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Check Voice V144 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Voice V144 features and specifications. The Voice V144 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Voice V144 video review.

Voice V144

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Voice V144 User Reviews & Feedback

How many colors are available in voice V144 mobile phone? I use many black colors phone but this time i want in white color phone in voice.
By: saleem, khi on Jan, 28 2015
The original ring tones in voice V144 is very wonderful and the battery back up is very large with talk time that is why i am using this set.
By: yunus, khi on Jan, 28 2015
Voice V144 is best mobile phone i still have this mobile i like the camera i often use its camera as web cam when i suffer on skype video calling
By: Farhan , Karachi on Nov, 28 2014
Better than qmobile Voice V144 is bigger and smarter i like it in white color the cell phone has good mp3 setting and sound is good in hands free
By: Shahzaib Khan, Karachi on Nov, 21 2014
Voice V144 is good mobile phone now i should that its a simple mobile for basic use but if you want to make hd images and other things than go for smartphone
By: Irfan, Karachi on Nov, 18 2014
When i was using a bar phone i bought Voice V144 and believe me it was the best bar phone i ever used now i gave it to my son .
By: Akber, Karachi on Nov, 14 2014
Usually i like this type of set because it is very handy and needy, also there is no any snatching issues because its price is reasonable.
By: shahrukh, khi on Oct, 20 2014
I think only the color is different in this phone but all the options is just same like voice V170 but both are brilliant phones.
By: faizi, khi on Oct, 20 2014
good mobile phone i like the design battery is good talk time is really good overall the mobile is not bad for general use
By: Zohan, Karachi on Oct, 02 2014
Friends, there is no resale of this brand in the market, today i sold out this phone in just 1300 rupees, it is also in warranty.
By: bilal, khi on Sep, 18 2014
I am using voice v440, i just purchased it when my HTC was snatched. This is also a very beautiful mobile phone by voice.
By: ali, khi on Sep, 02 2014
What is the other product of this brand? Jeeto pakistan really boost this brand in the program.
By: saad, karachi on Jul, 13 2014
This mobile phone of voice is awesome. There is no any objection in v144, i also like the size of its big LCD display and the price is very reasonable.
By: fouzia, karachi on Jun, 20 2014
I have an old mobile of voice, I want to sale it but no body wants to buy. Some mobile shop keepers give me a very least offer of this set.
By: sattar, hyderabad on Jun, 09 2014
I have this mobile cheaper and useful, after using this mobile i realized voice company is much more better than qmobile
By: Kaka, Karachi on May, 09 2014
Voice V144, I wan to purchase this mobile phone, at this forum, any body is using this mobile phone ? what about its battery timing and other functions. Thanks
By: ali, Lahore on Apr, 28 2014
Many people using this phone they are good phone no voice and 3.5 mm jack is the useful
By: Jani, Karachi on Apr, 11 2014
I have Voice mobile V144 model .... and screed damaged sometime before and i had gone to Nearest Voice mobile brance in sadar.... to repair my mobile becasue it was in warrenty ... But they told me that ... we don not availavle still this mobile screens..... So its my complain to voice mobile campany.
By: Shahwali, Peshawar on Apr, 03 2014
Can we use skyp and whast app in this mobile please tell me i want to gift a mobile to someone
By: Chand, Karachi on Mar, 31 2014
I have this mobile i wanted to buy in white color but then when i go to purchase only black color was there
By: Nadir, karachi on Mar, 24 2014
white me buhat acha he cool lag rha hein good battery and average mobile phone for normal usage
By: Abraham Ali, karachi on Mar, 20 2014
By its battery the mobile is really good but who's gonna buy them when we have the choice of qmobile and Nokia mobiles
By: Usama, Lahore on Mar, 18 2014
just 50 sms & 100 phone book. Shape is good but.... sms 200 tak hony chahian, and 500 phone book hota kaaaash!!! :
By: kami, khi on Mar, 07 2014
ma ye mble sale krna chati Han surf 1400 m.cntct me seriously.
By: azka qazi, Rawalpindi on Mar, 06 2014
Liked this mobile of Voice good big screen nice white color... is it plastic back or metallic back ?? reply please
By: Laraib, karachi on Mar, 06 2014
There is no problem in suing mobile like this use it with confidence they are not that bad even though
By: Usama, karachi on Feb, 26 2014
This mobile of Voice is really cool not too much costly not too much cheap all features are average
By: Sana, karachi on Feb, 18 2014
Voice and qmobile are introducing same kinds of mobile but Voice quality is more better than qmobile yet qmobile is older
By: Yasiir, karachi on Feb, 15 2014
I would like to use this mobile because it is in white color. Mobiles in white color look very awesome and catchy
By: Fahad, karachi on Feb, 12 2014
this one is very good and because the price is very cheap of this mobile.. its better then nokia small fone this voice beats nokia cheap market in a huge number
By: sifa Fahad , [email protected] on Feb, 11 2014

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Voice V144 Reviews

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Where to Buy Voice V144 in Pakistan?

Voice V144 is available in all major mobile markets across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, and more.

Where to Buy Voice V1445 in Karachi?

Voice V144 is available in all major mobile markets across Karachi, including Star City Mall Mobile, Serena Mobile Market, Mobile Bara Market, and more.

Where to Buy Voice V144 in Lahore?

You can buy Voice V144 from all major mobile markets in Lahore, including Faisal Mobile Market, Mirza Moblie Market, Bhatti's mobile market, and more.

Where to Buy Voice V144 in Islamabad?

Voice V144 is available to purchase in all major mobile markets of Islamabad, including Singapore Plaza Saddar, Imperial Market, Khalil Mobile Market, and more.