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Baby Names – The first thing that you receive in this world when you arrive is NAME! It is not just a word that you use to address someone but it is the identity that you carry from cradle to grave. It defines who you are and where are your ancestors from. Parents should be extremely careful while selecting a suitable baby name for their newly born angel. They should dedicate a thought process to decide a suitable and meaningful baby name. In various families, parents and elders name the new born baby and this trend is followed from ages. Some families look for books carrying new and unique baby names to shortlist few. You might have several good suggestions regarding it, but in case you fall short of unique baby names or you reside at a foreign location away from your relatives then you can opt for searching some latest trending baby names online. HamariWeb possess a huge data base of baby names for girls and boys. You can make a choice from our exclusive baby names list that caters your needs and preferences.

The initial impression of the personality is formed on the basis of the name associated with the person. Latest, catchy and meaningful names create an everlasting impression about the person. It is therefore essential to come up with latest and unique baby names suggestions. Use the unique baby names list of HamariWeb, to get better ideas in this regard. You will come across various popular baby names for boys and girls online on this page.

You can access the meaning and origin of unusual baby names listed. Our list of top baby names 2015, meanings and its origin description makes it easy for you to finalize a name for your infant. There are separate pages for each letter of the alphabet for baby names for girls and baby names for boys on HamariWeb. You are welcome to add any new names in the list and feel free to give suggestions.

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My name is Parsa but I am a girl not boy.

Parsa Anwar , Muzaffarabad Thu 22 Jun, 2017

Hy my name is Usama I am very Happy to know my name meaning i am king of jungle i love my parents to give me a nice Name

Usama , Chakwal Wed 21 Jun, 2017

My lovely daughter name.

M. Irfan , Karachi Wed 21 Jun, 2017

My boyfriend's name is ali shanawar ❤

Hale , Sydney Wed 21 Jun, 2017

wowwwwwwwwwww! surprise about the lucky number... I chose 8 with my own experience. Thanks

Asif , Timergara Wed 21 Jun, 2017


mamoon , india Wed 21 Jun, 2017

Hammad Meaning of this

Hammad haider , Peahawar Wed 21 Jun, 2017


Hadiqa , Peshawar Wed 21 Jun, 2017

Its my name😊

Aruba khushbakht , Rawalpindi Wed 21 Jun, 2017

My name is Naeema.. Masha allah wonderful meaning... Alhamdulillah i got such beautiful Name..

Naeema , Kerala Wed 21 Jun, 2017