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Sorry Sms Messages

Sorry SMS – Apologizing for one’s mistake is one of the greatest deeds. Realizing your mistakes and seeking an apology makes you a better human. Words matter a lot in expressing your true sentiments; therefore people prefer to write long or short Sorry SMS. Such messages are written to accept their mistakes and seek forgiveness. In case you fail to find the right words to say sorry, then access the unique list of Sorry SMS that allows you to choose a suitable one.

Find 2016 largest collection of Sorry SMS messages at submitted by online users. Express your feelings with latest Sorry SMS text messages of 2016, Sorry SMS Quotes, Wishes, Greetings in Urdu, English & Roman Urdu to send mobile SMS your friend & family members in Pakistan now.

Sorry Sms

Sometimes saying SORRY is the most difficult thing on earth.
Its the Cheapest thing to save
the most expensive gift called "Relationship".. !

Sender:zoya Date:08-05-2017
Sorry Sms

You Are More Than My Sister, YouAre My Best Friend, I Know ThatI’ve Hurt You Deeply And I’mAshamed Of Myself Because No OneHurts Their Sister Or Best FriendThe Way I Hurt You. I’m Very Sorry.

Sender:ziyad Date:05-05-2017
Sorry Sms

People say that: No “Sorry” & No “Thanks” in a relationship.

But my Experience is that:
These two Words save the Relation.

Sender:ubaid Date:03-05-2017
Sorry Sms

Set some goals.
Stay quiet about them.
Smash the shit out of them.
Then clap for your damn self.

Sender:Wali Date:29-04-2017
Sorry Sms

Mash'hoor Bohat Hai Mere Alfaz Ki Taseer,,
Ik Shakhs Magar Mujh Se Manaya Nahi Jata..!!

Sender:dawood Date:25-04-2017
Sorry Sms

I’m sorry if I have caused you pain,
and much more pain that i might have
and could have caused her…

I’m sorry for my fragility
–that must have been a great burden to you…

I’m sorry for making you feel worried about me,
when I FIRMLY believe you’re not supposed to.

I’m sorry to have
a part of my brain and my heart
believe that there was a “slight” truth when you told me
you love me..

I’m sorry…
I love you…

Sender:faraz Date:17-04-2017
Sorry Sms

Is kadar Hamari Chahat ka Imtihaan mat lijiye,

Kyu ho khafa ye bayan to kijiye,

Kar dijiye Maaf agar ho gayi hai koi khata,

Yun yaad na kar ke saza to na dijiye..!

Sender:afsheen Date:12-04-2017
Sorry Sms

I am ashamed on my talk
Because I realize my mistake my love
I apology my dear I am really sorry
Please forgive me

Sender:owais Date:10-04-2017
Sorry Sms

Refusing to forgive someone is like drinking poison;
And waiting for the other person to die.
I am Sorry!

Sender:maha Date:07-04-2017
Sorry Sms

Sorry May Have Become
“Just Another Word”,
But With T E A R S It Means The World..!!

Sender:Wali Date:27-03-2017
Sorry Sms

Baby, I’m sorry.
please forgive me for
all the wrong I’ve done.
Please come back home girl.
I know you can no longer trust in me,
I’m sorry to let you down..!!

Sender:Farman Date:24-03-2017
Sorry Sms

Begano se dosti ki gunjais nahi hoti,
Mout ke badh koi khavaish nahi hoti.
Saayad koi pyaar bhara dil tuta hoga,
Warna November ke mahine mein barish nahi hoti.
I am sorry!!!

Sender:saleem Date:21-03-2017
Sorry Sms

I Know How Angry You Are …
What You Must Be Going Through
So i Hope , You Know
How Sorry I Am For All
That Happens Between Us …
Please Forgive Me

Sender:yusuf Date:18-03-2017
Sorry Sms

My sister’s my fault, I hurt a lot, and
now I deserve punishment, then please
punish me, but forgive me
I am sorry
My sweet 10. Harsh words that hurt
my sister, I will not hurt so sorry
I am sorry

Sender:adeel Date:15-03-2017
Sorry Sms

The word SORRY is OVERUSED by Me and UNDERUSED by You. How about we both call it even and move on? I love you.

Sender:hamza Date:13-03-2017
Sorry Sms

Teri dosti hum is tarah nibhayenge,
Tum roz khafa hona hum roz manayenge,
Par maan jana manane se,
Warna yeh bheegi palkein le ke kahan jayenge?

Sender:waqas Date:10-03-2017
Sorry Sms

How can I begin to say I`m sorry
I didn’t mean to upset you.
I hope that you can forgive me
I’m sorry.

Sender:hira Date:08-03-2017
Sorry Sms

know I’ve hurt u…
I didn’t mean to.
I m soooo sorry…
Plz forgive me!

Sender:rana Date:06-03-2017
Sorry Sms

As my best friend, I know you have the right to demand an apology. As your best friend, I hope you know I have the right to demand forgiveness. I am sorry.

Sender:afsheen Date:27-02-2017
Sorry Sms

What You Must Be Going Through
So i Hope , You Know
How Sorry I Am For All
That Happens Between Us …
Please Forgive Me

Sender:mudassir Date:21-02-2017