Bathroom Cleaning Tips


Stained and Dirty Bathrooms can be problematic in maintaining hygiene. Here are practical, doable and best recommended Bathroom Cleaning tips you need to read. Every corner of a house must remain clean and hygienic and bathrooms top the list priority in such matters. We are overloaded with brands and their cleaners however none of them seem to work and bring out the sparkle we want to see. For such a concern, we sought some age old, practical tips which you can use to clean bathrooms. But we know, cleaning bathrooms can be the gross-iest things we wanna do. Oh it can be disgusting! So we absolutely depend on these hacks and try to suggest quick-cleaning the bathroom as efficiently as we can. So here you go!

. Emptying your bathroom is the first and foremost step which will help you focus more clearly and will infuse in your brain a better vision and clearer targets of dirty areas. Take everything off the counters, sink and floor. Remove any boxes you might have on wall. Literally remove every single removable thing.

. Dust off cabinets and everything in the bathroom. See if cobwebs can be caught. Clean with vacuum or just dust them off.

. Scrub all the faucets with lemon and soda. Bring out the sparkle.

. Add 1 glass of vinegar, 1 glass filled with soda powder into a small bucket. Add 1 glass of boiled water and 1 glass of lukewarm water. Pour it everywhere in the bathroom. Scrub it off.

. Dip a lint-free cloth in brewed tea, rub on mirror in circles, and use a clean cloth to dry. The tannic acid in the tea cuts through grime.

. For Bathtub: Cut the grapefruit in half, and sprinkle the pink fruit with salt. Wet your tub, and sprinkle additional salt on the bottom. Use the fruit as a scrubber; rinse clean.

. Wash off your bathroom with clean water. Scrub all the dirt on floor, tiles, marbles, faucets, glass, windows, around the toilet and the doors.

. You will witness the improvement and will love your much cleaner bathroom. The task however is not done.

. Mix a jug of bleach with half jug of baking soda and mop the marbles, floor, sinks and seats. Spread it everywhere with a mop. Leave it for 5 minutes. Now Wipe it well with mop and wash with water.

. And Done! Now wipe the floor and dry the bathroom with the help of a large mop or dry piece of towel. Replace all the old stuff with new or clean stuff. And Voilaa. A sparkling bathroom is right in front of your eyes beating away your procrastination.

. Last but not the least, squeeze toothpaste and flush your toilet so it freshens up. Use fragrant room sprays in the bathroom to reward yourself with a fragrant, sparkling and clean bathroom.