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Pakistan's most credible info portal - Hamariweb.com, offers rich info on every aspect of life with a basic philosophy to improve knowledge of people worldwide.

Finding the quality websites or sources over the internet is becoming a harder job. Hamariweb.com is just a dedicated effort to fulfill this need for all segments of our net population. It is becoming the most favorite web portal of all age groups including students, professionals, youth, teachers, parents as well as all the family members like it most. We try our best to provide all the essential tools and information for your daily needs and interest.

Hamariweb.com is a project of Webiz Media Pvt. Ltd – a specialized Online Business Development company. The company was established in 2007 with the aim to provide specialized web marketing and eCommerce services to local online businesses.

This portal is a Content Distribution Partner with BBC Urdu and VOA Urdu services. Further, it is the winner of ARABIA 500 (among the best entrepreneur regional companies of Middle East, Turkey, and Pakistan), Brand of the Year Award and several industrial awards are credited in its success.

ہماری ویب- ہماری اپنی ویب سائٹ

ہماری ویب - پاکستان میں ایک اعلیٰ اور معیاری ڈیجیٹل برانڈ کے طور پر اپنی مضبوط پہچان بنا چکی ہے- ماہانہ ڈیڑھ کروڑ سے زائد آن لائن صارفین کے لیے بہترین منتخب خبریں، دلچسپ مضامین اور ویڈیوز بمعہ زندگی کے ہر موضوع پر احاطہ کیے معلومات، ہماری ویب کی اصل پہچان بن چکے ہیں-

14 اگست 2007 کو متعارف کروائی جانے والی یہ ویب سائٹ، آن لائن یوزرز کے درمیان اپنی بہترین ساکھ کے ساتھ مقامی اور بین الاقوامی سطح پر اپنی بےمثال کامیابیوں کو منوا چکی ہے- سال 2010 میں بی بی سی اردو سروس کے ساتھ بحیثیت Content Distribution Partner بہترین خبروں کے مواد کو عام پاکستانی آن لائن صارف تک پہنچانے میں بہترین معاون و مددگار ثابت ہوئی- سال 2012 میں ARABIA 500 میں شمولیت جو مڈل ایسٹ، ترکی اور پاکستان کی 500 بہترین انٹر پرینور کمپنیوں پر مشتمل ایوارڈ میں شامل ہونا، ہماری ویب کی مستقل کامیابیوں کا غماز تھا-

ہماری ویب آج بھی بے مثال کامیابیوں کے بعد، اپنی ابتدائی پالیسیوں پر گامزن ہے جس میں اپنے صارفین کو بہترین معلومات کے ساتھ اعلیٰ اور معیاری ویب سائٹ مہیا کرنا ہے- جو ہماری ثقافت، معاشرتی اقدار اور ہماری اپنی زبان اردو میں معلومات اور تفریح کا بہترین ذریعہ بنے-

Our Achievements

Fastest Growing Arabia 500

Webiz Media is proud to announce that it has been ranked amongst the top 500 fastest growing companies in MENA Region. The announcement was made by AllWorld Network at Dubai WTC on 10th Dec 2012 at the event Arabia 500 Fast Growth Award 2012.

Brand of the Year Award 2011

Hamariweb.com – Pakistan’s leading web portal is honored to achieve the “Brand of the Year Award - 2011” in category of Online Web Portal. Winning the leading most prestigious award is the gratitude to our online users for their great support.

Zalmi Partnership

Hamariweb.com is also playing a pivotal role in the promotion of leagues and sports activities in the country. Pakistan Super League (PSL) has worldwide recognition. However, the website has a partnership with Peshwar Zalmi who is the winner of PSL 2017 and played most finals in the tournament history.

Kashmir League

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) started the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) in 2021. The tournament aims to find local talent from different areas of Kashmir. However, Hamariweb.com is the official media partner of Kotli Lions.

BBC & Hamariweb Partnership

BBCUrdu.com content to appear on Pakistan’s Hamariweb.com, 22 February 2011. BBC Urdu has launched an internet distribution partnership with the Pakistani web portal, Hamariweb.com The agreement sees Hamariweb.com displaying multimedia news and information direct from bbcurdu.com.

VoA & Hamariweb Partnership

Hamariweb.com is partnered with VOA Urdu, the leading news and multimedia service of the Voice of America. However, the partnership allows Hamariweb.com to share the news and informative articles directly from the renowned international publisher.


Webiz Media won the PASHA ICT award 2009 in category of “Best Brand Development” for the project Hamariweb.com. It is enormous industry recognition for Webiz Media that is specialized in eMarketing and online business / brand development.

Top 100 Companies

Webiz Media has been ranked amongst the top 100 fastest growing (start up) companies in the country. The announcement was made by the AllWorld Network in Lahore at the event "Top 100 Fast Growth Companies of Pakistan".

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