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the PTA imei check method is a great way to find out if the mobile is registered by the Pakistan Telecom Authority or not.

  • Riaz , Bahawalpur
  • Sat 04 Dec, 2021

This pta helpline page is very helpful for mobile blocking and complaints

  • Owais , Islamabad
  • Thu 02 Dec, 2021

This cplc mobile check allows to verify mobile from cplc

  • Ashar , Lahore
  • Fri 26 Nov, 2021

The PTA imei check and approve codes provided here are very helpful

  • Sameer , Hyderabad
  • Thu 25 Nov, 2021

the cplc mobile check really provides amazing info regarding mobile verification and status.

  • Fawad , Larkana
  • Fri 12 Nov, 2021

Great tips, my phone used to heat up a lot and after applying some of the solutions provided here, i can feel a significant drop in heating.

  • Ali , Islamabad
  • Wed 10 Nov, 2021

This cplc mobile check really made my life easy, as a mobile vendor who deals in used mobiles, i frequently use this service.

  • Shahnawaz , Hyderabad
  • Thu 04 Nov, 2021

Pta imei check method provided here is the only working method i found online. thanks for such a detailed thread on pta mobile registration and approved check

  • Zahid , Islamabad
  • Wed 03 Nov, 2021

CPLC mobile check allows me to check either my phone is registered or not.

  • Shehzad , Sukkur
  • Thu 21 Oct, 2021

great PTA imei check method explained so efficiently. even a lay man like me can check mobile registration and approved

  • Muneeb , Sahiwal
  • Wed 20 Oct, 2021