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Shukriya aap ka bht bht .. who ever upload this Makhadi Halwa Recipe jazahkAllah may Allah bless you next time plz explain step more so we can make it
By: sahar, Form: Lahore, on 28 May, 2020
Very delicious recipe.. i baked it.. it was very delicious
By: Kanwal, Form: Hyderabad, on 28 May, 2020
I am attempting this recipe however need to realize first would i be able to put earthy colored sugar rather than typical sugar, since earthy colored sugar is progressively tasty and solid for wellbeing. Any supportive remarks here acknowledged
By: Sobia, Form: Bhawalpur , on 06 May, 2020
wow this taste is awesome i like your recipe ..
By: Komal , Form: Lahore, on 06 May, 2020
This Simple Sponge cake is extremely scrumptious. Before setting up some exceptional I made this easily wipe cake at home yesterday, I encountered in making this wipe is very acceptable in light of the fact that my children truly like its flavor.
By: ghana noman, Form: Rawalpindi, on 06 May, 2020
Would i be able to utilize the some other substance rather than vanilla embodiment in this Microwave Chocolate Cake Recipe ? It might be my first experience to make cake with Microwave.
By: Amber, Form: MULTAN, on 05 May, 2020
Would i be able to utilize the some other pith rather than vanilla essence in this Simple Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe? It might be my first experience to make cupcake.
By: Mashal , Form: abbottabad, on 05 May, 2020
This is so great,I love this.
By: Isiaka awawu, Form: Lahos, on 05 May, 2020
This is my Favorite Dessert ever. My mom rasgulla Baking is so delicious.. but seeing this Rasgulla recipe so my mom's Rasgulla recipe is more Delicious
By: rehana, Form: Rawalpindi, on 01 May, 2020
Jalebi is one of the most edible sweet in Pakistan but not every person can cook the good jalebi but i made the jalebi from this recipe and for my surprise, its crispy taste really impressed me . thanks for sharing this recipe
By: Anna, Form: rawalpindi, on 28 Apr, 2020

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