How to use Gmail on Android Phone?

Use Gmail on Android - With over a billion monthly active users, Gmail is one of the most popular email clients around.

How to use Gmail on Android Phone?

If you're new to Android or are just looking for ways to get the best out of Gmail, read on. Gmail is a part of Google Mobile Services, a collection of apps that are pre-installed on every Android phone certified by Google so you will find it in your device at all times. Sending a mail is easy; Open Gmail from the home screen or app drawer and then select the floating action button (circular button with a pen icon in the bottom right corner) to compose a new mail. Enter the recipient's email address in the to field before entering the subject and body of the text. Tap the arrow button to send the email.

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Not easy for everyone to use GMAIL but given info above is useful people will definately know after watching the video above .

shehbaaz , haiderabad Thu 18 Jul, 2019