How To Control Anger (10 Step Guide)

(S. Maliha Sehar, Karachi)

Reprogram your mind, reprogram your behavior; towards a better life.

1. Stop Talking

Seal your lips. The situation will not go ignored. But for now, just stop talking.

2. Isolate yourself in the moment


Just move to the next room or anywhere there is no crowd. Just don’t stand in the same place, move farther.

3. Express your anger, Pour out your heart, Speak all the negative things coming in, in your mind.


Once you find a lonely spot. Speak up! All what’s boiling inside you, let that all come out. Use your voice or do it in your head. But do not suppress! Neither speak bluntly.

(When Hazrat Suleman asked the animals what the thing which always ends up in good and what is the thing which always ends up in bad. The special bird, Hud-Hud told, It’s the Sabr (Patience) which always ends up in good and it’s the “words spoken in anger” which always ends up in bad.)

4. Cry if you feel like

Do not burden your heart. Neither attempt to suffocate yourself. Cry if you need to.

5. Breathe Deeply (x7)

6. Stretch Your Muscles

Lift your hands in the air, stand on your toes and stretch yourself out. This will relax you.

7. Smile

8. Repeat a Mantra “I am okay, its fine. It is fine.”

9. Rehearse the scene in mind with a stronger YOU.

Now rehearse the scene which brought you anger. Don’t try to build up the anger anger..Calm down. You WILL reply this. Move back to the place wearing a broad smile. Let everyone wonder how so ever. Be polite and forget whatever happened in the moment. You know you WILL reply this later.

10. Once you're calm, express yourself.

Take a walk whether roaming around in a room. Think of what happened, is it a big thing? Do you need to reply? Can you ignore it to save your energy? What can be the best possible reply?

It is so easy to burst out in the anger, say a few garbage words and mutilate your entire day instead of tackling that gracefully. So easy to destroy your character’s influence in a matter of seconds of filthy replies!

But it is easier to follow this 10 step anger control guide and be known for your strength and grace. Every time you suppress your anger, you train your brain to behave calmer every time you confront a desirable situation. Change your mind, change your lifestyle!

And Guess what? Every time you follow this 10 step anger control guide, you get enough time to realize more about yourself and people. Even better sarcasm or best revenges sometimes! ;)

The goal is to be easy on yourself and others. But if someone pisses off you beyond control, do reply them but doing that in a state of burning anger is not the solution.

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