Soon Valley Sakesar The Beautiful Valley

The Soon Valley or Soon Sakesar is one of the famous valleys of Pakistan situated in the central Punjab province. The Valley is situated in the north west of Khushab. Naushera is the main town of the Valley. The Valley starts from Padhrar village and end to Sakesar that is the highest peak of Salt Range. The length of Soon Valley is 35 miles (56 km) and average width is 9 miles (14 km). The area of Soon Valley is 300-square-mile (780 km2). Although not as coold as the valleys up north, Soon valley consists of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, jungles, natural pools and ponds. Soon valley is also blessed with ancient civilization, natural resources, and fertile farms. There are some special features of this valley that distinguish it from other areas, without knowing about them it is very hard to understand its importance. Sabhral, Khoora, Naushera, Mardwal, Kufri, Anga, Ugali, Uchali and Bagh Shams-ud-Din are important towns in soon valley. Kanhatti Garden, Sodhi Garden, Da'ep and Sakesar are resorts to visit. Awan tribe is settled in Soon Valley.

Located at a height of 5,010 feet (1,530 m) above sea level, Sakesar was once the summer headquarters for the Deputy Commissioners of three districts - Campbelpur (now Attock), Mianwali and Shahpur (now Sargodha). It is the only mountain in this part of the Punjab which receives snow fall in winters. In view of Sakesar's ideal location and height, the PAF selected it in the late-50s as the site for a high powered radar which would provide air defence cover for the northeastern part of the western wing. Pakistan Television's re-broadcasting center has been installed to provide terrestrial transmissions coverage to adjoining areas.


Total villages: 31
Main villages: Naushahra, Jabbah ,Ugalisharif,Mukrumi,Kaamrh,Dhadhar, Mardwal, Kufri, Uchali,
Chitta, Khoora,Anga,Khabbaki, kuradhi, Sodhi Bala , Sodhi Zaren,
Distance from Islamabad: 290 km
Distance from Sargodha: 110 km
Distance from Lahore:200 km
Lakes : Uchali, Khabbaki, Jahlar,
Shrines :Baba Shikh Akbar, Pir Baba Sakhi Muhammad Khushhaal in Khabbaki, Baba beri Wala in Naushera MIZAR NUBARIK: FAQEER SUFI BABA TAJ SHAH SARKAR


The main tribe of the area is the Awan of ancient repute. This tribe came in this area with Qutab Shah and settled in the Soon valley. The other sub branches and small tribes are Shehal, Ardaal, Mirwal, Adriyal, Shenaal in Kufri, Latifal, Jurwal, Radhnal, Sheraal in Naushehra, Pirkal in Jallay wali, Majhial in Mardwal, Bazral, Chhatal, Ghadhyal, Phatal's are also awan,Yakial, Maswal in Ugalisharif, Phatwal and Bhojo Khail, Sheral, Mianwaddal, Alyaral, Sher Shahal, Noor Khanal in Khabbaki, Uchalla and so on. In the valley Awan's are known by their clans. In old time the head of clan in each village was known as Raees, and the head of a tribe was known as Raees-Azam. The most famous Raees Azam were Malik Muzaffar Noor Khanal Khabaki, Malik Ameer Haider of Kufri, Qazi Mazhar Qayyum of Naushera and Syed Gul Peer Shah of Sodhi.


A majority of the people are serving in the armed forces of Pakistan. Many loyal brave soldiers and officers belong to this land who even laid down their lives for their homeland.

Other professions like education, business, transportation and agricultural are also adopted by the locals. The people are hard working and agriculture used to be the main profession. Per person square footage of land decreased, as population increased. Consequently the people have migrated to large cities for jobs.

Many famous writers like Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi (late), Prof. Syed Ahmad Saeed Hamadani, journalist Abdul Qadir Hassan and other personalities belong to this beautiful valley.

Lakes of soon valley

There are two well-renowned Uchhali Lake and Khabikki Lake lakes in Soon valley. Uchhali is a salt water lake in the southern Salt Range area in Pakistan. This lake is formed due to the absence of drainage in the range. Sakaser, the highest mountain in the Salt Range, looms over the lake. Due to its brackish water the lake is lifeless. But it offers a picturesque scenery. Khabikki Lake is a salt water lake in the southern Salt Range area in Pakistan. This lake is formed due to the absence of drainage in the range. The lake is one kilometer wide and two kilometres long. Khabikki is also the name of a neighbouring village. Boats are also available and there is a rest house beside the lake. A hill gently ascended on the right side of the lake. The lake and the green area around provide a good scenery. These lakes attract thousands of migratory birds each year and are ideal haven for the bird watchers.


Historical Places

Lakes: Ugalisharif & Uchalli Lake, Khabikki Lake and Jahlar Lake.
Waterfalls at Kufri.
Ambh Sharif is a historical place in Hinduism.
Kanahti Garden, Sodhi Garden, Khabakki Jheel, Ugalisharif & Uchali Jheel, Sakesar and Daip Shareef and the hiking experiences of hills
Anga, an important village.
Sodhi village has waterfalls, a Rest House, and wild animals like Cheetah, Rabbit, Deer, Teetar (Urdu name of a bird).
Mahala Qazian Wallah, is also a famous street of Naushera, where the famous qadis of Naushera used to live.


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