4 Extra Ordinary Pakistanis

(Danish Mughal, )

The main objective is to promote the 4 individuals who have achieved extra ordinary in their lives. The focus would be to promote their hard work, honesty & integrity and how they are an excellent example for all Pakistanis.

Shamim Akhtar:

The first female truck driver of Pakistan

Location: Rawalpindi

In order to support two children at home and to cover the cost of her three eldest daughters’ weddings, Akhtar set off to take driving lessons for heavy vehicles. when she saw her family going through financial hardship, she broke stereotypes and drove through gender-based obstacles, became Pakistan’s first female truck driver.

Despite the love and respect from all her coworkers, Akhtar still faces discrimination in Pakistan. Regardless of passing the driving test for Islamabad’s new bus line, she was told there would be no jobs for women. Akhtar hopes her drive and determination will inspire other Pakistani women to follow her down the road to equality.

Saqib Ali Kazmi:

Saqib came across a problem faced by the people of Gharo; women and children had to walk 2 miles one-way to bring water to their homes.

An effort was required to check if fresh drinkable ground water was present and if yes, than install proper equipments like simple water hand pumps at regular intervals. The simple activity costing less and with easy labour can solve a grave problem, the idea was thrilling.

After a lot of surveying, lot of villages of population ranging from 30 to 3000 people, it was planned and decided to install pumps in densely populated areas catering maximum number of people.
As of now they have installed 37 pumps which is providing clean fresh water to 25000 families.


Muhammad Mohsin Ali:

Topped the ‘position holders' list in Graduation (B.A/B.Sc) exams

Muhammad Mohsin while talking to media at Position holders' awarding ceremony at Al Razi Hall, Under graduate Study Centre, said that he is son of a labourer and helps his father at 'tandoor' to meet up his expenditures. "I couldn't afford college dues, to this, I appeared as a private candidate in the exams" he said. "I want to get admission in Masters (M.Sc) program but can't pay the fee".

He requested CM Punjab and Government of the Punjab to provide him scholarship to continue his studies further. Muhammad Mohsin's parents are very happy and zealous on the great achievement of his beloved and hardworking son.


Sabia Abbat:

Sabia hails from a small village in Haripur, where women are not allowed to openly participate in sports. As a sports enthusiast, Sabia represented her college in regional events.

This was just a beginning. Within two years, Sabia became the national champion in Lahore. As she is the oldest of the five siblings, her father works as a driver in the village. She holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education and hopes to use it to build a career for herself.

“Cycling is an expensive sport. Especially track cycling which takes place on a Velodrom,” said Sabia. “An average professional bicycle costs at least Rs. 150,000 and a Velodrom bike is even more expensive, and I have none. I don’t have any gear of my own.”

She fought against the odds, and prevailed & won the national championship title on Velodrom. “No matter how much an athlete achieves on an individual level, the monetary issues are hardly resolved”
Sabia said that she will also want to represent the country in the South Asian games next year, which will be the first international competition for her.

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