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Pakistan being the second largest Muslim democracy in the world after Indonesia possesses a federal parliamentary government system. In Pakistan General Elections, the public votes elect the Parliament of Pakistan. Senate and National Assembly are upper and lower houses of Parliament. Senate members are chosen by provincial legislators. Head of the government is Prime Minister elected by majority of National Assembly, whereas the President is elected by the Electoral College comprising of both houses along with four provincial assemblies.

Having a look at the history of Pakistan General Elections, between 1947 and 1958, there were no direct elections held in Pakistan at the national level. The first Pakistan General Elections were held in 1954, and the second in 1962 and in both elections PML was the victorious party. The third general elections were held in 1970 and AL won. PPP won the fourth general elections in 1977, 5th by PML in 1985, 6th by again PPP in 1988, 7th by IJI in 1990, 8th by PPP in 1993, 9th by PML N in 1997, 10th by PML Q in 2002, 11th by PPP in 2008, and 12th general election was won by PML N in 2013. After successful completion of five years term by PML (N), in year 2018, elections are due in July. Pakistanis eagerly awaits the commencement of 13th general elections to witness who wins this time.