#AikZarooriBaat Jo BachonKo Samjhani Hai!

Family is the only thing that comes to our mind when we think of child safety. No doubt parents take every measure to secure their little ones from disease, injuries, and worries. But are these the only concerns for the parents? The answer is NO!

Recent incidents of child abuse have shocked and terrorized the nation. It has highlighted the most pervasive issue, which we don’t even feel comfortable spelling out in public “Child Sexual Abuse”. As a matter of fact, according to non government organization Sahil, as many as “11 cases of child sexual abuse are reported from various regions of Pakistan every day.”

These horrifying stats are enough to send chills down our spine and to jolt us into raising our voices against this inhumane act. It is high time that we take initiative in spreading awareness amongst parents and children about safety. In Pakistan, sexual abuse is a taboo for families and they avoid discussing such sensitive topics openly. But SILENCE is no more acceptable in this scenario.

‘AikZarooriBaat’ Can Break The Ice

Knorr Pakistan came up with a unique campaign “AikZarooriBaat” to create awareness on the issue. The purpose of this campaign is to educate both parents and children about staying safe in the volatile world around them.

As openly talking about this subject in our society is tricky, Knorr ensured it handled the topic with great care and kept the content as simple and easy to understand for children as possible. Furthermore, the brand’s animated mascots – Chuck & Chatty – deliver the message in a child friendly manner that would appeal to kids and keep them engaged. Chuck and Chatty also end the video by asking parents to give confidence to their children so they can talk to them without any fear.

Chuck And Chatty Teach About Bad Touch

Children are loved and adored by everyone. Family and relatives like to hug and kiss them often. However, considering the alarming situation in our country it is important to address and educate children that ‘not every touch is friendly, and they have every right to say no to any touch that makes them uncomfortable’.

In this video Chuck and Chatty educate kids about the concept of ‘good touch’ or ‘bad touch’. They tell them that any touch that feels uncomfortable or inappropriate to them is classified as ‘bad touch’. In case children encounter anything of this sort they should scream and run away from that place immediately. They should also not hesitate in talking about this with their parents.

Chuck And Chatty Talk About Stranger Danger

Children are innocent souls who trust everyone and can easily be tricked by strangers. Perpetrators use tactics like offering candies to children in playgrounds, or offer to help them walk home from schools or tuition centers.

In this video Chuck & Chatty educate children on the importance of not trusting strangers – this includes not talking to them or taking anything from them. The concept of ‘stranger’ has been wisely explained in the video as someone they haven’t seen before. Strangers are everywhere; on roads, in parks, in schools, in every public place they visit. Children are warned to stay wary of these strangers, refuse to interact with them and reporting any inappropriate behavior from them directly to their parents.

Applause For Knorr On This Brilliant Concept

Knorr has exceeded all expectations by delivering the idea of child safety intelligently through this campaign. We really appreciate the effort and hope that it sparks a much-needed open conversation on the topic of children’s safety.


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