Pakistan First 100 Days After Election

(Sardar Zuhair Usmani, Canada)

From The Desk Of Sardar Zuhair Usmani


A strong economy starts with a strong middle class and your party should offer real help to Pakistani middle class and all those working hard to join it. When our middle class has more money in their pockets to save and invest; the economy will grow –we all get benefited.

It has been proved beyond doubt that even after passing of 70 years of creation of Pakistan, there is hardly any serious work done for socio-economic development in the provinces; in order to have a better climate for the socio-economic development, Government need to enhance substantially the socio-economic well-being of the people. We understand the limited resources of the Government, with the current financial position of the balance sheet; but still we need to think for a long term plan for the coming generations.

Unfortunately we have not taken serious considerations on the matter. It is time as to introduce long term development plan, create new jobs find areas as to generate more funds, easy transportation system, and help to improve the standard of living, work on environment issues as to keep our country healthy and off-course the best.

The Party policy process should link individuals, their community, their province, the country and the party together. New ideas are gathered from members, professional and elders; then shaped into policy resolutions that go on to form your Party’s policy. This is the critical policy advice the membership provides to our caucus and forms the basis of the platform that we will run on in an election.

The vigour of any country’s civil society and the very legitimacy of the state are dependent on a broad participation of the population in shaping the affairs of the nation. There are so many decisions made at the local provincial and national levels that truly affect how we live and it is especially important that young women/men feel connected to the political process. First 100 days, whoever form the Government?

• Laws for early Justice for ordinary citizen & Administrative Reforms.
• Bring Corruption money back, Strong Punishment/Corruption Laws
• Special development projects for FATA and Baluchistan.
• Social Welfare Projects, (welfare budget, with health and education coverage)
• Laws for Agriculture – benefits to farmers (70% of the people under agricultural sector)
• From 4 to 15 Provinces, (on administrative basis) through Referendum.
• Mayor to be elected by the people and not council/ council election non-party basis.
• All Provinces to get equal share for next 20 years, not on population.
• Industrial Reforms and introduction to barter system for imports.

Projects such as, in (KPK) thermal energy, can meet all country’s demand; for (Punjab) Amusement Park, (Sindh) waste management / K4 water project. However, here we like to discuss only one project as an example located in (Baluchistan area), the province which needs immediate attention; that is development of Reko Diq/Mining Project. We should not forget that it’s not far just few years more when gold standard which was abolished will come back and dollar will be just a piece of paper, on roads and no one to pick. Our plan should be that the all the gold that is 75 tons per annum production from the (Reko Diq/Other areas) project to be shifted to State Bank under reverses, while we should meet our annual expenses from the sale of copper and allied products such as sulfuric acid, etc.

Our objective should be to develop the mining as the first pillar of Baluchistan industry through our existing mega-projects; that is copper/gold and the industrial minerals operations as well as future institutions; aim to develop world-scale integrated copper/gold refinery/smelting using the latest available technologies to achieve the highest productivity with minimum environmental impacts and to build a world class mining enterprise. We should participate in supplying the increasing global demand for minerals and using Baluchistan cost-base advantages to the benefit for the people of Baluchistan and the global economy. To establish company as to set up smelting facilities to produce gold bars within the country. The ore reserves in this area is around 5.900 billion tons; the project cost is approximately US$ 5.000 billion, that includes mining equipment, smelting operation, infrastructure, roads, rail, mining etc; while the plant crushing capacity to be based on 120,000 tons per day for mining and 30,000 per day crushing facilities for smelting operations.

The total revenue from copper and gold is estimate as US$ 165.500 billion (the gold price is based on US$ 1,100 per ounce or 35 million dollars per ton and US $ 3,300 per ton for copper. To produce 2,428 tons of gold and 24 million tons of copper).

Pakistan Holding Corporation should establish copper smelter concentration project, with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons of copper cathode, with by-products in the form of anode slime of 400 tons per year; sulfuric acid of approximately 600,000 tons per year and finally gold extraction facility. With the operation of this copper smelter, the supply of copper for the domestic copper metal downstream industry will be met, as the demand for copper consequences of the growing national economy increases.

The smelter & refinery to be constructed in Chagai District of Balochistan Pakistan to meet the requirement of Reko Diq, Saindak and surrounding copper/gold mines of the province, on 1,000 acres of leased land to be allotted by the Government of Balochistan. The smelter construction in the area is intended to ensure that the sulfuric acid produced as by-products of the smelter can be optimized.

The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022, and in full operation by middle 2023. To produce copper concentrate in Balochistan by processing raw ore at its mines site into copper concentrate through its crushing, grinding and floatation process, which will enable the company mining to contribute approximately 95% of the mineral value because buyers of its concentrate to pay international refined metal prices for the copper and other by-products. To convert our raw ore from the mines into copper concentrate at our facilities and transport as much of our concentrates as smelting and refinery will be able to process. We will maximizes the sale of concentrate to smelter, which will be the only copper smelter in Pakistan. Smelter will use both copper concentrates and precious metal – bearing recycle materials to produce 99.1% copper anode and a facility for sulfuric acid.

Metallurgical site will be a mineral processor and metal producer for both company – sourced and purchaser feeds. The site to consist of concentrator processing copper ore, a copper smelter and refinery, an integrated gold roaster and refining plant (mined ore, copper in concentrates, copper anodes, copper cathodes and sulphuric acid).

Refinery will refine copper cathodes and gold; the business will contributes to the production of signification quantities of copper, gold, silver etc.; from Smelting and Refinery facilities. Gold output will be derived from copper as a by-product of copper, with annual gold refining capacity of 75 tons; estimated total gold reserves 2,428 tons.

All the very best, be a good Muslim, God will help you.

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