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Birthday Sms

I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you a very special and fateful year ahead.
Wish You a Happy Birthday

Sender:huma Date:21-06-2018
Birthday Sms

That’s a matter of perspective whether you’re getting old or growing up. Suggest you choosing the second option even when you’re 80.
Wish You a Happy birthday!

Sender:hadia Date:21-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Birthday is the day when you feel like a celebrity, because everyone’s attention is paid to you. Congratulations, my shiny star!
Wish You a Happy Birthday

Sender:javeria Date:21-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Very often life is unpredictable, just like weather. But I wish that only sunny days would be in your forecast.
Wish You a Happy birthday!

Sender:kashmala Date:21-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Youth is a real treasure. Make it exciting and wonderful enough to spend your old age without regrets.
Wish You a Happy birthday!

Sender:laraib Date:21-06-2018
Birthday Sms

May your every birthday is better than the last years. Celebrate everyday of your life with excitement, strength, smiles and laughter.
Wish you a Happy Birthday!

Sender:yusrah Date:20-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Happy Birthday!
I wish and pray that God give you gud health
and protection,
more wealth and prosperity 2 help people in needs,
continues happiness,
protection and peace of mind and most of all
May God address what your heart desire…
God Bless and take care
Wish you a very happy birthday

Sender:eshaal Date:20-06-2018
Birthday Sms

A gift doesn’t depend on what is inside it but it depends on the intentions of giving it
Wish You a Happy Birthday

Sender:tabassum Date:20-06-2018
Birthday Sms

May the blowing of candles on the birthday cake also blow away all your troubles, worries and misfortune!
Happy Birthday!

Sender:rimsha Date:20-06-2018
Birthday Sms

A birthday is a lovely flower that blooms in life’s garden
& may that special blossom be bright especially today

Sender:jasmene Date:20-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Wishes of happiness especially for you,
Not just on your birthday but all the year through
Wishing You a Happy Birthday

Sender:huma Date:20-06-2018
Birthday Sms

In soft gleaming of stars….
may all your dreams come true,
may every star of every night bring love and joy to you
Wish you a Happy Birthday

Sender:faizan Date:20-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Peace – for your soul
Joy – for your spirit
Love – for your heart
May these all be your gifts
Many-to happy returns of D Day
Wish You a Happy Birthday

Sender:sarah Date:20-06-2018
Birthday Sms

May your birthday be filled with many beautiful moments and your life with many happy birthdays!

Sender:zubair Date:19-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Let the God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity for you.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday

Sender:bareera Date:19-06-2018
Birthday Sms

On your birthday may you,
relax more willingly,
smile more spontaneously,
fell less caution have fewer worries Greater laughter than ever before.
Happy Birthday

Sender:naila Date:19-06-2018
Birthday Sms

I send to you warm wishes,That your happiness will be As wonderful as the happiness, You have always given me.
Wish you Many Many Happy Birthday

Sender:mehreen Date:19-06-2018
Eid Mubarak Sms

خوشیوں سے بھری
پھولوں سے ڈھکی
خوشبوں میں بسی
رنگوں سے سجی
تاروں میں چھپی
سپنوں میں ڈھلی
اور شبنم سے دھلی
عید مبارک

Sender:hira Date:14-06-2018
Ramadan SMS

دیکھا ہلال عیدآیا خیال تیرا
وہ آسمان کا چاند ہے
تو چاند ہے میرا
چاند رات مبارک

Sender:RIMSHA Date:14-06-2018
Eid Mubarak Sms

صدا ہنستے رہو جیسے ہنستے ہیں پھول
دنیا کے سارے غم تمہیں جاے بھول

چاروں طرف خوشیوں کے گیت
اسی اُمید کے ساتھ یار تمہیں
مبارک ہو عید

Sender:maira Date:14-06-2018

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