Quick Makeup Tips



We are always hassling and as modern women, picking up on many events in a single day. But no matter how good gets the quality of makeup, they don’t just sit perfect all day long. Solution? Quick Makeup Tips! Read below for a perfect guide to wear the flawless face all day long. Cleansing face is equally important as wearing a flawless make up look so always clean your face & neck before and after bed.

. Rub ice on your face before applying makeup for 30 seconds.

. If ice is not available, buy a bottle of chilled water and wash your face with that.

. Always hydrate your face with a primer or moisturizer.

. Conceal Dark circles.

. Always blend lightly with index finger and refrain from using brushes near eye.

. Apply foundation and tap the foundation dots with your finger all over the face. The heat fingers provide helps the foundation blend smooth and brings out a natural look.

. Now use a nude/chocolate lipstick to contour cheekbones, nose, side forehead and chin Blend in the areas gently.

. Apply a drop of nude lip matte on lips and spread it on lips with index finger. Pick the dark shade of matte now and tap 3 dots of it on lower lip and 3 dots on upper lip. Spread it gently with index finger and let it dry. Do not over spread or over use fingers.

. Apply cream blush or the same lipstick/matte on cheeks as you used on lips.

. Apply cream eye shadow of any light color on eye lids. Touch white highlighter palette with a finger and dab in the centre of eye lid to give it a 3D look.

. Apply Mascara in upward direction on lashes and phew! You are ready in 10 minutes.

These are the step by step secret of every kind of look. If you want to add intensity, work more on your eyes adding more colors, kajal, lashes and lenses but the basic steps for other areas will always help you get ready in less than 10-12 minutes. So never going to big events interviews and meet ups with worn out make up faces again! Catch your flawless look with 10 steps in 10 minutes.