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Valentine Sms For Fiance

Valentine Sms For Fiance

When you smiled you had my undivided attention.
When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you.
When you cried you had my urge to hold you.
When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever.

Sender:ghazal Date:16-02-2017
Valentine Sms For Fiance

Could you say where d sea ends from d shore…?
[Will u be my Valentine?]

Sender:naeem Date:12-02-2017
Valentine Sms For Fiance

A day without you is a day without sun, a night without you is a night without moon; a life without you is a life without life.

Sender:naila Date:31-01-2017
Valentine Sms For Fiance

The sweetest way to propose:
“Excuse me, do you have a band aid,
because i scrapped my knee
when i fell in love with you.”
Will you be mine ...

Sender:erum Date:16-01-2017
Valentine Sms For Fiance

All I wanted was Someone to care for me,
All I wanted was Someone who'd b there for me,
All I ever wanted was Someone who'd b true,
All I ever wanted was Someone like You

Sender:fareeha Date:16-01-2017

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