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Atmik Relating to the Soul Hindu
Jaalen Calm or serenity Christian
Veenapani Goddess Saraswati Hindu
Riti Motion Hindu
Rechal Responsible Hindu
Darrah Name of a Sahabiyah, daughter of Abu Lahab. Muslim
Saniey Favor Muslim
Chittesh Lord of the Soul Hindu
Charuchitra Beautiful Picture Hindu
Haniad Pleasant, Congenial, Agreeable, Cordial Muslim
Nicolle Of the victorious people Christian
Kris Christ-bearer; Anointed; Follower of Christ Hindu
Gunashekar Good King Hindu
Greeta Resembling a pearl Christian
Dheerendra God of Courage Hindu
Dayala Merciful Hindu
Qadira The control Muslim
Gulzar Garden. Muslim
Kadin Friend, Companion Muslim
Kenaz hunter Christian
Aarna Lakshmi Hindu
Zanna A short form of susanna Christian
Irshad Guidance. Direction. Muslim
Gunadhya Rich in Virtues Hindu
Dayton ditch, dike Christian
Ugramoorthy Shiva Hindu
Upendrakishore Hindu
Easwaran Son of Vyvaswata Manu Hindu
Samrut Old Age Muslim
Bukht Luck, Fortune Muslim
Adonnis In mythology , a handsome young man loved by aphrodite Christian
Samarendu Lord Vishnu Hindu
Paran Beauty; Glory; Ornament Hindu
Ashwanth The Talent; The Suspense; The Mystery; Horse Speed Hindu
Brysonn Grandson of a nobleman ; son of bryce Christian
Motamid To rely on which Muslim
Agnishikha Flames of Fire Hindu
Kupaya Please; Request Hindu
Sitesh Wife of Lord Ram Hindu
Awanah Middle-aged, fierce. Muslim
Deeva Sacred Lamp Hindu
Toyika Satisfied Hindu
Vicente One who prevails ; the conquerer Christian
Manjula lovely, beautiful in Sanskrit. Hindu
Adeela Noble Muslim
Jonny God is gracious Christian
Hazem A Delicate Woman Muslim
Sileema Variant Of Salima: Safe, Mild. Muslim
Udyoth Shine; Brightness Hindu
Anousha Beautiful Morning Hindu
Shamik Hindu
Moeed Be Confirmed Muslim
Tamasvini Night Hindu
Ervine A form of irving Christian
Taneesa Filled With Love Muslim
Mahaser Compasser,Hadi Muslim
Gitasri The Divine Gita Hindu
Amanbir The One who Fights for Peace Hindu
Talal Nice, Admirable Muslim
Michaela Like god Christian
Ramanik Lovable; Charming Hindu
Surajiv Lord Vishnu Hindu
Sanjesh God Hindu
Ahaladit Joyous Person Hindu
Lavi Lovable Hindu
Taban Resplendent, Glittering Muslim
Adnan Proper Name; Good Fortune; From Kikuyu; One who is Settled; Pleasure; Settler Hindu
Payoshni Milky; Holy River Hindu
Pelton Town by a pool Christian
Fainah Flower Muslim
Amaaim A Famous Lady's Name Muslim
Lokapati Hindu
Yoseppu Hindu
Amarthi Princess of Ejipura; An Ancient Land Situated at Bangalore Hindu
Samarveer King of War Hindu
Shree Goddess Lakshmi; Wife of the God Vishnu Hindu
Dwarakadas Lord Krishna Hindu
Nabtah Producer Muslim
Jaaden Resembling the green gemstone Christian
Willis sonofWILL Christian
Zakin Come Together Muslim
Emmiliano One who is eager ; an industrious man Christian
Jish Winner; Victory Hindu
Yesh Glory; Intelligence Hindu
Carmem Garden Hindu
Lillian Blend of Lily and Ann; Variant of Lillian; Symbol of Innocence; Purity; Beauty; Lily Flower; Lily Hindu
Nanoon HONOUR,Dignity Muslim
Nikita People of victory, Unconquerable, abode, the earth Hindu
Subramani Lord Murugan Hindu
Ghunsa Bud Muslim
Zaad The Domination Muslim
Naqeeb Fault-Finder, Leader, Representative Muslim
Zadok just, righteous Christian
Mahzar Hindu
Zunbeq White Flower Muslim
Layla Dark Beauty; Wine; Intoxication; Night Beauty; Born at Night; Seductive Hindu
Adrish IDEALIST,Mirrors Muslim
Bakht Luck, Lottery. Muslim
Anuvind One who Receives; A Cousin of Lord Krishna Hindu
Uddarshan With Clear Vision Hindu
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Umaima is the most trending name of girl which I heard many times and Common name ..

Rizwana , Hyderabad Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Its an amazing way to find name meanings . Bushra is my Fiance name . she is so cute

Ahmed , Lahore Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Batool is very beautiful name for girls...... It is very popular name...... My younger sister name is Batool..

Dania , Hyderabad Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Rukhsar name is a pretty name with good meaning. I really like this name

Anabia , Lahore Mon 05 Apr, 2021

Hoorain name is Unique and Popular .. its meaning is very attractive and i find this name from here easily

Anoosha , Sialkot Mon 05 Apr, 2021

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