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For Making Kashmiri pink tea I just try this recipe because it gives me the best taste where I can easily make it for guests
By: Mani, Form: Smethwick, on 04 Mar, 2019
Kashmiri pink tea is made is very tasty nice experience i'm made again
By: Tooba, Form: Islamabad, on 18 Feb, 2019
My mom made it's amazing tea so tasty make it very nice easy method good experience
By: Farhat, Form: Lahore, on 14 Feb, 2019
Tastefull tea very tasty so nice amazing tea i'm try first time really drinkfull tea i'm try again next time
By: Ayesha Khan, Form: Karachi, on 14 Feb, 2019
Kashmiri its easily home made tasty tea i'm very happy this made excellent interesting pink color
By: Saima, Form: Rawalpindi, on 14 Feb, 2019
Kashmiri pink tea is nice easily made tea goo experience this is my first time
By: Kamran, Form: Lahore, on 12 Feb, 2019
Nice cold cofee it is a good tasteful i'm try first time cofee
By: Fatima, Form: Rawalpindi, on 08 Feb, 2019
This is looking so nice Kashmiri pink tea that having the many ingredients in it to make it more good and more sweet
By: yusra, Form: multan, on 30 Jan, 2019
Now we easily make the Kashmiri pink tea at home with the help of this online recipe that mention here with the every step by step
By: danish, Form: karachi, on 30 Jan, 2019
Cappuccino coffee firstly made it is tasty recipe shireen anwar is very nice chef new experience cofee
By: Rabiya, Form: Karachi, on 29 Jan, 2019

Hot Tea And Drinks

Find Hot Tea and Drinks recipes as well as iced tea drink recipes, Herbal Tea, Tulsi Tea and all types of Hot Tea that you can make at your home. Hot Tea And Drinks are used in everywhere in this world, we all like to have Tea or drink when we feel tired, all these recipes are simple and easy to make. You will find traditional drinks as well as western refreshing drinks and green tea recipes. Drinking hot tea before bed is good for health so, try our Hot Tea And Drinks recipes. Learn how to make hot tea and make it your habit.