Port Grand - Karachi Food Street

Karachiites are entertainment hungry and are always looking for every possible option they find for this purpose. The initiative of Port Grand came as a breath of fresh air in the terror stricken environment of Karachi.

Port Grand – An Overview

Port Grand is an incredible addition to the eating out places of Pakistan. It is located along the waterfront of the 19th century Native Jetty Bridge that connects the Karachi Port Trust to Keamari. The native jetty bridge has been entirely rebuilt to ensure a world-class tourist destination and a source of pride for Karachiites that would ultimately attract millions of people from all over the country and beyond. It is an entertainment complex comprising of food, shopping places that has been built with over 1 billion PKR investment by Grand Leisure Corporation. Port Grand is a 13 acre world class facility that has been designed and built in collaboration with international designers and architects. Latest technology and building techniques are used in the construction of this state of the art facility. The entry fee for the Port Grand is Rs. 300 per person out of whom Rs. 200 is redeemable at different food outlets and shops inside the project.


Area under Port Grand

The Port Grand project extends along 1,000 ft of Karachi’s ancient 19th century Native Jetty Bridge and spreads over an area of 200,000 sq. ft. The one kilometer bridge has been transformed into an entertainment and food enclave where you will find numerous eateries totaling 40,000 sq. ft of climate-controlled area and space for stalls and 11 exotic Pakistani and foreign restaurants and a variety of beverages.


Facilities Provided

Visitors would come to Port Grand not only for food and entertainment but for over a hundred different concepts at port grand that includes free WI-FI, port bazaar, bookstore, florist, Art lane, gift and antiques etc. Parking for over eight hundred cars with complimentary valet service, and pristine public restrooms and Plenty of Pedestrian friendly walkways are additional attractions at the project. The few trees that existed on the site have been preserved and replanted. The 150 years old Banyan tree has been treated with greet care making its home for an iconic tavern known as the Napier’s tavern that sits at the edge of the Napier Mole Bridge. GLC has installed a special irrigation system in the tree to give it an even longer life. Port Grand is also one of the first projects in the City that has been dedicated to building an open eco-friendly/ green environment, with special focus on urban regeneration. Port Grand is going to be a model for lot of good to be followed in the city.