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Vivo Xshot

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2600 mAh
13 MP
16 GB 2 GB RAM

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Only this smartphone gave me the battery timing more than the 12hrs and that’s why is still don’t want to change it with any other smartphone yet vivo xshot is awesome
By: abid, lahore on Apr, 01 2019
VIVO XSHOT was very successful when it was launch as it was available in very economical prices and use to provide very reasonable features such as excellent camera quality and sufficient storage.
By: Saqib, Karachi on Aug, 01 2018
This smartphone has the brilliant camera result with all the great functions we expect to have in the new upcoming smartphones
By: Nabeel, karachi on May, 09 2018
I am so amazed to read Vivo xshots mobile phone’s feature. Oh My God…..!!!!! Can’t
wait to buy it as soon as my father sends me money from abroad.
By: Saima, Dubai on Apr, 18 2018
The great processor advanced mobile phone of vivo XShot that has the enormous
thin HD screen and the lovely determination that everybody likes to utilize that now
By: Qaisara, Karachi on Mar, 03 2018
The vivo x shot is the nice smart device that allow to get use this smart deice with the faster speed and the many good qualities
By: sania, islamabad on Feb, 22 2018
Can anyone tell me about the performance of Vivo smartphones? I really want to try these Chinese brand smartphone.
By: Zahid, Islamabad on Feb, 12 2018
Just like its name the camera features of this phone is indeed amazing and I am very happy to have this phone.
By: Zahid, Karachi on Jan, 31 2018
Vivo X Shot looks like the amazing smartphone I never used this but by the spec I expect this is the great smartphone for the normal use
By: Aslam, Karachi on Jan, 28 2018
Vivo X Shot the smartphone with the powerful battery life and has the good running operating system of the android you want
By: Saleem, Karachi on Jan, 23 2018
Without get any trouble I can easily use this device of vivo xshot that give the good signal coverage that helps to do the texting and calling easily in it
By: hafsa, multan on Dec, 29 2017
And this is the great smartphone I have ever got because it gives me the amazing specs and the faster speed of the operating system I need
By: Zaman, Karachi on Dec, 28 2017
Vivo X Shot the faster speed of RAM makes this smartphone better and good which is we need so this is absolutely what we want from this smartphone
By: Qadir, Karachi on Dec, 06 2017
I want to use this type of smart phone who has the best touch with the jelly beans software and this is mine same expectable mobile so I want to know its latest price
By: wania, Karachi on Dec, 01 2017
This is the coolest smartphone ever from the Vivo Xshot which can definitely give you the faster operating system withal kind of features
By: Danish, Karachi on Nov, 25 2017
My elder brother is having this Vivo X Shot mobile phone and he always keep on talking
about the feature of his mobile. I feel jealous because of him as I don’t have such a great
By: Jaleed, Attock on Nov, 15 2017
The specs are perfect as per as our demand so this is really nice to use this faster smartphone by the Vivo X shot which is in cheap price for their lovely users
By: usman, islamabad on Oct, 11 2017
Vivo XShot this is the best smartphone with the ultimate applications so we can easily use with the amazing faster performance of apps
By: Kareem, Karachi on Sep, 25 2017
By this site we easily get the bets information about any mobile phone which is really difficult to get that from the market with the correct information
By: aneela, Karachi on Jul, 22 2017
The amazing smartphone from Vivo is now available online from many websites you can easily search for this smartphones on many famous websites
By: Sabir, Karachi on Jul, 21 2017

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Vivo Xshot Reviews

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