How to Send High Quality Images on WhatsApp

Facebook-owned Instant messaging Application WhatsApp is one of the most used Applications. However, it compresses high-quality images for swift transfer resulting in a reduction of picture quality. You've come to the right place if you're upset by the poor quality of WhatsApp photographs. Here you will learn how to send pictures on WhatsApp without losing quality.

How to Send WhatsApp Photos without Compressing

To save data and storage, WhatsApp's algorithm compresses photographs automatically. However, It's quite simple to avoid losing quality when transmitting an image using WhatsApp, don't send it as an image. The photo can be sent in a different file format. As a result, WhatsApp will not recognize it as a photo file and will not apply its automatic compression algorithm.

How to Send Pictures on WhatsApp as Document

Sending an uncompressed image as a document is the simplest and most basic way to do it through WhatsApp. If you only want to send one or two photos, this is a great option.

  • Open the chat of the individual to whom you'd like to share the image. Then, on the Plus sign, click. 'Document' will appear as an option from there. After you've chosen this, a list of non-image documents will appear. If you click on 'Browse' or 'Browse other docs,' you'll see that more possibilities surface. If you can't find the image you're looking for, check your photographs to see if it's stored as a file or a document.

How to Send Images on WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

If you wish to send several photos, say from a picnic, party, or somewhere else, you should use a different method. When sending many photos at once, a WhatsApp user can use the Zip and file methods to retain the image quality.

Whatsapp Par High Quality Photo Kaise Send Kare

WhatsApp par high quality main images bhejne ka sab se asaan tareeqa ye hai k picture ka nam change krke extention mein .jpg/.png ki jaga .pdf ya .docs laga diya jaye. Uske baad us photo ko upload file par ja k upload aur send kiya jaye.

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Reviews & Comments

I am a professional photographer and when i send photos through whatsapp my clients complaint that the image size shrinked. but with this method i can easily send the pictures in high resolution. thanks for solving one of my biggest problems.

  • Shahmeer , Lahore
  • Tue 02 Nov, 2021