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it is hard to find real kashmiri chai recipe and this one is authentic because i tried it and its taste was very unique and authentic.
By: Amna , Form: sukkur, on 28 Apr, 2020
cooking soda chai me dalte he kya pehli baar sunrahi hu...doodh pategi tho nhi na
By: fahi, Form: udupi , on 10 Mar, 2020
This is very tasty and delicious . i try it at home by following steps here. the best way to get the right recipe of every delicious dishes.. my all family member really like it and appreciates me .
By: Nida, Form: khi, on 10 Feb, 2020
Whenever I want to make Kashmiri Chai, I use this recipe. it is much simple and anyone can make it without nay hassle.
By: nasira, Form: karachi, on 12 Dec, 2019
I just love Kashmiri Pink Tea as it has a really good taste. I will also try the recipe mentioned here.
By: aiza, Form: lahore, on 26 Nov, 2019
This tea is so special in winter and taste is really good. We mostly make Kashmiri tea on Sunday so all family enjoys, cold days are now onwards so this light but rich in taste recipes give real warm.
By: Saima, Form: Karahi, on 26 Nov, 2019
Mistakes I understand which i did in the past to make this Kashmiri Tea, Insha Allah i will make once again with the above method, hope so that it makes fine.
By: mubeena, Form: khi, on 15 Nov, 2019
For Making Kashmiri pink tea I just try this recipe because it gives me the best taste where I can easily make it for guests
By: Mani, Form: Smethwick, on 04 Mar, 2019
Kashmiri pink tea is made is very tasty nice experience i'm made again
By: Tooba, Form: Islamabad, on 18 Feb, 2019
My mom made it's amazing tea so tasty make it very nice easy method good experience
By: Farhat, Form: Lahore, on 14 Feb, 2019

Hot Tea And Drinks

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