PTCL Internet Devices

PTCL internet devices are serving all over Pakistan with different variants and services. It could be bought from the nearest PTCL franchise or online portal. PTCL internet devices providing a huge variety of packages. CharJi EVO Cloud, 3G EVO Wingle 9.3, EVO Nitro Cloud Share, PTCL EVO [email protected] are the PTCL internet devices facilitating across the country.

PTCL Internet Devices

PTCL is the largest brand in Pakistan providing internet services to its customers. It is operating since 1947 and serving about 200 cities in Pakistan. From being the largest telephone operating company to having the widest network of internet connections and now also smart TVs in line, PTCL has conquered all this. It is the largest broadband internet service provider in the country, providing amazing internet devices packages. Therefore, we have decided to discuss PTCL Internet Devices in detail.

PTL has 4 best internet devices available with different prices and packages.

• CharJi EVO Cloud

• 3G EVO Wingle 9.3

• EVO Nitro Cloud Share

• PTCL EVO [email protected]

CharJi EVO Cloud

CharJi EVO Cloud is the latest internet device PTCL has launched after becoming a part of Etisalat. It is a chargeable device and has a 2800 mAh built-in battery. Once fully charged, you can run it for 8 hours. CharJi Cloud comes with amazing data packages.

3G EVO Wingle 9.3

CharJi Evo Wingle device cost PKR 2000. Its 3G internet coverage can hit up to 9.3 Mbps speed. Customers can avail of amazing internet packages with 3G Evo Wingle 9.3 USB. Evo 3G services are available across 250 cities in Pakistan.

EVO Nitro Cloud Share

Nitro Cloud-Share is the latest Wi-Fi Hotspot Device in the Nitro Cloud series. It is a portable and battery-powered hotspot through which we can connect to multiple Wi-Fi devices over its wireless interface, providing 3G speed to mobile phones, gaming consoles, laptops & PDA’s, etc.

PTCL EVO [email protected]

PTCL has introduced EVO [email protected] (a connected car product), allowing passengers to stay connected to the World Wide Web through their vehicles in 250+ cities and towns in Pakistan. The new [email protected] product and package cater to consumers who want to stay connected to their smartphones, tablets, music players, and laptops on the Internet at a reasonable expense.

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