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Vivo Y15S

Price: Rs. 2

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1900 mAh
5 MP

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I used to have this cellphone recently but due to its very limited storage capacity I sold this in the market.
By: Sakina, lahore on Nov, 18 2018
This is such a nice smart phone with the good sound speakers that could everyone can easily use that for listening the songs in the good waves
By: zoya, Karachi on Oct, 31 2018
No wonder, Vivo is investing a great deal of money on advertisements which is very necessary for a new company to survive in such a competitive market.
By: Shabir, Karachi on Sep, 29 2018
Considering the success of the Smartphones produced and launched by the company, it seems as if the day is near when Vivo will stand firm against companies like Samsung and Huawei.
By: Zakir, Faisalabad on Sep, 16 2018
VIVO Y15s was one of the most amazing cellphone I had. It was the only cellphone in which I did not found any flaw. Internal storage of this cellphone was very strong, and camera was flawless.
By: Israr, Peshawar on Aug, 19 2018
This is such a nice smart phone of vivo y15s who has the amazing speed and the good battery standby that everyone can easily use that
By: azmat, Karachi on Aug, 17 2018
Now I can easily use this device of vivo y15s that having the many brilliant abilities and the display is the cool thing in it with the many malty bright colors
By: warisha, panjab on Aug, 11 2018
The vivoy15s has the great front and back camera that is able to get capture the every photo beautifully without blasting the pixels even we get zoom in any type of dim light
By: KAZIM, Karachi on Aug, 07 2018
I bought this cellphone for my father and he was satisfied with its performance because my father just wanted a cellphone for calling purpose. He used this cellphone many years before giving it to someone.
By: farjad, Karachi on Aug, 01 2018
The vivo y15s is the fast speed smart phone that allow us to get use this device for a long time without get face any trouble in this reasonable price
By: nazia, panjab on Jul, 31 2018
VIVO Y15s is one of the obsolete cellphone and very initial cellphone of VIVO. Features are very limited because of its price and it is no more available in the market.
By: Furqan, lahore on Jul, 29 2018
This is the nice smart phone of the reliable brand of vivo that has the malty tasting operating system for using it easily at a time
By: nahid, lahore on Jul, 27 2018
There is no comparison of Vivo Y15s with any other brand. I used many tablet but I am just feeling easy in my Vivo Y15s. With the help of my wifi router the browsing speed of this tab is so fast.
By: Salman Obaid, karachi on Jul, 17 2018
For the more faster performance this smartphone is really good because it has everything we just need for the good performance of the apps
By: Amjad, lahore on Jul, 11 2018
Vivo Y15s the smartphone which has the perfect functions and the great speed of the RAM with the very amazing quality of playing games in it
By: Mueez, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Vivo Y25s the best smartphone of all time which has the very good functions with the good speed of the RAM and the great quality of the battery life
By: neha, panjab on Jul, 11 2018
Vivo Y25s the best smartphone of all time which has the very good functions with the good speed of the RAM and the great quality of the battery life
By: Mubashir, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
Get the best joy of the latest android version from the Vivo Y15s which is the great smartphone of all time and has the very good speed what we love
By: Danish, Karachi on Jun, 22 2018
Its good function and the amazing performance make this device so easy to use that I never have to used that in the another android smart phone
By: hafsa, Panjab on Jun, 02 2018
Its malty touch display help us to get use this device easily with the great performance with the many bright colors and the beautiful screen resolution
By: hiba, Panjab on May, 29 2018
I am using the Vivo Y15s this is so cool smartphone with the large battery life we just love to use for the great experience of the 4G Data
By: Sameer, Karachi on May, 25 2018
Vivo y15s is a dream because of its flexible features and a very cool design that matches my style. While it’s not that high-tech as other new phones, I like its simplicity much better than any other androids.
By: ayesha abdani, hyderabad on May, 18 2018
Vivo Y15s I am using this smartphone from two weeks and it is juts good to have it because it can catch the signals from the long strength I would never think about
By: Samad, Karachi on May, 14 2018
This vivo y15s is so good device that give us the beautiful features for using very eagerly and the pixels are so good that never get blasting
By: anam, karachi on May, 09 2018
Vivo Y15s the bests smartphone which has the brilliant functions with the amazing price what we could easily afford for the great experience
By: Ammad, Karachi on Apr, 21 2018
Vivo v15 the smartphone which has the good speed of RAM and the amazing faster
operating system with all the great applications performance
By: Faheem, faislabad on Apr, 18 2018
The amazing speed smart phone of vivo y152 that has the good operating system who helps to get use this device easily for a long time
By: anam, islamabad on Apr, 06 2018
To fulfill the storage and memory requirements, the vivo y15s comes
with 3 GB RAM and 32GB expandable internal storage, which is pretty
By: Palwasha, Quetta on Mar, 29 2018
Vivo y15s has the huge ram that is able to save huge data In it easily specially we save the heavy games in it easily for playing that
By: rayma, Karachi on Mar, 20 2018
Without get any trouble we easily get use this smart device for saving many data In it easily due to the huge Belton memory that allow to get any heavy data in
By: ashna, multan on Mar, 06 2018
Vivo Y15 is the cell phone with the wagers specs and has the astounding value you
could without much of a stretch bear the cost of for the better involvement of the
By: Shahida, Yemen on Mar, 03 2018
I have this device of vivo y15s who gives me the long time performance due to the best battery timing and the good processor
By: zoya, islamabad on Feb, 24 2018
I have this device of vivo y15s who gives me the long time performance due to the best battery timing and the good processor
By: zoya, islamabad on Feb, 24 2018
I have this device of vivo y15s who gives me the long time performance due to the best battery timing and the good processor
By: zoya, islamabad on Feb, 24 2018
This vivo y15s is the reliable smart phone who has the amazing abilities and the fast speed that allow us to get use it with good performance
By: zara, islamabad on Feb, 22 2018
The hotspot of Vivo creates problem while connecting I cant just easily connect my phone through Hotspot.
By: Umair, Karachi on Feb, 12 2018
This vivo y15s is the beautiful smart phone that has the beautiful slim metal body and the lots of good qualities available in it
By: havia, Karachi on Feb, 08 2018
Vivo Y15 is in my wish list since the time I have looked at the feature in detail. I
simply needed to inquire as to why they don’t offer this gadget in more memory
variations? I truly need to think about it.b
By: Faheem, Balochistan on Feb, 07 2018
Vivo Y15 mobile phone’s official rates in Pakistan now you can see on this site for
the Vivo Y15 which is the astounding one during the current year. Thanks a lot for
giving me the price.
By: Laiba, Nawabshah on Feb, 01 2018
The performance of Vivo cellphone is just satisfactory and I would say that if you want to buy low budget phone than Vivo is good option for you.
By: Shaan, Karachi on Jan, 31 2018

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