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Ramadan SMS

# 0020

Shab-e-barat is 2 arrive.
So, I openly Apologize 2u if ever i have hurt u Directly or Indirectly.
Please Forgive me!
Please pray for me!

Ramadan SMS

# 0019

Qabuliyat Ki Ap Pe Barsat Ho
Khushiyon Se Apki Mulaqat Ho
Koi Khuahish Na Rahe Baqi
Aisa Mubarak Ye Shaban Ka Chand Ho
Shaban Mubarak

Ramadan SMS

# 0018

Qismat Badal Jayegi Zara Dil Se Dua Karo,
Dunya Bhi Hil Jayegi Agar Dil Se Dua Karo,
Din Raat Main Ik Lamha Qabooliya Ki Ghari Hai,
Manzil Bhi Mil Jayegi Agar Dil Se Dua Karo.
Shab-e-Barat Mubarak

Ramadan SMS

# 0017

Ramadan is time to empty your stomach to feed your soul.

Ramadan SMS

# 0016

, Chaand
,’,’ * buht
‘, ‘, , Mubark ho?
‘ ,’,’,’,’ ‘
Dua he k
ye ‘BarktoN wala MaheeNa
apke lye DheroN kushiyan

Ramadan SMS

# 0015

Its Iftaar time, the time for which you waited all that long day but with joy because Roza is all about staying away from bad deeds. May Allah accept our Fasts.

Ramadan SMS

# 0014

Waqt Tu Parindy Ki Terhan He Uhr
Jayega, Gaya Waqt Phir Nahi Kabhi Aye Ga
…, Kerlo Dil Bhar Kya Naykain Ramzan
Main, Ramzan Tu Mehmaan Hai Chala Jayega!

Ramadan SMS

# 0013

'The Night Of Salvation (Shab-E-Baraat) is Upon Us;

I m Sorry,
If I Hurt you..
If I Ignored you..
If I Teased you..
If I Was Not Able to Prove Myself As a Good Friend Or A Good Person..
I m Sorry 4 Every thing..
My Leaf of Life May Fall and This May Be The Last Year of My Life..
I am Sorry If I Ever Brought
A Single Tear In Ur Eyes..

Ramadan SMS

# 0012

a ALLAH Our Sins Are So Many
But Your Mercy Is Limitless
Plz Forgive Us
You Are The Greatest Forgiver
You Love To Forgive
Plz Forgive me,
my Parents,
my Family
And The Whole Muslim Ummah Past & Present

Aamin - SumAmeen

Jumma-tul-Alwida Mubarak

Ramadan SMS

# 0011

As you initiate the Ramzan fast, I pray that almighty blesses you with divine light and power to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Ramadan SMS

# 0010

Woh ChandKa Chamk Na Woh Masjidon Ka Sawrna Woh Musalmaano Ki Dhoom Ramadan Is Coming Soon Woh Sehri Ka

Maza Woh Aftri Ki Bhouk Woh Rozy Ki Barkt Woh Rozy Ka Noor Sirf Kuch Din Door Advance Mahe Ramzan Mubarak..!!!

Ramadan SMS

# 0009

A Glass of Care A Plate of Love


A Spoon of Peace

A Fork of Truth

A Bowl of Duaas

Mix with spices of QURAN

Enjoy This Meal

Mubarik ho Ramzan

Ramadan SMS

# 0008

May Allah’s perfect beauty and outstanding intelligence overcome your life as you commend this heavenly month of Ramadan.

Ramadan SMS

# 0007

Rejoice as once again,
we’re given a chance to repent from our sins.
May this 30-day holy Ramadan cleanse our soul
and make us deserving for Allah’s blessings.
Happy Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan SMS

# 0006

'Jise Bana Dia Har Ghar Ko Gulistan
Chala Jaega Kuch Dino Ma Ye Mehman
Tohfe Ma Day Jaraha Hai Eid Sabko
Alvida Alvida Mah-E-Ramzan

Shab-E-Qadar Mubarak'

Ramadan SMS

# 0005

Ya Rab Is Soe Hoe Insan Ko Jaga De,
Bistar Hai Is Ka Narm Tu Pathar Ka Bana De,
Khatmalon Or Macharon Ki Duty Is Par Laga De,
Jis Ki Hawa Se Wo Madhosh Hai Us Pankhay Ko Tu Jala De,
Or Kuch Nahi To Bas Esay Aek Saza De,
Khowab Mai Esay Koi Is K Jesa Bhoot Dikha De..
Sehri Mubarak.

Ramadan SMS

# 0004

woh chand ka chamakna
woh masjido ka sawarna
woh musalmano ki dhoom
woh sehri ka maza
woh aftari ki bhook
woh rozey ki barkat
woh rozey ka noor
sirf kuch din door
ramadan is coming soon
Mahe ramzan mubarak

Ramadan SMS

# 0003

Kitni Jaldi Ye Armaan
Guzar Jata Hy

Pyaas Lgti Nahi Iftaar
Guzar Jata Hy

Hum Gunahgaro’n Ki
Maghfirat Kr Mere ALLAH

Ibadat Hoti Nahi Aur Ramzan
Guzar Jata Hy …

Ramadan SMS

# 0002

Today i pray that:-
Happiness be at your door
May it knock early
Stay late & leave the gift of Allah's
Peace, love, joy & good health behind.
Happy Ramadan Month

Ramadan SMS

# 0001

Roza Hmain Sabr Krnay K Dars deta Hai,
Is Liay aP Sab Log Ramzan Shareef Me
Loadsheding Per Sabr Kr K Sachay
Muslman Honay kA Sabot Dain.

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