
Kya maine Mehsos wo Ehsas ho Tum,

Meri Nazar ki Talash ho Tum,
Meri Zindagi ka Qarar ho Tum,

Maine jo Chaha wo Pyar ho Tum,
Mere Intizar ki Rahat ho Tum,

Mere Dil ki Chahat ho Tum,
Tum ho tu Duniya hai Meri,

Kaise Kahun k Sirf Pyar Nahin,
Meri JAAN ho Tum.

Sender:faheem Date:20-07-2017
Barish Rainy Day SMS

The rain may be falling hard outside,
But your smile makes it all alright.
I'm so glad that you're my friend.
I know our friendship will never end.

Sender:fahad Date:20-07-2017
Funny Sms

Why Girls Live Longer Than Boys?
Scientific Studies Have Proved That
Never Causes HEART ATTACKS, But,

Sender:fareeha Date:20-07-2017
Birthday Sms

We have cherished all the priceless moments watching you grow up and we will always remember these precious memories for the rest of our lives.
The warmest wishes are coming your way!

Sender:Zahir Date:20-07-2017
Weather SMS

Tum Mohabbat bhi Maosam Ki Tarha Nibhate Ho,
Kabhi baraste Ho Kabhi ek boond Ko Tarsate Ho,

Pal Mein Kehte Ho Zamane Mein Faqat Tere Hain,
Pal Mein Izhaar-e-Muhabat Se Muker Jate Ho,

Bhari Mehfil Mein Dushmano ki Tarah Milte Ho,
Aur Duaaon Mein Mera Naam Liye Jate Ho,

Dayar-E-Ghair Mein Mujh ko Talash karte Ho,
Miloon To Paas Se ChupChaap Guzer Jate Ho,

Lakh mosam ki tarah rung badalte raho,
Aaj bhi toot k shiddat se humein chahte ho..

Sender:hamza Date:20-07-2017
Anniversary Sms

When two great personalities become one soul than a true couple born as the result. You are the best example of it because when you are together you are perfect. Happy anniversary to brother.

Sender:zoya Date:20-07-2017
Independence Day SMS

Haathon Mein Haath

Haathon mein haath liyay, Chalay yonhi karwan
Apni Zameen Hai, Apna hai aasman

Aaein gay ghum, Aayay gi khushi
Manzil Chahay, Mushkil Sahee
Aagay Barhoo

Haathon mein haath liyay, Chalay yonhi karwan
Apni Zameen Hai, Apna hai aasman

Aangan aanagan khushiyan manaein
Apni zameen ko milke sajaein
yehi hai dua

Haathon mein haath liyay, Chalay yonhi karwan
Apni Zameen Hai, Apna hai aasman

Wada karo, saath chalain
Irada karo, saath jeeain
Yunhi Sada

Haathon mein haath liyay, Chalay yonhi karwan
Apni Zameen Hai, Apna hai aasman

Veeran rahain, Raushan banaein
Bhatkay huoon ko, rasta dikhaein
Jeenay ka

Haathon mein haath liyay, Chalay yonhi karwan
Apni Zameen Hai, Apna hai aasman

Sender:naeem Date:20-07-2017
Independence Day SMS

Wishing You A Wonderful
Super-Duper – Zabardast
Xtra-Badiya – Xtra Special
Ekdum Mast n Happy
Bole To Ekdum Jhakaas
*Happy Independence Day*

Sender:zaigham Date:20-07-2017
Bakra Eid SMS

Aaj Udaas Hu Tou Kisi Nay Bhi Ik Sms Tak Nahi Kiya

Kal Hum Cow Lain Gay Tou GOsht Bhi Nahi Dengay.

<) )>
_/ /_ Dekh Lena Bachu.

Sender:fareeha Date:19-07-2017
Independence Day SMS

Bas Aik Tamanna Hai
Bas Aik Hi Hasrat Hai
Is Dunya K Naqshe Par
Har Simat Likha Dekhon
Aik Lafz Chamakta Sa
Khushbou Sa Mehkta Sa
Wo Lafz Ha “Pakistan”

Sender:saima Date:19-07-2017
Independence Day SMS

I’m Proud To Be A Pakistani
Where At Least I Know
I’m Free
Won’t Forget The Men
Who Died,
Who Gave That Right To Me

Sender:sadaf Date:19-07-2017
Love Sms

Rag-Rag mein is tarah se sama kar chale gaye,
Jaise mujh hee ko mujhase Churaakar chale gaye,
Aaye the mere Dil ki pyaas Bujhaane ke vaaste,
Ik Aag see vo aur laga kar chale gaye.

Sender:adeel Date:19-07-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

"Choose A Best Friend Like A Mirror..
Because When U Cry,
It Never Laughs.."

Always Be Happy..

Sender:danish Date:19-07-2017
Birthday Sms

My you have:
All the joy your heart can hold;
All the smiles a day can bring;
All the blessings a life can unfold;
May you get the world's best in everything.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Sender:faheem Date:19-07-2017
Birthday Sms

Happy Birthday Sister
I hope ur day is special
just like you!

Sender:Ghazala Date:19-07-2017
Good Night SMS

Your sweet time of today is ending Now,
Forget bad Incidents,
Remembers beautiful Moments,
to refresh your mind
wish you a sweet sleep.
Good Night !

Sender:Umair Date:19-07-2017
Good Day SMS

Today I pray for you:
A heart free of sadness;
A mind free of worries;
A life full of gladness;
A body free of illness;
And a spirit full of God's blessings!
Good Day!!

Sender:yasir Date:19-07-2017

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