UAE Cricket Team


UAE captain Amjad Javed took wickets off successive deliveries in the 18th over

26 Dec, 2018

Rohan Mustafa gave UAE a solid start at the top of the order

10 Dec, 2018

Eoin Morgan has been named an "icon player" for the UAE T20x

15 Nov, 2018

UAE coach suspended over spot fixing offer

11 May, 2018
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UAE team is recognized as world’s most professional team. It is well balanced with talented bowlers, batsmen, and all-rounder from various parts of the UAE. UAE team has vast international cricket experience and has the potential to surprise any strong team with ballistic win. UAE team is equipped with immense talent that can take the team to greater heights in future. All players are equipped with unique potential and have great future in international cricket. The career history of UAE team is full of various ups and downs. UAE team has witnessed glorious victories and faced worst defeats.