10 Items That You Never Knew Were Dangerous To Share

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You don’t want to be complicated so you and your partner share the same toothbrush? Using two separate towels seems kind of ridiculous to you? Listen up, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Start caring about your health now and learn some very important facts about the items you should not be sharing with anyone.


Seriously, earbuds generate a lot of bacteria from people’s ears. Bacteria such as staph (staphylococcus) can stay in your earwax and cause infections and pustules. Next time you forget your own headphones and get offered your friend’s ones, kindly decline. It’s worth it.


You love wearing your friend’s earrings for a night out? Doing that cannot only transmit all sorts of bacteria but also blood-borne infections. If you really have to wear them, make sure to sanitize them.



Not even thoroughly rinsing your toothbrush will make bacteria disappear – instead, their number will grow overnight. While your own mouth is used to its bacteria, your partner’s bacteria might make you sick.



Not as bad as sharing your toothbrush but it can still transmit bacteria.

Lip balm.

From the membranes of your mouth bacteria can get transferred into your bloodstream. In particular the Herpes Simplex virus, causing cold sores, gets transmitted this way.

Cream in a jar.

The threat here is not bacteria from someone else’s face but more so from their fingertips that get dipped into the cream every time it is being used.


Whether borrowing someone’s tweezers is a health risk really depends on how they use their tweezers. If they only pluck eyebrow hairs with it, then that’s not much of a big deal. If they, however, use their tweezers to dig around in skin, you might just contract the next best blood-borne disease.

Nail clippers.

Since warts and fungi tend to hide under finger- and toenails, just don’t borrow anyone’s nail clippers.


First, pay attention to allowing your towel to dry in between uses. Second, don’t be tempted to share it with your partner or family since you can contract fungi, viruses and even pink eye.


What holds true about the towel can also be said about sharing soap. Sharing it could make you get fungi, bacteria or, for example, the dangerous norovirus (stomach flu).

Disclaimer: All information is provided here only for general health education. Please consult your health physician regarding any treatment of health issues.

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