Urdu News – World is changing every minute. Latest happenings in the world of politics, economy, finance, and sports make it to the electronic and print media across the globe. Growing need of news and current affairs in Pakistan has given rise to popularity of Urdu News. Online readers and viewers can now access latest Urdu News with just a click. Urdu News is a broad category of news that can come from various reliable sources that are been modified and developed into a news story before being delivered to the viewers. Pakistani audience prefers to keep themselves updated with Urdu News. Most of the readership and viewership in Pakistan is Urdu based; therefore, trend of telecasting and publishing Urdu News is on rise.

Urdu News is a wide domain that encompasses Pakistan News, International News, Sports News, Arts & Entertainment News, Science & Technology, Business News, Education News and Today’s Columns. The readers can grab latest Urdu News based on various political and social events happening in the country. These days Pakistanis are excited about the upcoming PTI Dharna to close down capital city Islamabad in order to protest against the corruption of government as revealed in the Panama papers. Urdu news and current affairs talk shows on air in Pakistan and news papers are all indulge in debating about this grand upcoming political event all set to happen on 2nd November 2016. Pakistan Urdu News covers the latest and upcoming news headlines, top stories from various walks of life and brings it to the viewers.

Recent News: Panama Leaks case in Supreme Court latest updates, all latest updates about Chai Wala new song, Syria war reports, and lot more.

The Pakistan Urdu News page of HamariWeb caters a wide range of daily news and top stories from national and international arena. The Urdu News communicates news from sports, current affairs, politics, economy & finance, culture, etc to masses. This page serves as a paradise for daily news seekers, as they get the latest updates. Pakistan Urdu News as it happens from the local and international news agencies are accommodated on this page. It covers daily news from diverse domains and showcase in such a manner that can interest the viewers. Availability and accessibility of latest news instantly is something everyone is looking for. Stories form and vanish instantly on the screen of your television; every minute there is a breaking Urdu news bulletin that grabs the attention of the audience. Now you don’t have to worry about missing any daily news even you are not having the access of television. Log on to HamariWeb.com and facilitate from the latest news and TV channels online.

The residents of USA, UK, and Canada can stay in touch with the current happenings in their homeland by accessing Pakistan Urdu News online. Access local and international news online from various news channels BBC Urdu, Voice of America to name a few. We cater political news, current affairs, commerce & trade, business, entertainment, sports and other categories of news online for your assistance. This page updates daily news from the reliable sources online from Urdu newspapers including Jang Urdu News, Geo News Urdu, ARY Urdu News, Express news Urdu, Aaj News, and other newspapers with online. You can search, watch and share with your friends all the latest News from this page.

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sarwar, Lahore 27 Feb, 2017

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maaz ali, DG khan 27 Feb, 2017

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Saifullah Hamid, chakwal 27 Feb, 2017

How these corrupts PPP Leaders can raise voice against their corrupt elder bro NS. They knew next is their turn. Now nation has decided not to let the corrupts free..... View News
Muzammil Shah, Riyadh KSA 27 Feb, 2017

Dear Corrupt leaders of the most corrupt party party of Pakistan i.e. PPPP, If Military courts shouldn't get extension based on their performance then Your Party leaders have to be hanged based on their previous performance which is full of lawlessness, corruption, Betray to the country, murderers of innocent Pakistanis and what not! Just evaluate yourself before commenting others!.... View News
Muzammil Shah, Riyadh KSA 27 Feb, 2017