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Birthday Sms

Every Candle On Your Cake
Is Another Year I’ve Been Lucky
To Know You,
Happy Birthday
For To A Wonderful Person.

Sender:ESHAAL Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

So many wishes So many smiles,
Too many memories,
Too few words With,
one big birthday.

Sender:warda Date:16-10-2018
Anniversary Sms

After all these years together, I look at you and still think that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I meet so many new people at work. So many good-looking and successful people. But they all pale in comparison to you. My sweet, lovings, beautiful, and brilliant wife. Always remember that I only have eyes for you, my darling. I love you. Happy anniversary!!1

Sender:kashif Date:16-10-2018
Anniversary Sms

Life with you just gets better each day. I don ntt know how you do it, but you just make me look forward to every day. You always manage to chase the dark clouds away. Thank you for the love that you unselfishly give. I am so grateful that you’re mine. I love you so much, sweetheart. Happy anniversary to us.

Sender:raheel Date:16-10-2018
Anniversary Sms

You both are really dear to me as my own childrens. I can only pray for your long life and long relation on this day of your anniversary.

Sender:Rahan Date:16-10-2018
Anniversary Sms

Your marriage wasn’t a marriage. It was a meeting of souls and bodies with each other that made you both bound in a relationships.

Sender:erum Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

Your birthday is a day I should celebrate.
because that day is the day when God gave me the greatest gift.
You were born.
Happy Birthday, sissy!

Sender:wasiq Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

Just want you to know that I am thinking about you all the time,
And hope you have a happy birthday, Sister.!

Sender:Waqas Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

You are the best, sweetest person in my life, birthday girl.
Thank you for always being there for me and watching over me!
Happy Birthday!

Sender:salik Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

You are a true inspiration for me, Thank you for giving us something to carry home each days.
Happy birthday to an honorable teacher!

Sender:Shahid Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

My presentation is the your presentation, My goodness is your goodness i love my teacher.

Sender:umaid Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

Without your bubbly presence and contagious attitude the office would feels like a graveyard. Happy birthday to the jolliest colleague around.

Sender:Tania Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

Your infectious zeal for life, makes work easy even during strife. Happy birthday. My Hero!

Sender:zainab Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

Happy Birthday. You are wonderful and amazing! Thank you for making me his wife. I love you…!

Sender:sadia Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

. Happy Birthday. Each year that passes is another opportunities for me to let you know what an amazing husband you are!

Sender:saba Date:16-10-2018
Birthday Sms

I am the happiest girl in the world because I get to share in my grandma’s birthday. You are someone worth each and every diamond and gold. Enjoy!

Sender:khizra Date:15-10-2018
Birthday Sms

I sometimes miss you so much, your presence is always appreciated and acknowledge. I hope we can celebrates the grandma you are today. Enjoy your birthday!

Sender:zubia Date:15-10-2018
Birthday Sms

“There are not many brothers that can call their sibling a best friend, but I am one of them. Happy Birthday, my favourite friend.”

Sender:aina Date:15-10-2018
Birthday Sms

“Let is drink to your birthday and the memories that you will create this coming year.”

Sender:ainy Date:15-10-2018
Birthday Sms

You deserve all the happiness, love, peace, wealth, and prosperity that there in this world. And of course, you deserve me as well! Happy birthday, my lover.

Sender:jameel Date:15-10-2018

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