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Interesting recipe. Instructions not particularly clear. Do you roll out the ball of dough after it has rested, and then bake it? Size of pie dish? Semolina? Peaches... large tin, small tin, weight?
By: AkA, Form: C, on 29 Mar, 2020
Aoa Kese hen aplog?mai malka masoor ki daal bnane kelia daal ko wash krti hun or wash kr k rakh deti hun.then water ko phenk deti hun.phir cooker mai daal dalti hun then 3 glass water dal deti hun us mai red chilli powder,turmeric,coriander powder dalti hun ,salt bhi dalti hun and gingergarlic paste and tomato bhi dalti hun and then cooker bund krti hun or phir whistle strt hone k 5 minutes bd cooker band ke deti hun.or phir upper se oil bhi dalti chilli bhi dalti hun.or phir tarka ready kr leti hun.daal ready hojati hai.from
By: Adeela amin , Form: Karachi, on 29 Mar, 2020
really yummy
By: amber shahzadi, Form: islamabad, on 21 Mar, 2020
cooking soda chai me dalte he kya pehli baar sunrahi hu...doodh pategi tho nhi na
By: fahi, Form: udupi , on 10 Mar, 2020
Hoori Ji Jis Tarike Se Aap Ne fish curry masala Banane ka recipe Bheja hai it is absolutely wrong. Hamesha Pehle chopped Onion ko cooking oil me saute Kiya Jata hai.
By: Saranjit Singh, Form: New Delhi, on 01 Mar, 2020

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