The Haunted and the Strange

(Saad Khan, )

One thing is for sure, haunted places exist everywhere in the world; there are places in Karachi too that are believed to be haunted for many years. Following are five most haunted places in Karachi you should never go.

Mohatta Palace

The first haunted place on our list is Mohatta Palace. Built in Karachi in 1927 as the summer home of a Rajasthan businessman, Mohatta Palace is now an art museum.

Although there are no specific legends associated with the alleged supernatural occurrences in Mohatta palace, there are plenty of stories to go around.

Like museum guards claiming that they heard the sounds of huge parties in the palace’s rooms only to investigate and find nothing. Wine glasses floating through the air. Entire exhibits being rearranged each morning.

Karsaz Road, the Bride of Karsaz

According to the legend, a young couple in the 1970s was driving home on their wedding night on a stretch of Dalmia Road in between Karsaz and Gulistan-e-Johar.

Newly-wed husband was tired. As a result, he fell asleep at the wheel.At first, it just seems like a tragic accident. But ever since then, people have been reporting sightings on Karsaz Road of a bride in a red dress. She comes to drivers whose vehicles mysteriously stop on the road at night, presumably reliving her last moments on the road as she tried to help her dying husband.


Chowkandi Graveyard

Chowkandi graveyard located on the National Highway of Karachi, Pakistan is amongst the most ancient graveyard of the country, around 600 hundred years old. It is also considered as one of the most haunted graveyard, nobody attempts to visit there after sunset as they would most likely to experience some unusual/paranormal activities. According to the people who live nearby, they heard people shouting and apparition have also been witnessed. Overall the Chokandi Graveyard has its own ancient beauty that attracts visitors, but nobody dare to visit it after the sunset. Not to forget the great factor of Black Magic, usually done in this graveyard with a goat’s head.


Shireen Cinema

Shireen Cinema is located in the North of Karachi and is closed for public since one and a half year as people and the staff of the cinema had felt some unusual things happening in the cinema. It is one haunted place in Karachi where ghosts come to watch movies; according to one of the staff members of the cinema, there are many ghosts living with their families in different areas of the cinema. Anyone can easily hear voices of people talking at the back row of the cinema at night knowing no one is in the cinema at that time. Things like the dripping of the water from the taps where there is no pipe line for water and people sitting in front of the screen singing songs and their shadows can easily be seen on the wall are happening inside the ShireenCinema. So if you dare enough to see all this can visit the cinema and experience some scary paranormal activity by yourself.

Hawks Bay – Haunted Hut

They say that this particular hut has never been rented out, and if someone is foolish enough to rent it, they never make it through the night there. For during the night especially on a full moon, weddings are held by Jinnat. They do not take kindly to uninvited guests. So beware before renting this hut at Hawk’s Bay.

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